I’m on a Mission and I Have a Vendetta

Goldfield 3I can see the look in your eyes. Politics, politics, politics. Before Citizen’s United, it wasn’t like this, it wasn’t a non-stop barrage of political rhetoric. Ah well …
Just in case no one noticed, or for the few of you that did, I’m working the Bernie Sanders campaign. I network and it’s good. Our precinct caucus isn’t until February of 2016, however this is when it starts to get interesting.
Back in 2008 at about this time, I canvassed, phone-banked, registered voters and organized events for Obama. I was driving my car, parking, getting out and knocking on a door, handing the resident literature or door hanging. Talking to people and telling them all the reasons they ought to vote for Obama.
Then I attended my precinct caucus and became an Obama Delegate. I’m not going to bore you with the remedial parts of this event in my life, especially when there are much better things to talk about.
For instance, when the Chair of the Central Committee lied to me about showing up for the County Caucus. He said I didn’t have to go because I’d already pledged my support for Obama. Did I mention he was a Hillary supporter? No? Oh, well he was, so was the rest of the Executive Board.
He was surprised, to say the least when he saw me at the County Caucus. Caught in a lie, dead to rights. It’s also very interesting to note, the Executive Board is in charge of the County Caucus. They tried to have the Obama supporters removed. So, just in case you were wondering, in the state of Nevada, once you are a pledged Delegate, no one can have you removed, unless you threaten or commit bodily harm to yourself or others.
I remember taking pictures of the snow on the ground and some stray fire truck in Goldfield, on our way up to Tonopah, for the County Caucus. My husband was driving and the word ‘idyllic’ comes to mind.
We were miscounted 6 times, against our favor, of course. In the end with one supporter from each candidate, we finally got an honest count. All of the Obama Delegates, were reminded to bring our Delegate slips with us. There’s a piece of paper you sign when you’re a Delegate, so if you’re a Delegate, don’t lose that piece of paper. The reason I say this is because the chair also tried to say our Delegates weren’t valid because he couldn’t read the slips. Water or coffee had spilled on them and I guess he was hoping we’d forget our slips. We didn’t, not one of us.
We had dinner at the hotel and started driving back. There were two lanes on the way South from Tonopah, we all waved at each other on the way back home.
Remember I said it gets interesting, it does. I found out that some of our friends had a flat tire and the chair and his two E- Board buddies, pulled over long enough to yell out the window at them, they were “N”- lovers.
Between County and State Caucus, whenever people went down to the Democratic Central Committee office, for anything Obama, posters, bumper-stickers, buttons, they were told either A) they didn’t have any or B) they cost an exorbitant amount of money, neither of which was true.
Needless to say, we got our own OFA office and stayed as far away from the Dem office as humanly possible. They weren’t going to help.Which brings me to the more interesting parts of this cycle. For a moment, I was the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, Event Chair. Now I’m not. My husband was the Democratic Central Committee Chair, now he’s not. He resigned, therefore I also have resigned, never to return to the Central Committee offices again. Even though we already did all the “heavy lifting.”
The First Vice – Chair decided to make up his own Agenda for the next meeting, without consulting anyone, and add to the Agenda, a recall vote for the Chair. Did I mention he’s a Hillary supporter? He is.
Just when I thought we were going to get a little more Progressive and have some music and dancing at the Jefferson – Jackson dinner.
Now I have a vendetta. In 2008 I was on a mission, now I’m on a mission and I have a vendetta. This time both my husband and I are going to caucus, all the way to the state level, for Bernie Sanders.
Last time I was alone and called a ‘point of order’ over the Consent Agenda. There was a vote in the Agenda and that’s not allowed. This time when I call a ‘point of order’, I’ll have back up.


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