The Plan

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1. Join your local Democratic Central Committee

2. Pay your dues

3. Submit a Letter of Intent to run for an Executive Central Committee Board position

4. In 2016 become a Precinct Delegate

5. Volunteer to become a County Delegate

6. Volunteer to become a State Delegate

7. Submit a Letter of Intent to run for a State Executive Central Committee Board Position

In order to win County Central Committee positions, engage your friends to pay their dues and vote for you. Only dues paying members can vote for committee positions.

In order to win a State Central Committee position, you must engage other delegates to vote for you.

This is how we win.

The Big Three Public School Textbook Publishers

TextbooksThe first book of any girth I ever read was, “The Borrowers”, written by Mary Norton and originally published by J.M. Dent. I don’t know who publishes it now, or even if it’s still in publication.

I remember being in 5th grade and having finished all the “Hi-Light” booklets there were to read, doing all the work that went with them, then the student teacher came down on me like a ton of bricks. I was told to choose a “real” book, read it and do a book report. Not one to back down, even at that age, I accepted the challenge.

Our next Library visit, he monitored me to make sure I picked a “real” book and not one to be intimidated, I picked “The Borrowers”, 700 pages. Then when I got home, I asked my mom to read it for me and give me the short version.

She challenged me to read just one chapter. 5 chapters later, I was hooked. Wherever Mr. Simmons is now, I want to thank him for being so adamant with me at that tender age. I have had the opportunity to read many books of girth since then. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Illiad and the Odyssey, The Upanishads and everything in between. Even Michao Kaku’s Quantum Physics, which I highly recommend by the way.

Did you ever wonder where your children get their information? Once upon a time, when I had elemetary school aged children, I did and this is what I found.

Pearson Publications publishes textbooks for corporations, schools and students. Pearson owns several subsidaries including but not limited to eCollege, MyEnglishLab, Penguin Readers, Addison–Wesley and Financial Times Press.

That last one really caught my attention. It ought to catch your attention too. The Financial Times is a publication dedicated soley to business, economics and finance.

Pearson is part of Pearson PLC and bought Simon & Schuster from Viacom, then merged it with its own education division in 1998 and split it into International and North American divisions.

Nothing like diversification is there. [sic]

McGraw Hill Financial Inc, headquartered in Rockefeller Center in New York City. They’re mainly focused again, on business, economics and finance. Some of their subsidaries include Standard & Poor’s along with, J.D. Power and Associates. They are the majority shareholder of the S&P Dow Jones.
How did these people get a hold of our children’s education?

Houghton Milfin Company was a subsidiary of Education Media and Publishing Group Limited, based in Ireland and registered in the Cayman Islands. Formerly known as Riverdeep. They changed their name in 2010 after buying Harcourt Publishing.

So the corporations publishing our children’s texbooks, are in control of, not only their education but also our finances and at least one of them is based in the Cayman Islands.

Isn’t that where all the rich people hide their ill gotten gains?

With only these three corporations, all dedicated to finance, in control of our children’s education, I have to ask, what kind of Monopoly game are they playing with our future? Our children are our future, educational textbooks and lesson plans, pale in comparison to way my generation were taught.
Our children are supposed to be better educated and have better lives than we did. So when did that change?

Every parent ought to be asking that last question.

Just Thought The World Should Know – Guest Post by Jorge Eugene Moran

Bass Pro Shops XA few months ago I got my blood pressure up while I was in a Bass Pro Shop store (a large retail hunting fishing chain). I was looking at getting another gun with a laser on it.

A very pretty young white female associate was helping me look at guns in the bass pro shop. She was unusually helpful knowledgeable and personable. We started talking about gun control when she shocked me by stating and I quote “I don’t think any nigger should be able to buy one”. I questioned why she said that word and she explained that, “she’s an English major and that the word nigger just means ignorant person”. I replied, how do you think it makes black people feel when you say that word? She said, her friend was black and she uses it all the time in front of her (Very doubtful).

