Single-Payer-Healthcare U.S.A. – guest post by Sabra Ewing


Dear #Japan #Norway  #UnitedKingdom #Kuwait #Sweden #Bahrain #Brunei #Canada #UnitedArabEmirates #Finland #Slovenia #Italy #Portugal #Cyprus #Spain  and #Iceland

As well as any of  the other people from countries in the world, that enjoy Health Care as a Human Right, we need your help!


The following states have Republican Senators, that will vote on September 30, to decimate an already inadequate, for profit healthcare system. Arizona, Louisiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and Arkansas! This vote will further shorten our lives, literally kill the poor and drive tens of thousands of Americans into bankruptcy.
Please #Boycott these states, support this Action of Solidarity and share it widely on Social Media outlets!


People in support of Single-Payer-Healthcare For All, are asking you to;

Please take a photo holding a sign that says where you’re from and Solidarity with Single-Payer Healthcare.



Solidarity 2




Clark County School District – Guest Post by Anonymous


I beleive CCSD takeover is imminent.

Mismanagement guarantees takeover.

1.  We are supposedly at the end of the line.  Without a real forensic audit – we do not know for sure – but we certainly cannot rely on CCSD to be as transparent as required by law in the timeframe we need.  Small movement is not enough.  This has to be done yesterday but managing by delay and lawsuit has made the clock run out.

Upper CCSD central office management intentionally breaks the law and will not comply until forced.

Delay, delay, delay has caused us to be last in the nation and we will not make progress until this is changed.

2. Reliance on people who have hurt the district for 30 years.  CCSD seems determined to find that one political party or group who will “save them”.   Sadly they won’t find one.  Even as campaign flyers claim some folks are “education advocates” – they are not.  Placing folks like Assemblywoman Carlton and EducateNow’s Slyvia Lazos on a budget committee after a heavy session of union busting by both is not likely to solve  outstanding labor arbitrations.  88% of the budget is contracted with unions.   People run schools and interact with kids.   Professionals require a solid enforceable contract.  Labor is tired of abuse.

Democrats do not have all the answers.  They have not been friendly to union education labor.  Frankly they do not listen to teachers.  Cannot rely on them.

3.  I had a conversation.   I was told central office has made cuts.  In fact, someone let their secretary go.

We see you top heavy central office.  Time to heavily cut the entire top layer.  Central office admin with a staff of four or five? As a classroom teacher, I do my own paperwork every Sunday – I suggest you do the same.

No one should have a secretary, a liasion, a trip, a free meal, a car allowance, etc  . . . until there is a fully licensed and professional educator in every clasroom.  Most especially special education and openings in schools serving students in poverty.

Classrooms have suffered while some have a secretary?

I suggest folks move back to the school level and directly help kids.

Our priority should not be making life comfortable for those who have crawled on the back of children to get themselves a secretary in an office downtown far away from schools.

Cut the central office as required by law until 85% of education money is back in schools directly serving students.

4.   Labor has been made the enemy.  CCSD central office did it. Specifically Chief Negotiator Eddie Goldman has destroyed labor relations.  Lots of outstanding arbitrations.  We have been stonewalled. As stated before – even after negotiations – contracted language is intentially ignored until forced by lawsuit to pay.

Now staff are supposed to link arms with the central offfice and sing a song?

CCSD has spent the last ten years union busting and abusing contract language.

Choosing to expensively arbitrate which is very costly rather than bargain in good faith is mismanagement.  The legal budget at CCSD is enormous.  Spending tax payer money in this manner is ridiculous.

A forensic audit is cheap compared to the money being spent on arbitration.

CCSD chooses to pay lawyers to keep from paying folks the amounts the district agreed to in black and white?

No one has the appetite to stand up to the evil man controlling the CCSD negotiations team.  Teachers and labor will remain the enemy instead of allied in the fight as a Southern Caucus until Goldman is removed.  Attacking pay and insurance will continue to divide us.

