Nevada State School President Elaine Wynn was at his side – Anonymous


When CCEA asked NSEA and NEA for money to organize – CCEA was serious.
Shame, shame, shame on NSEA and NEA.
No money for CCEA a very large local.
No one listened to teachers. Denial. Perhaps upper levels truly believe they need our union dues money more than we do at the local level.


Let me be clear why we need the money to organize.
#AB384/#SB496 #Reorg Reorganizes the Fifth Largest School District – CCSD. Ideally it pushes the money from the Central Office to the school level. This does not happen on its own. The people who are charged with implementation, Trustees and Central Officers – are also concerned about loss of power and money. Rightfully so – this is the entire reason for the legislation due to mismanagement.
The main way CCSD central office and Trustees has dealt with this legislation is denial, lawsuits, and obstruction over this last year.
The main way NSEA has dealt with this legislation – talking periodically without any productive action.
The main way CCEA has engaged is survival – come to the table and actively work to have a voice in this inevitable process.
#NVED #NVTeach #Nevada If CCSD does not comply with the SOT #Reorg law- NVDOE Steve Canavero and Billionaire Nevada State Board Member Elaine Wynn will take over the fifth largest school district.
Clark County has three distinct school districts which serve southern caucus students: CCSD, Nevada State Public Schools (charters) and ASD.
Currently there are zero charters unionized in southern Nevada and charters do not need to hire licensed teachers. At least $175 million a year is siphoned into the money pit which is State Public Schools (charters). Charters are very low performing in Nevada with little accountability for tax payer money. They have become the alternative school system – without requirement to return and report. Zero charters have been closed for academic low performance. Many charters report little or zero data. Many charters are a drain on the tax payer because of lawsuits, receiverships, and bankruptcirs.
NVDOE Canavero directly or indirectly manages the most academically and financially failing Nevada districts:
. . . State Public Charters with a 50% lowest performing failing rate and
. . . ASD (created from a failing charters/schools and one new charter run by TFA).
Canavero is not a man who educates students; He is a man who implements dysfunctional educational reform, privatization choice, and takeover. Canavero’s track record in Nevada is dismal. There is a zero success rate with his stewardships.
Since the central office and CCSD Trustees refuse to comply, Canavero will most likely takeover CCSD with the least failing schools in the state – 1% out of the 359 schools. Ironically the data shows that CCSD is doing much much better overall than Canavero ever did over his other education work.
This is the law.
Canavero reported to the legislative committee last week that he is ready. And Nevada State School President Elaine Wynn was at his side.
The rest of rural Nevada and Washoe, the main voice of NSEA, will remain untouched.
CCSD Central office and Trustees need to comply with the laws. To avoid takeover. Which they are not likely to do because of personal skin in the game.
Our community does not protect its teachers or public schools so unjust and terrible things are happening.
NSEA is not protecting us and denies us our own money for organizing.
Barely anyone is actually listening to CCEA Teachers.
CCEA needs our $4 million dues money for survival.
This is not a joke. We are not playing. Current legislation and policies and political maneuvers demand we participate. We have zero additional money and 3 organizers for 359 schools.
We are in this situation because of dysfunction at most every public school level. The state and national union organizations actively work against us.
We have to fight. We have to have a voice. And we have to fight those who would neuter our voice.
If you are not with us – you are against us.
You are NOT an education candidate if you cannot work with local union teachers.

CCEA is my lobby group.


$26,750 Reasons You Should Not Lie – Anonymous

Assemblyman Frierson –

Why did you lie today?

When we interview you for endorsement – it is clear what union teachers expect.

Are you trying to blame the Senate Democrats for not taking 15 minutes in Ways and Means to pass dedicated funding? Everyone knew – except you?

In April the CCEA lobby team began meeting with Nevada Assembly-persons to explain. Everyone knew – except you?

8,000 emails were sent to Senator Woodhouse to move this out of committee. Everyone knew – except you?

Tweet 1

3,000 emails were sent to Senator Woodhouse to move this out of committee. Everyone knew – except you?

Hundreds of teachers reached out in person by attending the Ways and Means in the Grant Sawyer. Everyone in the committee knew – except you?

You expect us to believe you did not know it was a priority?

Do not come for money.

Do not send your caucus for money either.

We will see if money is a priority for you.

And NSEA who manipulated this issue too – we will see if money is important to them too.

How are we supposed to keep staff around if they cannot receive contracted pay?

Do you like to work for free? Teachers do not.

Do 35,000 kids without a licensed teacher in the community matter to you?

Everyone knew except you? There are $26,750 reasons you should have known.

We have to leave NSEA and get away from blanket endorsements which lead to unexplainable situations like this.

We have to stop folks from abusing us and hurting public schools.

CCEA is my lobby group

Tweet 2

The union has donated $26,750 to Jason Frierson Assembly Seat 8 since 2010.

He is the Majority Leader in the Nevada Legislative Assembly. While I appreciate his work on other priorities CCEA moved during the session . . .

It is not satisfactory to simply state: Maggie’s in charge and then watch her deny teachers their pay. Watch her torture teachers for two days. Teachers need to get paid according to contract language. If it is in writing – we should get paid.

That is disgusting.

Leadership is about making sure work gets done.

That is a lot of time and dues money teachers have given to Jason Frierson Assembly Seat 8 since 2010.

With expensive friends like this – who needs enemies. Time to get these snakes.


Nevada Assembly Seat 8 – Jason Frierson

10/7/2016 NSEA $4,000

5/16/2016 NSEA $4,000

10/12/2014 CCEA $1,000

10/10/2014 NSEA $5,000

11/13/2012 NSEA $1000 

10/22/2012 NSEA $500

8/30/2012 CCEA $750

10/4/2012 NSEA $1000

5/17/201 NSEA $2000

8/7/2010 NSEA $2000

10/5/2010 CCEA $2000

8/7/2010 NSEA $2000

9/28/2010 NSEA $500