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Nye County Nevada, my Heart is Broken


I went to the Pahrump Townboard meeting last night (8/23/2011). I borrowed the Agenda from my husband, to read what was up and coming. I notice Agenda item #11. Submitted by Dean Brooks and Phil Hider. An Action item to change the current phrase of , “Township of Pahrump, Representative Democracy” to “Township of Pahrump, Constitutional Republic”. I pointed this out to my husband and then I called everyone Democratic party member I know. Deby DePreta showed up and then there was my husband and me. While we waited for item #11, a Townboard member moved to have item #22 moved to after item #5.  It seems odd to me that they are skipping around the Agenda at this point. From 22, to 17, then during Public Comment, my husband got up to address item #11. He was told that since it was on the Agenda, it couldn’t be addressed until it was before the board during a period of discussion. He wanted to go home because he had to work in the morning and they’d already spent almost an hour on #22. The same board member moved that #11 be brought before any other items in deference to people who had to go to work in the morning. Phil Hider approached the desk, apparently to make some kind of presentation. This was new and different. I had no idea that Robert’s Rules of Order allowed for presentations during Public Comment. By mutual consent of the Townboard, there is a 3 minute time limit rule, set for each person during Public Comment. This man proceeded to explain that he was a legal immigrant and he had to learn and memorize all the things to become a citizen. Something he said no one in else in the room probably new because we were born in America. Little does he know I had to learn the exact same things in sixth grade, or fail the entire grade. He went on to point out the Federalist Papers, without referencing further material in response to them by Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. Then Mr. Hider flashed a CD he had made so the people of Pahrump could educate themselves and moved back to his seat in the audience, forgoing his “presentation”. Several people from the audience stood up and moved toward the desk to make their statements on item #11.

I’m having this really big issue with our Townboard here in Nye County,Nevada. In direct violation of the U.S. Constitution, removing the words “Representative Democracy” from the Town Charter and replacing them with “Constitutional Republic”. The vote went 3 to 1, with Carolene Endersby being the only Townboard member to stand for Democracy, diplomacy and the compromise that falls between both sides of the aisle. My husband Robert Hanson spoke, Deby Depreta spoke, I spoke, on behalf of the Democracy that our community chose and our Townboard is supposed to represent. Carolene Endersby was the voice of reason. I will be writing the ACLU in the morning and this is my call to action. I would dare to ask those of you who believe that we are both a Republic and based on Representative Democracy, to write to the ACLU also. My heart is broken …

Listening to a legal immigrant try to school me and anyone else that would listen, on the Federalist Papers, while leaving out Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. Of the opinion that he is the only person in the room that had to recite the proper pledge and oathes, to become a citizen of the United States. I was born here and I had to recite those same oaths, while attending elementary school or not be promoted to the next grade. Followed by the rantings of a young man whom I used to know so well, quoting Ayn Rand, not even knowing that he was quoting Atlas Shrugged.
As my tears fall to the floor, knowing my words fell upon deaf ears. Knowing that even though the people who committed this travesty hate me and anyone who believes we are all entitled to Freedom, still not understanding why. Tonight I mourn the passing of what was once the America that I believed in. Tomorrow I pick up the weapons that are familiar to me and return to fight the good fight. When I wake, I will pick up my pen, my keyboard, my phone, my paper and my voice. I will fight for Freedom and Democracy.

This afternoon I emailed and texted Brian Kunzi, the Nye County, District Attorney because I was still very concerned over the consequences of declaring ourselves a Constitutional Republic. His response was one of exasperation and he explained that he was researching the Charter.

I’m not a legal expert however, the more research I do the more concerned I become. The Townboard may have inadvertently seceded from the United States by approving this item, and by doing this, also declared us to be not only our own little fiefdom, but also an enemy of the state. I await Mr. Kunzi’s response.