5.   Disfunction.  The severe division and infighting in the central office is destructive.  Team Skorkowsky seems to be losing with his retirement.  While team Goldman seems to be remaining firm.

The severe divisions are likely the reason for disfunction in lobbying, budgeting, and negotiation.   Fighting each other rather than strategically working for CCSD students.   These conflicting management styles and methods for doing the job are not working.

Infighting kills progress.

It makes the central office and the Trustees ineffective.  And it contributes to the culture of bullying and fear at every level.


None of the above is good news for students or staff.

In the interim legislative sessions, Canavero and Wynn quietly keep stating they are ready to take over.  The reorganization language allows them to do so if Trustees and central office do not start to work to follow the law.  The district has wasted an entire year by obstruction.  Time wasted.  We have a year left.

Frankly – the house needs to be drastically cleaned so takeover seems imminent.

Skorkowsky leaving is not enough.

Get to 15% Central Office.  You will need to move faster. Money needs to be moved to schools.

Cuts to school staff – are creating problems and basically against the law.   Central admin needs to take the hit.

Kids need access to the  money. This money is for kids not people in suits downtown.

The public is tired of shenanigans.

This is selfish and disgusting.

She Lost – with photo credit to Whomod Modstar

I LostHillary Rodham Clinton is such a LIAR! In 2008 She lost, turned around and loaned herself massive amounts of money to finish the primary, contested the primary at the National Convention, which was then brokered, had a secret negotiations meeting BEFORE she endorsed Obama, then, to add insult to injury, had President Elect Barack Obama send out an OFFICIAL letter from the DNC requesting party members send DONATIONS to HRC to help her pay back the loan she gave herself, to LOS!


Charlottesville – Posted by a friend of a friend – Anonymous

Throwing Flowers

“I rarely post politics or anything else on Facebook …. But let me be clear. I was acting as a medic in Charlottesville. “Both sides”-ing about it is absolutely unacceptable. Content note: I’m going to get quite graphic here, because while I understand that there’s quite a range of political viewpoints among my Facebook friends, I want to *get this point through to everyone whatever your politics*.


In the run-up to that weekend, some local counterprotest organizers’ families were forced to flee their homes because of violent threats. Some of them had “bodyguards” – friends escorting them everywhere they went that week, even to the grocery store, work, all the mundane places that people go in their normal lives.


On Friday night, a torch-wielding mob chanting Nazi and other racist slogans (e.g. “blood and soil,” “Jews will not replace us”), some doing Nazi salutes, surrounded, screamed “White lives matter” and “anti-white” at, a small group of college student counterprotesters who had linked arms around a statue and had a banner. They then threw fuel at them, beat them with lit torches, pepper-sprayed them, and punched them (including pepper-spraying a girl in a wheelchair). The police mostly stood by until the nazis were gone. A medic who was wearing a kippah (a Jewish skullcap) was followed in the dark by one of the nazis, and took it off after that so as not to be targeted. A university librarian who joined the students to try to protect them has now had a stroke. At some point that evening, the torch-wielders also surrounded a black church while chanting racist slogans. All of this not only hurt people that night but set expectations for how the white nationalists would behave the next day.