So I then said, there’s some black customers over there at the counter looking at some rifles let’s go ask them how they feel about your use of the word? She started to walk away and I called her a racist and said, as a matter of fact I’m going to let them (the two male black customers about 60 feet away) know what you said. (Now she’s walking away and headed toward the back). About that time one of the other white male associates walks up to me and tells me I need to calm down, I said, YOU calm down…watch this! I walked over to the two black customers and told them the white female sales clerk who was just helping me used the n-word when referring to black people. Trying help me calm down they told me I should just ignore it. I said, fuck that I’m going to the store manager (they nodded their head showing support). I then walked about another 60 feet and saw a black female associate, I told her what happened and she requested that I report this. I confirmed that’s what I wanted to do, so she kindly walked me to the front of the store where I saw another black female associate, I told her what happened and she said, oh my God are you going to report it? I told her, fuck yes I’m going to report it. She replied, oh my God my heart is just racing, thank you for letting them know. I told her just try to relax that it would be okay. During this time the white associates in the gun shop had been calling management to let them know I was telling black customers and black associates about what had happened. A white female manager walks up and I told her about my experience with racism in her store, and instead of apologizing the manager says, that she can’t have me going around telling her employees what happened. This manager had a defensive uncaring attitude, so I looked at her and I asked her, do you use that word? She hesitated but said no, I then told her, that I don’t trust you or Bass Pro Shop. So I walked away from the manager (the manager followed me) and I told another black male associate what had happened. He just put his head down in disappointment. The manager then said she would talk to the girl to get her side of the story. I told her I’ll be calling corporate. She replied, you’re going to call corporate? (Her face suggesting there was no need) I said, yep and walked out.

I know some of you think I probably overreacted. But not in my book. My thing is why did that white girl feel comfortable enough to use that racial slur with a customer? Because Bass Pro Shop management, corporate and the CEO Johnny Morris simply does not care (these things start at the top). Obviously there is a culture there that has no thoughts or concerns for the people of color that work or shop in their store that have to endure such a hostile racist environment. A corporate and store culture that tolerates and even embraces white supremacy. Been going on a month since this happened and after contacting corporate several times I have yet to hear anything back…I’m not surprised at all. After researching I learned Bass pro has a well-known documented notorious history for racism and discrimination, including federal law suits for gross racial discrimination.

Please share this I want the public to know.

There Was a Time When “to protect and serve” Meant Something

To Protect And ServeDo you remember being 4 years old? I remember being 4 years old in 1965 and getting lost in my own neighborhood. My grandfather used to walk with me around the cul de sac, every morning, until he wasn’t there anymore.
On this particular day, a police officer saw me, alone on the sidewalk. I wasn’t particularly upset or afraid, I just didn’t remember which way to go to get home. He stopped his car and took me home.

There was a time when “to protect and serve” meant something.

In 1970, President Richard Nixon announced the Campaign against Cambodia. I was 10, my brother was 20 and in college somewhere in California. On may 4 of that year, while my mother was watching the news, I witnessed the Kent State massacre. I can tell you that the effect it had on me, was to leave me perplexed to say the least.

My brother called to tell my mother, his college was protesting too. Someone had rolled a piano off the roof of a dorm, to draw the attention of the police on his campus, so the protesters could run away, before they were shot too.

My mother started taking me with her, to protests against the war, for civil rights marches, for equal rights rallies. We marched, rallied, carried signs, all in protest of injustice.

This last week, in Ferguson Missouri, a young man died. What happened there, still has the potential to turn into something akin to Kent State. Unless the officer or officers in question, are indicted for the shooting of an unarmed, young man.

From the video footage that’s been released about this incident, I get the impression, police there seem to think, all people of color look the same.
In this day and age, our President is a person of color, and the First Lady, his wife, is comparable in style, to Jackie Kennedy and is just as intelligent, if not moreso, than her husband.

Apparently there are still pockets of racists still here in America. We all wanted to believe, once we’d elected a black President, there was no more racism in America. I wanted to believe. I knew better, that didn’t make me want to believe any less.

There’s a woman named Marissa Alexander, who fired a warning shot at her estranged husband, claiming the #Stand Your Ground” law in Florida. She was trying to defend herself against further abuse, against a man whom she knew intimately enough, to want him out of her house. She was hoping for immunity under that law. She was denied. She may spend 60 years in jail, just for firing a warning shot. I believe she is being denied because not only is she a person of color, but also because she is a woman.

Let’s not forget Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman did everything correctly, up until he killed a 17 year old, unarmed boy. The “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida, prohibits arresting or charging Zimmerman.

In 2005 the first “Stand Your Ground” law, was enacted in the state of Florida. It seems to be a pretty popular law, amongst states with Republican Governors. That and the drug testing of welfare recipients, where the owner of the lab is somehow related to the Governor of the state, or the Governor is heavily invested in the company doing the testing. There’s a profit in it I guess, though the majority of people subject to this law, test negative and tax payers seem to be unaware, they are the ones paying for the tests.

