The Roost

The chickens are finally coming home to roost. What I have been saying for approximately ten years now, is finally proving itself out. I still hold to the belief that my Nevada State Democratic Party has become, what one would refer to as, untrustworthy.

Some of those that I believe are the least trustworthy of all, have been elevated, inside the State Party, to positions of power and unopposed. I continue to ask myself what they’re doing in those positions, when they have no résumé and their only proof of character is the amount of profit they can generate for themselves. Or maybe it’s recognition in the hopes of generating more revenue in their immediate futures.

The latest proof of this comes with one county’s resident count of another’s, registering at 8000 residents, when the actual count is closer to 40,000. Someone needs to check with the latest Census Bureau tally as well as voter registration count. It’s no wonder that Nye county is being ignored as inconsequential by surrounding counties.

Two election cycles ago, when I asked someone who was supposed to be “in the know”, how to better generate support for Nye county,  I was told that we had too many NIMBY (not in my backyard) types living here. Though it’s true we do have some of those, not everyone who lives here is like that. Furthermore, those of us that would see progress outnumber those that are unable to see past their own navels, by at least 2 to 1.

Having pointed out the disparity in our resident count, I was informed that Nye county getting their act together, was the sole reason for the informer’s inability to count or check their figures. If the response to the attempt to redirect my focus hadn’t been such a sad attempt at refusing responsibility for their miscount, I probably would have laughed. I couldn’t laugh though, because I’m almost certain it was deliberate.

For almost six years now, those of us who really want to see progress, have been working our collective butts off, organizing. We are finally rid of almost all of the former Central Committee members, who really did nothing more than deflect and misinform. I know, I watched them do it. There are no real records. No banking transaction paperwork, no sign in sheets, pretty much nothing for the newly elected Central Committee to go by. There’s still a question in my mind of a $5000 dollar donation, to another Central Committee, that really had no need for such a donation and rumors that all records be destroyed. I understand that also involved taking a hammer to a hard-drive.

Because we’re Nye county, we believe almost down to the very last person, we’re a little bit different than Clark County or Washoe County or any other counties for that matter. Things are done differently here. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. Keeping a high profile and staying ahead of what’s coming is what we’ve instituted, with the newly elected Central Committee members and especially, staying informed. Choosing to keep the lines of communication open, not only with our community but also with surrounding counties.

There are a majority of us that are computer user-friendly, and still a few resisters, that prefer paper over email however, that’s changing and changing rapidly.

We’re keeping solid records now. We have ethics now. We intend to keep our community informed of the truth and of course, register voters. Register as many voters as we can. We’re active now, very active. We intend to stay that way.