On Saturday morning, a line of clergy, along with a gradually growing group of other protesters, showed up outside the nazi rally (given the iconography, including swastikas, the Black Sun, and fasces, and the chants, of involved groups, I don’t have a problem using that word, don’t let anyone fool you into thinking these were mainstream conservative groups that are being described hyperbolically), facing militia movement members who were carrying assault rifles. There was shouting back and forth, and a small early fistfight where a nazi punched a nearby counterprotester who spilled coffee on him. Nazis were screaming antisemitic things at rabbis in the clergy line, and chanting “blood and soil” in response to the clergy singing “This little light of mine.” At one point, some clergy did a peaceful blockade of one of the park entrances, which was forcibly broken by an incoming white nationalist group with skulls painted on their shields. The heavy bidirectional fighting, though, mostly got going after a group of counterprotesters nonviolently blocked the way of an oncoming group of white nationalists, who broke through the blockade with clubs and heavy shields. Some people defended themselves as the white nationalists kept charging and swinging clubs. After that, there were fistfights and club-fights breaking out all around, nazis pepper-spraying and tear-gassing counterprotest crowds, plastic water bottles thrown in both directions. A nazi group that didn’t know where the entrance to the park was added to the street fights. Some clergy ran to shield vulnerable people with their bodies, and those clergy were protected by antifa-associated counterprotesters – multiple clergy/theologians have said that they would have been “crushed” and maybe killed if antifa had not protected them. This went on for a long time. For most of this, the police stood around. Eventually, they cleared both sides out of the area.


The town’s synagogue is a short distance from the park. Throughout the day, nazis paraded by it doing the Nazi salute and shouting antisemitic slurs. The police had refused to provide a guard to the synagogue for some reason, so it had hired its own armed guard. There were threats of burning it down coming in. It had to cancel a havdalah service at a congregant’s house that evening out of fear of attack.


The march that was attacked with a car by James Fields was that afternoon. What street fighting had happened was long-since over by then. It was a happy march, it was not fighting anyone. The car attack came out of nowhere and the aftermath looked like a war zone. It hit the front of the march as the march was going around a corner, and many people weren’t sure what had happened at first, people were screaming about a bomb. In addition to the woman who died, many people had serious injuries. A medic who was hit had to have emergency surgery to not lose her leg. A 13 year-old girl and her mom were among the injured. The street was covered in blood. The firefighters and paramedics were great. The police, on the other hand, rolled in an armored vehicle and threatened the crowd of survivors with a tear gas launcher. Police officers ordered the medics who were performing CPR on the woman who died to leave her and clear the area. They refused, and bystanders negotiated with the police to leave them alone.


There were several other incidents throughout the afternoon where white nationalists/nazis/whatever were menacing small groups of wandering counterprotesters with their cars, swerving toward them on the sidewalk like they were going to hit them, that kind of thing, including after the car attack. At one point my medic buddy and I were about 50 feet ahead of such a group and heard screeching car sounds and screams, and ran back, thinking for a second that there had been another terrorist attack and that this time we were the only medics on site, but fortunately it was just a scare – the driver then “rolled coal” (intentionally emitting a dark cloud of exhaust) at the people on the sidewalk before driving away. There was also an incident at some point where a young black man was badly beaten by white nationalists in a parking garage.


There is no “both sides” here. I mean, first of all, there is no moral both sides because antifascists and nazis aren’t morally the same, period. Disrupting nazis isn’t the same as being one, period. But there was also no “both sides” even beyond that. Mutual street fighting primarily kicked off by an attack from the opposing side, doesn’t compare to mowing people down with a car, to threatening a synagogue and a black church, to stalking someone for being visibly Jewish, to being part of a Nazi-slogan-screaming mob that surrounds and attacks peaceful college kids and could have easily killed one of them if the fuel thrown on a couple of them had been lit by one of the many thrown or swung torches.


Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking the Saturday rally was starting out just a rally like others, but with racist assholes. The people organizing counterprotests, whose families had to flee town, would probably take issue with that. The black church and the synagogue, the synagogue congregant who had to cancel a religious/cultural ceremony out of fear, and the ones who had to leave the building in groups out the back entrance to avoid attack, would probably take issue with that. The people who were physically attacked, on Friday night, by those in town for the Saturday rally, would probably take issue with that.


Don’t elide the difference in the questions of whether hate speech should be criminalized, and how communities and their supporters should protect themselves when people who are already threatening to kill them roll into town to rally and then physically attack community members before their rally while the police don’t stop it. Don’t invoke the Civil Rights Movement to elide it, or tsk-tsk people who were on the ground in Cville. The Civil Rights Movement had its Deacons for Defense and Justice, and similar groups. Just as importantly, many of the leading lights of the Civil Rights Movement were murdered. If you think the only valid kind of activism in response to racist hate is martyrdom, you need to at least think through the implications of that belief.