John Ocegeura proposed a “Stand Your Ground” law in 2011. It was passed, with very little fanfare or attention. Here in Nevada, in my area, is a faction of people that open carry. I believe they are determined to intimidate the people around them, because they themselves, feel intimidated. I own a gun. I inherited it from my father. It’s registered and stays in my nightstand, next to my bed, just in case. I’m a pretty good shot too however, that’s where it stays. I’ve never been arrested and I have no criminal or psychiatric record.

Tax payers don’t seem to be aware, they are paying for privatized prisons too. I think it was much better organized when they were all state or county or city owned. There was an instance of a privately owned prison, in Texas, having recieved a class 5 hurricane warning, followed by a media blackout, including a no fly zone. The prisoners were left unattended, locked in their cells.

In 2001 President Bush signed the Patriot Act. In 2004 the Bush Administration let the ban on assault weapons expire. In 2006, after John McCain being the final signatur, of the Military Commissions Act, President Bush signed that law too. Both the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act come with sundowner provisions. The problem with this is, in order for both to expire completely, we have to no longer be “at war”.

You might wonder where I’m going with this, so I’ll tell you. Ferguson Missouri deserves justice, no matter what cloth the people there are cut from. Of late, I have noticed a trend where the Rule of Law, depending on a person’s finances, no longer seems to apply. The “Rule of Law” implies that every citizen is subject to the law, from the highest of the high, in society, to the lowest of the low, in income and as long as the Military Commissions Act and the Patriot Act are still in force, our police departments will be militarized. Mercenaries will be employed to enforce the law.

Corporate Take Over

Wall St Bull Guarded by NYPDThere was a time when I was a politics chat room Moderator. First on MSN, then on Buzzen. I was the one with the gold hammer, and the software program, to boot you out of the chat room for even the slightest indiscretion and even ban you forever.

I was motivated to do this because of 9/11. I have a need to understand everything and in my tenure there, I had the opportunity to learn a lot and even hone my debate skills. I typed so fast, booted and banned people, so fast, a co-Moderator gave me a nickname. They called me TurboKitty.
I wanted to know why Osama bin Ladin denied taking responsibility for the 9/11, 3 times before he decided to take credit for it. I wanted to know what happened to the 3 trillion dollars that was left unaccounted for, by the Department of Defense before this all started. I wanted to know what it was, that caused some of my favorite foreign news channels, suddenly to be cut off.

Late in the evening, before I would go to bed, I would post the headlines for the day. One day I ran across this article, concerning a south American country, that had been bought and sold so many times, there was nothing left. They were owned by corporations. When the corporations were done stripping this country of its natural resources, they naturally left. There were no more jobs and yet, they left armed guards behind, to protect their vacant buildings.

The people who lived there, finally got the courage up to confront these guards (most of them relatives in some form or another), at various locations, and take over the empty buildings. To produce things, first for themselves, and then to export to the rest of the world. It has taken them over 20 years to recover and is still ongoing.

This was during the Bush era and what struck me about this article, were the similarites to what was happening in Iraq and now America.
In Iraq, Bremer was ordered to disassemble the military there. He is currently an American Diplomat however, he was in charge of leading the Occupational Authority for Iraq.

The Iraq military wanted to help with this “War on Terror” and yet, every offer they made was rebuffed. So they started crossing the borders to neighboring countries, to find jobs to support themselves and their families. The Iraq Military was the main source of income for the majority of people in that country.

When all was said and done, Iraq was nationalized. What that means is, any foreign entity can buy and sell property there, and they have the rights to the profit of any exports.

This makes me think of land that is owned by Native Americans, or Mexico. They are protected. The most anyone can do to use their land, is sign a 100 year lease. Once that expires, it returns to the original owners.
In the chat room, there was a lot of talk about Globalization, how all borders of every nation, would be erased. At the time, my greatest fear was, if this happened, I would no longer be an American citizen. I was born here and I’m proud of that. Now I am a citizen of the planet, even if I haven’t seen most of it in person.

I read just about everything. If I wanted to know something, I would look it up on the internet. I read about Pat Tillman, shot by friendly fire and the cover-up that ensued. I read the CIA release notes from Wikileaks, about how the Pentagon supplied Saddam Hussein, with the nerve gas he was using on his own people.

I watched a Congressman on C-SPAN, point out the reasons, a retro-active law, needed to be put into place, in order to remove any privacy from cell-phone providers. The FISA law. Because cell-phone subscribers were suing their providers, for the mining of information, without permission. In turn the cell-phone providers were suing the Bush Administration, for the illegal mining, in order to recoup the losses they would inccur, paying off all the lawsuits. Of course Congress voted to enact this retro-active law, so the Bush Administration wouldn’t have to pay, nor would they have to stop. Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3. of the United States Constitution, doesn’t allow ex post factos laws (in other words, retro-active laws).

