Obama Transfers Email List to Clinton ~ #UNSUBSCRIBE

ALERT: If you were on Obama’s campaign e-mail list in ’08 or ’12, he has now transferred his e-mail list to Hillary’s campaign as part of the endorsement.
Here’s the link to unsubscribe from her campaign and send a very clear message:
Here’s the link to unsubscribe from the DCCC
Here’s the link to unsubscribe from the Democratic Party:
Do it now to send a clear message. Do it now. 
Share this with your networks and groups. We have limited time to act right now and your action is needed. Do not give in.
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Lessor Of Two Evils


Dear President Obama


I can’t begin to tell you how very disappointed I am today, not only with you but with the entire Democratic Party.

I believe you ought to know who I am, or at least to have heard of me. I know Bill Clinton heard me and I know Harry Reid, Chris Wicker and Roberta Lange know my name.

In 2008 I was your Delegate in the state of Nevada. When Chris Wicker was the Chair of the Convention. I was the woman that called the Point of Order, to remove the secret vote, contained in the Consent Agenda, that allowed for the State Democratic Chair, to choose the Electorate Slate for the Nevada State Democratic Party. Because of what I did, not only did we get to choose our own Electorate, but the state of Nevada also fell to you, for the National Convention.

It’s now 2016 and you’ve had a pretty good run, considering all the obstacles a Republican Congress has put in your way. I’m not going to bother to list your accomplishments, because my disappointment in you today, far outweighs the pride I used to take, in knowing that I voted for you, not once but twice.

I have come to view the Democraticy Party, local, state and national “clubs”, more and more like an abusive boyfriend/girlfriend, everyday. I had an abusive boyfriend once, that relationship lasted a good seven years, before I finally woke up and realized, I am responsible for my own choices and you are responsible for yours. There is no in between and by continuuing that relationship, I was allowing the abuse to continue.

The abuse in our relationship now, consists of lying, cheating and stealing. The Main Stream Media is complicit in endorsing the Party lies too. Where I used to proudly hold up my head and declare I was a Democratic Party member, not just a “Democrat”, because historically, that word was used to imbue insult, I now feel at a loss for anything to do, to change it, except to agree with history.

I wanted to believe and for half my life, I did believe. After witnessing the Media endorsed malfeasance, the fraud and the pretense, surrounding this last Presidential cycle, I was forced to undergo the most painful and heartbreaking surgery there is. My eyes were opened, without the benefit of anesthesia.

I see clearly now, all the corruption and I can no longer sit back and take it, or stand up to it and fight. This is an endless cycle where nothing will change and when nothing changes, NOTHING changes. Leopards don’t change their spots, right? I already know the answer to that question.

I guess what I’m really trying to say here is, goodbye. To you, to the Party, to the endless cycle of abuse. I will be hanging around long enough for Nomination however, nothing anyone says or does, no matter how the Convention goes, will change my mind, I’ve heard all the beat up romance before and I know when it’s time to leave.

On July 26th of 2016, after 37 years of being a member of a Democratic family and the Democratic Party, we will formally be parting ways. Goodbye Mr.President.

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#BernieOrBust Trip

Rally4Rights Margery

Most of you are used to seeing an orange cat, shaped kind of like a satellite dish with ears and teeth. That is an actual photo of me, taken in 2014, doing what I like to do best, rally for everyone’s rights.

I’m a Bernie  Sanders supporter and one of the Nevada Delegates who was wiped from the Delegate list, at the Nevada State Democratic Convention. There were several of us from the rural areas that weren’t even allowed to speak on our own behalf’s, to get elected to go to the Democratic National Convention.

So I started a GoFundMe account, so some of us could go anyway. Even if we can’t get into the Convention, at least we can be there to show our support at the different events and rallies that are being held in Philadelphia.

That being said, I have raised almost $500 in 4 days and then last night something odd happened. An anonymous donor said, for every person who donates EXACTLY $99 to my GoFundMe account, he/she will match it by $99.

Please help me get to Philadelphia, PA for the Democratic National Convention, just click on the link below to donate. THANK YOU!

Bernie or Bust Trip by Margery Hanson

Nevada Congressional District 4

I live in NV CD4  and because Dan Rolle is the only Delegate who stood up for us at the Circus they called a State Convention and demanded that Roberta Lange resign, I’m voting for him in Nevada CD4 and I urge you to vote for him too.

Dan Rolle – Candidate for Nevada Congressional District 4


Disillusioned And Sad by Leslie Sexton

Glitter Blue RoseI am stunned and disappointed in the NSDP for their concerted efforts over the past couple of months to thwart the democratic process and to so anger half of the Democrats at that convention and then portray them as the problem. They had legitimate platform issues for which they garnered sufficient signatures on petitions ACCORDING TO THE RULES and they were shut down. No wonder they became loud and boisterous. They were angry. They were angry because Roberta Lange held important votes on the rules BEFORE ALL DELEGATES HAD BEEN SEATED AND ALL DELEGATE VACANCIES HAD BEEN FILLED BY ALTERNATES. And then to throw Barbara Boxer into the mix as the crowd was still reacting to the action of the Chair was just unconscionable. It was clear that party powers that be were more interested in a shortened convention and a swift exit than fulfilling the mission of an open and transparent convention. Roberta continued to foster suspicion by more than half the delegates that the power of the party had a desired outcome and would go to any length to achieve it. I am disillusioned and sad. Just my opinion.

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