Nevada Congressional District 4

I live in NV CD4  and because Dan Rolle is the only Delegate who stood up for us at the Circus they called a State Convention and demanded that Roberta Lange resign, I’m voting for him in Nevada CD4 and I urge you to vote for him too.

Dan Rolle – Candidate for Nevada Congressional District 4


Disillusioned And Sad by Leslie Sexton

Glitter Blue RoseI am stunned and disappointed in the NSDP for their concerted efforts over the past couple of months to thwart the democratic process and to so anger half of the Democrats at that convention and then portray them as the problem. They had legitimate platform issues for which they garnered sufficient signatures on petitions ACCORDING TO THE RULES and they were shut down. No wonder they became loud and boisterous. They were angry. They were angry because Roberta Lange held important votes on the rules BEFORE ALL DELEGATES HAD BEEN SEATED AND ALL DELEGATE VACANCIES HAD BEEN FILLED BY ALTERNATES. And then to throw Barbara Boxer into the mix as the crowd was still reacting to the action of the Chair was just unconscionable. It was clear that party powers that be were more interested in a shortened convention and a swift exit than fulfilling the mission of an open and transparent convention. Roberta continued to foster suspicion by more than half the delegates that the power of the party had a desired outcome and would go to any length to achieve it. I am disillusioned and sad. Just my opinion.

This was my first State Convention by John J. Delibos

This was my first State Convention. After having been at the County Convention in April, I was confident it couldn’t get any worse. Well nothing was further from the truth! I volunteered to assist with distributing credentials to the Clinton delegates Friday evening, May 13th, and that disintegrated into an unbelievable fiasco! The space allocated was woefully insufficient and the lack of something as simple as forming lines based on letters of the alphabet completely eluded the organizers. The delegates were understandably angry at how disorganized the process was. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse…the next day, it did. The behavior of some prominent members of The Nevada State Democratic Party was overtly indifferent to the Bernie Sander’s delegates. How that’s supposed to facilitate a spirit of cooperation is beyond me. The rest is history. This is certainly not a legacy to be proud of, if it were people would be tripping over themselves to take credit for it. The fact that they aren’t speaks volumes about just how embarrassing this is for our great state of Nevada.


California Purge


Letter of Endorsement Steve Ross Clark County, NV. Commissioner District B

Letter of Endorsement Steve Ross


Letter of Endorsement Allen Rheinhart for Nevada U.S. Senate

Letter of Endorsement Allen Rheinhart


My letter to Riley Snyder – Erin Bilbray

Erin BilbrayErin Bilbray
My letter to Riley Snyder,

I emailed this to him on May 18th regarding his story.
Please share.

First of all the rules were never passed by the rules committee. Second the rules committee never reached a quorum. Third Zach Zaragoza should never have put his longtime partner John Jones as Chair. This is a financial conflict of interest.

Remember, according to our charter we operate by Roberts Rules until the temporary rules pass.

The first major fight was the adoption of the temporary rules vote by voice. The video shows the no’s had it. But regardless since it was close there should have been a division of the house. I asked for a point of order and was overruled. My husband stood right in front of the podium with the 11th edition of Robert’s Rules in his hand (opened to the appropriate page) and attempted to make an appeal of Roberta’s ruling. An appeal should go to the body. But again was overruled by Chair Lange which is in direct violation of Robert’s Rules (and also both the temporary and permanent rules). When my husband yelled up at Roberta that an appeal takes precedence over all other business, Roberta looked down at him from the podium, shook her head, and simply said “No.” He tried to call for her to consult the parliamentarian, but she ignored him from that point on.

The petitions had nothing to do with the vote on the rules. Petitions need to be signed by 20% of the the delegates. They were, and Angie Morrelli and Robert Kern had told 1st Vice Chair Chris Wicker they were submitting. Chair Lange refused to accept in violation of her own “temporary rules”. But to be clear, she has made No plans for petitions ever to be verified. Leslie Sexton asked several times in previous credentials meeting what the plans were and was always ignored.
To say that the petitions could be ignored because the majority of the delegates in the room were Clinton’s is nonsense. A vote should have been taken.

Although, the contract for Paris was until 12:00 am the NSDP claimed they only hired security until 7:00 pm. Therefore they had to convene before all business was completed.

Bad planning and authoritative rule by Roberta is what created the atmosphere of anger. As for violence, if there was violence metro would have arrested someone. I understand that Roberta is under stress right now, be there is simply no way she saw chairs being thrown.

And this was NEVER about the delegate count (please see lawsuit) but about making sure there was a place for Sander’s supporters in our Party.

Frankly, I cannot believe the NSDP keeps stirring the pot instead of reaching out to the Sanders people right now.

Erin Bilbray

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