A Life Long History With Doctors

I hate getting old. I’m currently on one prescription medication and would probably be on more, if  certain doctors had their way with me. I also take a lot of vitamins and supplements.

The reason I think I’m on to something here, and yes I agree that commercialism has a lot to do with it,  especially because the majority of insurance premium money is spent on advertising, is due to my life long relationship with doctors. I’ve been a type 1 diabetic since I was 9 and through my travels, I have found out a few things. When considering an insulin pump at the age of 24, because I’m brittle, I was told by 3 nurses involved in the consult and not the doctor, that insulin pumps will make a diabetic go blind. To this day, forgoing the insulin pump, I have a mild case of retinopathy. In later years, discovering Lutein with Zeathanthin. I no longer have to wear prescription glasses and I’ve never worn bifocals. My retinopathy has never progressed.

This is something else that’s interesting about retinopathy and neuropathy for diabetics. All but my current physician have told me that a “normal” blood sugar reading ought to be between 90 and 120 mgs/dl. Most people would not know that insulin attacks muscle and nerves, not fat, when a diabetic clocks an extremely low blood sugar. Normal for me is between 140 and 190 mgs/dl. I found this out through the nurse who administered cortisone shots to each of the knuckles in my hands, and both wrists when I developed carpel tunnel syndrome. Another disease that is common to diabetics, but not for the same reasons it would be common to people without the disease. He couldn’t explain to me why I would have carpel tunnel, except that a lot of diabetics get it. The doctor gave me the same rhetoric. When I developed carpel tunnel again on femHRTs, during menopause, no one had an explanation for that either. I looked up the drug map, to find out what was in it, that might be causing my reaction. I found out that femHRTs use sulfa as a binder. It’s very inexpensive. I also found out that all the new classes of drugs, use it to bind them for various reasons too, including time release action.

In 1980 during a bout of Asian Flu, I discovered I’m severely allergic to anything sulfa based, when being prescribed a sulfa based antibiotic. This is when doctors were so fond of prescribing antibiotics for flu, colds, and everything else under the sun, than what antibiotics ought to be used for, infections. One doctor I visited later, during a bout of walking pneumonia, had the nerve to ask me how allergic I was to sulfa and tried to convince me to take it anyway, because it would “cure me faster”.  Upon further research I found that a common thread amongst diabetics, is allergy to all things sulfa related and that includes OTC MSM for joint pain. When I discovered what the problem was with the femHRTs, I consulted a physician about stopping treatment. Then, even though I’d discontinued the hormone replacement therapy, the carpel tunnel persisted and got worse. I sought out cortisone shots once again. I was advised I was in end-life stage and ought to consider taking Elavil for my neuropathy. This doctor told me that Elavil was considered, a dual class drug, though I knew it as a psychotropic, used for the treatment of depression and sometimes bi-polar disorder. That taking Elavil would help me not to feel my pain. When I asked the doctor if pain wasn’t nature’s way of letting the person in pain, know that something isn’t quite right, he nonchalantly said, I probably had about 6 to 9 months left to live. Had I ever gotten that prescription filled, without first doing some research, I would have been fat, and apathetic with a constantly elevating blood sugar and then dead, coincidentally enough, within about a 6 to 9 month period of time.

One doctor almost caused me to go blind over an eye injury and a compression patch. With no antibiotics prescribed, knowing full well that diabetes type 1 is an autoimmune disease and diabetics sustain infections rather readily.

Last but certainly not least, and the foundation of this argument is this, hypo-thyroid runs in my family. When first diagnosed, my current physician and I tried all the synthetic thyroid medications that were available, with no T-3/T-4 balance forthcoming. When I asked if there wasn’t a natural alternative, she recommended Armour Thyroid. I tried that too, and it worked. For almost 20 years I took Armour Thyroid, then two years ago it stopped working. Come to find out that, the original manufacturer, Forest Labs, the only manufacturer of natural thyroid, had been bought by Vanguard Health Care Fund. Vanguard decided to “revamp” the formula, without telling anyone what they’d done. Substituting part of the recipe with synthetics.  I found out about that and started taking a raw thyroid supplement. Patients switched to Cytomel, which is a watered down version of Armour Thyroid and has to be supported by yet another thyroid supplement, in order to work even moderately. To date, no press coverage has been given, even to the worldwide shortage of original Armour Thyroid, that occurred during the transition and subsequent revamping of the original formula, of Armour Thyroid by Vanguard, except online. The FDA also re-wrote its rules and regulations to require that Armour Thyroid be re-formulated to pass new standards.

Keep this in mind too, the FDA in conjunction with Monsanto, is lobbying Congress to remove all reference to Genetic Modification labeling on any and all consumer products. All this started when Kaiser Steel had the bright idea in 1954, to take the lowest scorers, of the top 100 graduating class of physicians, and offer them a contract to work for them as PPOs which transitioned into HMOs, to become the monster Insurance Corporations that we know today.

I’m well into my fiftieth year now. I have all my fingers and toes, my sight and my kidneys. My heart, according to my current doctor, is as strong as a thirty year old. I’m not over-weight and I’m very active. I owe this all to my life long history of interaction and observation of doctors and insurance corporations, research and dedication to taking charge of my own health.

With the exception of my current physician, I hold most doctors, just as responsible for the current travesty we call health care, as I do the Monster Insurance Corporations. I believe the Monsters, the FDA, Monsanto and the managers in between are interested in only one thing. Profit. The sooner we die, the more money they make.

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Ed Schultz Town Hall – Heidi Harris

I was there last night too and I think that the definition of rude would be to allow someone to just die because even though they work two or even three jobs, they cannot afford a monthly premium due to denial of an insurance company, because of a pre-existing condition(s). So yes I’m angry.

I also think a better question to pose, would not be shouldn’t everyone get equal care but that because each person is different shouldn’t they get care to meet their specific needs?

Each and every individual who works, pays into Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid already, so I also disagree with you that there isn’t enough money to cover everyone when all that needs to be done is to raise the cap and everyone will be covered.

Even though I consider you a mortal enemy, because I believe you, would leave me to die, in the street without so much as a second thought, I would not do the same to you were you in that position. I would make sure that you were attended to.

Furthermore, because apparently your bourgeois lifestyle and thinking allows you to throw money at insurance companies and I am more financially responsible, I cannot tolerate the idea of throwing $1500.00 to $5000.00 away every month, on something that will show no return on my investment of such a large amount, except to line the pockets of the CEOs of corporations who do nothing but continue to profit off the sick, the weak and the elderly, while still denying them what they paid for. I guess you’ll get what you paid for in the long run.

Who is John Galt?