This was the beginning of the open Corporate take over, of America. I watched as Bush said the Constitution was just a G-D piece of paper. Land of the Free, Home of the Brave be damned. I was appalled. We all watched, when finding Osama bin Ladin turned into a joke.

Our military didn’t have to be disassembled, they were off fighting somewhere, other than our own country and the casualties were flown to American military bases, in order not to be counted as casualties of Iraq and then to be denied any kind of treatment, by a Bush appointed Secretary for the Veteran’s Administration.

I no longer participate in chat rooms. I am watching as certain states, choose to ignore the contract they signed, in order to become member states, of the United States of America. The Supremacy Clause. In other words, all member states are subject to Federal Law, being the supreme law of the land. All state laws must come together in alliance with Federal law. States have rights however, for America to truly be nondiscriminatory, laws need to be uniform.

I’m reading about Mainstream Media owned by corporations, broadcast propaganda to the consuming public. I turned off my cable/satellite in 2003, I saw one of our soldiers, gun down a teenaged boy, who was already injured and probably going to die.

A lot of elected and appointed officials answer to their corporate masters, turning a deaf ear to their constituents. Corporations are now people, which gives them the right to do to the United States, what they have done to so many other countries. They intend to rape our natural resources to the bone, for the lowest wage, and sell it to the highest bidder.

It’s painful to watch the disintegration, of what is still the United States of America, especially when it can be stopped. We can make it stop.

It Breaks Me

Palestinian Peace SignAbout 3 weeks ago, I was on twitter because I was bored with the repetitive posts on Facebook and the first thing I saw was a picture. My eyes had to adjust to what I was seeing. At first I thought I saw a father holding his daughter, and my first thought was “what a pretty blue dress”. Then I noticed, she had no head! The father was holding his headless daughter! The photo had been uploaded to twitter, from Syria.

Then a picture from Gaza. Another father, this time holding his son, the back of his son’s head was blown off.The next photos I started to see, were pictures of children, babies, 2 year olds, 5 year olds, 9 year olds, in varying poses of death. Some were burned beyond recognition. Some were missing limbs.

I stopped watching television (cable/satellite) in 2003, when I saw one of our American soldiers, live on Headline News, shoot an Iraqi teenager, in cold blood. The teen had already been wounded several times. He was trying to crawl away to die. It was too much for me.

What is happening now is too much for me. It breaks me. Children. I have to ask, what kind of mental disorder, would provoke someone to kill innocent, defenseless children. Don’t tell me Hamas has rockets. Yeah, I know, I’ve seen them. Gasoline and fertilizer, considering the kind of launchers they use, I think Hamas would be better off with a sling-shot, compared to the weapons the Israeli Defense Forces use. Small arms, tanks, anti-tank rockets and missiles, fighting vehicles, artillery, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned surface vehicles. Paid for and supplied with American tax dollars.

And just to be clear, Hamas agreed to accept a Palestinian state, in accordance with the 1967 border agreement. It’s called the Israeli Occupation for a reason. Israel is illegally occupying Palestinian land.
The IDF is targeting United Nations buildings, schools, hospitals. The destruction is horrific. I thought it was a good idea to let my network know what’s going on. So I started sharing the pictures on Facebook, tumbler, LinkedIn, Pinterest. These are actual photos of human beings, of children. I know how this works too. My mother was a Marine in WWII. She went through the same bootcamp as her male counterparts, because there was no gender specific training at that time. She told me what they do. They de-humanize their “enemy”. To make it easier to kill.

I will not make excuses for any elected official, for supplying Israel with more of America’s tax dollars, to commit genocide. I learned just yesterday, the President I voted for, signed a law, supplying Israel with $225 million, for their Iron Dome. That’s American tax dollars, that could be better spent in America. I’m ashamed that I have some part in that, because like everyone else, I pay taxes too.

I post these photos because the only people I know, that have ever seen this kind of carnage, are people who served in the military, during wartime. Those of us that have not served, need to know what kind of monster, would condone killing children, of any race, religion, gender or color, in this day and age. We have the means to know now, and we have the tools to stop the slaughter of innocent children.

I have children. Anyone who has ever had a child, could not condone this kind of brutality, for any reason. I posted these photos on twitter, to every Congress member currently in the House. They have children. What if these children belonged to them? What would they do? What if this was your child? Would you fight back? Would you send them to the border of another country to save them? Would you cover them with your own body when the missiles started to fly? I know I would and nothing would stop me from saving my child.