I did not have a good weekend and I have no interest in hearing comments about how, despite everything I saw and everything I said here, you think this is a “both sides” thing. If you find my activism unacceptable you are welcome to unfriend me.”

In Case Anyone Heads Into Protest Territory … Good Information

This is all good advice. I would add, bring goggles, and yes this is part of the reason we mask up.. learn to deal with it..oh yeah pack a $20 bill away somewhere.. if you get arrested you might have to use it to pay for phone calls .we had to have that at the ready in ND. Oh.. and do consider adult protective underwear. You seriously might need that if you get too much tear gas. Oh yes.. never bring weapons of any kind including a pocket knife, and if you need inhalers or other medicine make sure they are clearly marked from a prescribing pharmacy.


1. Water makes pepper spray worse. Use milk or liquid antacid* and water. Don’t wear contacts.


2. If you get tear gassed, when you get home, put the contaminated clothes in a plastic bag for later decontamination and shower with cold water to avoid opening your pores.


3. Come with friends and don’t get separated. Avoid leaving the crowd and watch out for police snatch squads.


4. Beware undercovers, but beware snitchjacketing and collaborator ‘peace police’ even more.


5. The far right is very good at combing through pictures and doxxing people. MASK UP.


6. Write any necessary phone numbers you may need directly on your skin in sharpie.


7. Have an offsite plan for emergencies if you have not been heard from by X time coordinated with someone offsite.


8. Make sure all mobile devices are charged!!


*liquid antacid can scratch your cornea but it’ll work in a pinch, milk is better
*bring a cold water bottle /leave one in the car for rinsing your face


Wiki How To Make a Gas Mask

Nevada State School President Elaine Wynn was at his side – Anonymous


When CCEA asked NSEA and NEA for money to organize – CCEA was serious.
Shame, shame, shame on NSEA and NEA.
No money for CCEA a very large local.
No one listened to teachers. Denial. Perhaps upper levels truly believe they need our union dues money more than we do at the local level.


Let me be clear why we need the money to organize.
#AB384/#SB496 #Reorg Reorganizes the Fifth Largest School District – CCSD. Ideally it pushes the money from the Central Office to the school level. This does not happen on its own. The people who are charged with implementation, Trustees and Central Officers – are also concerned about loss of power and money. Rightfully so – this is the entire reason for the legislation due to mismanagement.
The main way CCSD central office and Trustees has dealt with this legislation is denial, lawsuits, and obstruction over this last year.
The main way NSEA has dealt with this legislation – talking periodically without any productive action.
The main way CCEA has engaged is survival – come to the table and actively work to have a voice in this inevitable process.
#NVED #NVTeach #Nevada If CCSD does not comply with the SOT #Reorg law- NVDOE Steve Canavero and Billionaire Nevada State Board Member Elaine Wynn will take over the fifth largest school district.
Clark County has three distinct school districts which serve southern caucus students: CCSD, Nevada State Public Schools (charters) and ASD.
Currently there are zero charters unionized in southern Nevada and charters do not need to hire licensed teachers. At least $175 million a year is siphoned into the money pit which is State Public Schools (charters). Charters are very low performing in Nevada with little accountability for tax payer money. They have become the alternative school system – without requirement to return and report. Zero charters have been closed for academic low performance. Many charters report little or zero data. Many charters are a drain on the tax payer because of lawsuits, receiverships, and bankruptcirs.
NVDOE Canavero directly or indirectly manages the most academically and financially failing Nevada districts:
. . . State Public Charters with a 50% lowest performing failing rate and
. . . ASD (created from a failing charters/schools and one new charter run by TFA).
Canavero is not a man who educates students; He is a man who implements dysfunctional educational reform, privatization choice, and takeover. Canavero’s track record in Nevada is dismal. There is a zero success rate with his stewardships.
Since the central office and CCSD Trustees refuse to comply, Canavero will most likely takeover CCSD with the least failing schools in the state – 1% out of the 359 schools. Ironically the data shows that CCSD is doing much much better overall than Canavero ever did over his other education work.
This is the law.
Canavero reported to the legislative committee last week that he is ready. And Nevada State School President Elaine Wynn was at his side.
The rest of rural Nevada and Washoe, the main voice of NSEA, will remain untouched.
CCSD Central office and Trustees need to comply with the laws. To avoid takeover. Which they are not likely to do because of personal skin in the game.
Our community does not protect its teachers or public schools so unjust and terrible things are happening.
NSEA is not protecting us and denies us our own money for organizing.
Barely anyone is actually listening to CCEA Teachers.
CCEA needs our $4 million dues money for survival.
This is not a joke. We are not playing. Current legislation and policies and political maneuvers demand we participate. We have zero additional money and 3 organizers for 359 schools.
We are in this situation because of dysfunction at most every public school level. The state and national union organizations actively work against us.
We have to fight. We have to have a voice. And we have to fight those who would neuter our voice.
If you are not with us – you are against us.
You are NOT an education candidate if you cannot work with local union teachers.