Hagar Had a Son

HagarIn the beginning, there was Ibrahim and Sarah. God spoke to Ibrahim and told him to be patient and he would have a child. When Sarah would not take with child, Ibrahim took a hand-maiden named Hagar. Hagar was pregnant almost immediately. Then Sarah was pregnant too. God spoke to Ibrahim again and told him he ought to have waited, because no good would come of this.

Many years later, Ibrahim was laying on his death bed. Hard of hearing and barely able to see, he asked Hagar to bring him Isaac, Sarah’s son. It was time, as was his tradition, to pass on all his worldly goods, to the son of his choice. He had promised Hagar, her son Ishmael would inherit also, though he intended to give the best of all his worldly possessions, to his son Isaac.
Hagar had a plan, to make sure that her son was taken care of, since he was first born to Ibrahim and she was very jealous of Sarah and Isaac. She went out into the field and found Ismael. She wrapped his arms in sheep’s wool and told him to come with her, but to remain very quiet. Ismael had very smooth skin and very little body hair, while Isaac was a very hairy man.
She brought Ismael to Ibrahim’s bedside and announced she had brought his son. Ibrahim reached out to grab his son’s arm and feeling the sheep’s wool, he believed Ismael to be Isaac, and bequeathed the best of his land to Ishmael.

Ibrahim then instructed Hagar to bring him Ishmael. When Isaac arrived, finding out what had happened, begging his father to take back what he had given Ishmael, Ibrahim said he couldn’t, because God had witnessed what he had bequeathed to Ishmael and once done, could never be undone, in the eyes of God. So Isaac inherited the desert, which would bear nothing but dust and heat, while Ismael, through his mother’s trickery, inherited the orchards, the river and everything that would be abundant.
That is the beginning of the Middle East Crisis. When I was much younger than I am today, I spent about 5 years ferreting out this information. I just couldn’t comprehend what was so difficult about just getting along. Both peoples are related. The House of Muhammed and the House of David. They are related. They came from the same father. At least, according to the story they did. Historically speaking, I believe it’s probably true however, anyone who could actually verify this, is long since dead.

Since then, they have hated each other passionately enough, to want each other dead, for many hundreds of years, until today.

History shows that the Jewish people were persecuted to the edge of being wiped out, by Hitler and the Nazis. In 1920, the League of Nations ( predecessor to the United Nations ) mandated through the Treaty of Versailles, a resolution to relocate all Jewish peoples, who wished to be relocated, to Palestine, to share the land with the Palestinians. In 1948 Israel was created, to be a Jewish state with a Jewish majority.

Enter the Fathers of Zionism, Theodor Herzl and Nathan Birnbaum. They had good intentions. They wanted Equality for their family, friends, extended family. Today Zionism has been infused with hatred, to such an extreme, there are actual followers of the Zionist teachings, who believe that the rest of the population of the Earth, were put here only to serve them. That other human beings are less than human. They believe they are the Chosen of God, as do many other religions. They believe their way is the only way, as do many other religions. Most of these religions believe, anyone else is no better than the dirt beneath their feet, or other human beings have no soul.

Let’s focus on the story here though. Hagar is an “Anti-Hero” for the purposes of this story. She protected the interests of her son, which I believe just about any mother would do. However, in the long run, she becomes the villain, the one to blame for all of this. The philosophical translation would be, in my opinion, yet another reason to blame women for whatever ails a man. It occurs to me, Ibrahim could have revoked his initial bequeath of possessions and even been forgiven by God, because he’d been tricked. Where would this leave Hagar and her son though? Probably with the same situation as we have today. A no win situation.

Bar none, Israel is the recipient of the most funding for military aid, from the United States of America. To the tune of 8.5 million dollars a day.
I made a point of tweeting to the official IRS twitter profile, that I didn’t want to give them anymore of my tax dollars. Especially when they’re using it to commit genocide.

In my travels through social media websites, I have always been an advocate of “No More Death”. I have come up against several peers on these social sites, who have called me everything under the sun, for not supporting Israel. I stand my ground even now. I’m really not on anyone’s side. I believe there is enough for everyone. That variety truly is the spice of life. Understanding breeds acceptance. There has to be a solution that stops the killing, no matter where it’s happening.

A week ago, I saw a Syrian, holding his headless daughter. Who could do that? Yesterday I saw worse, a Palestinian father, holding his son. The back of his son’s head had a hole in it the size of a softball. There is something wrong with someone who could do something like that.

It doesn’t matter anymore, who started what. What really matters, precious lives are being lost. The lives of innocent children, who had no part in any of this history and now, will make no history at all.

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