CCEA is my lobby group.


$26,750 Reasons You Should Not Lie – Anonymous

Assemblyman Frierson –

Why did you lie today?

When we interview you for endorsement – it is clear what union teachers expect.

Are you trying to blame the Senate Democrats for not taking 15 minutes in Ways and Means to pass dedicated funding? Everyone knew – except you?

In April the CCEA lobby team began meeting with Nevada Assembly-persons to explain. Everyone knew – except you?

8,000 emails were sent to Senator Woodhouse to move this out of committee. Everyone knew – except you?

Tweet 1

3,000 emails were sent to Senator Woodhouse to move this out of committee. Everyone knew – except you?

Hundreds of teachers reached out in person by attending the Ways and Means in the Grant Sawyer. Everyone in the committee knew – except you?

You expect us to believe you did not know it was a priority?

Do not come for money.

Do not send your caucus for money either.

We will see if money is a priority for you.

And NSEA who manipulated this issue too – we will see if money is important to them too.

How are we supposed to keep staff around if they cannot receive contracted pay?

Do you like to work for free? Teachers do not.

Do 35,000 kids without a licensed teacher in the community matter to you?

Everyone knew except you? There are $26,750 reasons you should have known.

We have to leave NSEA and get away from blanket endorsements which lead to unexplainable situations like this.

We have to stop folks from abusing us and hurting public schools.

CCEA is my lobby group

Tweet 2

The union has donated $26,750 to Jason Frierson Assembly Seat 8 since 2010.

He is the Majority Leader in the Nevada Legislative Assembly. While I appreciate his work on other priorities CCEA moved during the session . . .

It is not satisfactory to simply state: Maggie’s in charge and then watch her deny teachers their pay. Watch her torture teachers for two days. Teachers need to get paid according to contract language. If it is in writing – we should get paid.

That is disgusting.

Leadership is about making sure work gets done.

That is a lot of time and dues money teachers have given to Jason Frierson Assembly Seat 8 since 2010.

With expensive friends like this – who needs enemies. Time to get these snakes.


Nevada Assembly Seat 8 – Jason Frierson

10/7/2016 NSEA $4,000

5/16/2016 NSEA $4,000

10/12/2014 CCEA $1,000

10/10/2014 NSEA $5,000

11/13/2012 NSEA $1000 

10/22/2012 NSEA $500

8/30/2012 CCEA $750

10/4/2012 NSEA $1000

5/17/201 NSEA $2000

8/7/2010 NSEA $2000

10/5/2010 CCEA $2000

8/7/2010 NSEA $2000

9/28/2010 NSEA $500



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