Re: Ongoing Civil Rights Violations of E.O. Swanson – US 18:241& 242, US 42:1983 & 1985 – Helene de Boissiere – Swanson

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To: L. Leavitt & Other Various Interested Parties

From: HdeB

Date: 06/18/2016

Re: Ongoing Civil Rights Violations of E.O. Swanson – US 18:241& 242, US 42:1983 & 1985


My apologies in advance for this convoluted memo, in which I am delineating the facts as best as I understand them and pray that the information below is well received and acted upon by the appropriate parties.


It has taken nearly one and ½ years to the scratch the surface of the alleged ongoing civil rights violations of E.O. Swanson.  Since first contact (January 2015) initiated by Officer V. Wanderling of the 20th NYCPD in which she stated that she had broken the law by reaching out to me in order to connect Swanson with his family, under the direction of those employed by Goddard Riverside to skirt H.I.P.P.A. (Health Information Privacy Protection Act).  And that in a subsequent telephonic communication Officer Wanderling instructed me to lie and deceive Swanson when I she would make the arrangement for my first contact with him in order to have institutionalized.  And that on said telephonic communication I refused. She had decided that I was not a good candidate as I would not lie and deceive Swanson in participating in their ‘Intervention Program’. Operating on information and I believe that the ‘Intervention Program’ is being employed as a cover-up for their ongoing harassment of Swanson and several others to defraud the Social Security Medicare Programs and fund ongoing illegal activities.  Over the course of the last year in each and every contact with family and friends of E.O. Swanson Officer Wanderlinghas described him as a having serious mental health issues and her desire is to get him off the streets and reunite him with his family.  She has described Swanson as being paranoid.  Swanson has reported that they follow him around which has been substantiated in their file on him.





Swanson states that after he was attacked by unknown assailants, which lead to the loss of his passport and other personal affects. That he was subsequently maced, beaten and detained by NYCPD back in 2004/2005.  Hence over the past 11+ years has been subsequently been subjected to ongoing daily civil rights violations under “color of authority”.


I have personally witnessed her bullying him through word gesture and innuendo. When queried in person she stated that she had not made these phone calls which my AT&T telephone bill is documentation of said phones, she then stated that she did not recall and then threatened me with arrest.  She then came back twice to initiated conversation each time storming off and issuing more threats, which prompted by second series of call to the Civilian Complaint and Internal Affairs Bureau of the NYCPD.  A mere 24 hours later OfficerWanderling playing the role of  ‘good cop’ approached Olof and I crossing the street (from the NE side of 75th street at Broadway on the East River side to the SE side of 75th), acting as if she was my best friend and that she was working with me and was a ‘friendly’. On this occasion she jumped out of black unmarked police vehicle with a white male officer behind the wheel of said vehicle. Note: The incident the day before, in which she threatened my person, was when she was delivering a faxed copy of a letter from E.O. Swanson’s father birthday letter to his son, and this birthday letter included copies of the photographs taken with a telescopic lens of their first meeting, orchestrated Officer Vanessa and the folks at Goddard Riverside.  That these photos further demonstrates that they have been stalking him and harassing as he has been stating to those family members and close family friends.  Those meeting with him have been unduly influenced and predisposed by Officer Wanderling that Swanson is paranoid has served to further alienated him from him family. For when he spoke to them of being beaten, harassed, and photographed they gravitated towards working more with having him institutionalized by this extremely well trained manipulated police officer.  Note: All these programs have been part of the Bloomberg area of relocating undesirables to towns in upstate New York to bankrupt the Health and Human Services Program, as reported by an Episcopal priest back to me on July 29, 2012. See below email from Walk the Talk – First Pilgrimage – Sentimental Journey. The allegedly corrupt NYC PD and those they are working with under their “intervention program” are now relocating them to the county where the casinos are so that they can spend the bulk of their monies at the casino and have easy access to drug and alcohol.

So what has prompted this memo is that yesterday, an employee of Goddard Riverside delivered a message from Officer Wanderling of the NYCPD that she has uncovered a possible warrant for E.O. Swanson and thought they should warn him of a pending arrest.  Being that Swanson left the country many years back and returned to the USA back in 2004, the question is how good is a 30 year old warrant, if that warrant is for Swanson? And then the other question is how could three separate investigations: 1) his father hiring a private investigator to look for Swanson, and the other two where William and I hired two separate investigators the second being Jasper Watts who investigated the Lockerbie plane crash come up with nothing.


My belief is that based on the alleged illegal actions of a corrupt police officer and corrupt police department is that this is just a ploy to now to falsely imprison E.O. Swanson.  In addition, that while Swanson was in custody this would constitute inhumane treatment and torture.  And that they would use this opportunity to possibly commit him against his will to cover up their illegal actions which include allowing prostitution a the high end hotels in the area as well as moving untold amounts of drugs on the streets of NYC through their networks.


Note:  So above and beyond the scope of this investigation, as to whether or not there is a cause of action to proceed, one must consider that if we have corrupt police officers who are directly and/or indirectly involved in pushing illegal sub stances, including the sex trafficking of underage minors, would not these same officers be as likely to be involved in homegrown terrorist activities. And that these police officers are not honoring their ‘Oath of Office’ as officers of the court to uphold the US and state constitution.  I believe that hey are not serving and protecting the people.  That this matter is very similar to what was uncovered during the money laundering days of 1970-1980’s in Las Vegas.  One must wonder where the monies from these activities are going and whom they are funding?  And what is it going to take free society from such oppressive measures?

Finally in these most interesting times as we watch the ugly face of racism and sexism rise in the most crucial presidential election I ask – what are we all going to do?

Helene Swanson, Co-Founder


Lessor Of Two Evils


Dear President Obama


I can’t begin to tell you how very disappointed I am today, not only with you but with the entire Democratic Party.

I believe you ought to know who I am, or at least to have heard of me. I know Bill Clinton heard me and I know Harry Reid, Chris Wicker and Roberta Lange know my name.

In 2008 I was your Delegate in the state of Nevada. When Chris Wicker was the Chair of the Convention. I was the woman that called the Point of Order, to remove the secret vote, contained in the Consent Agenda, that allowed for the State Democratic Chair, to choose the Electorate Slate for the Nevada State Democratic Party. Because of what I did, not only did we get to choose our own Electorate, but the state of Nevada also fell to you, for the National Convention.

It’s now 2016 and you’ve had a pretty good run, considering all the obstacles a Republican Congress has put in your way. I’m not going to bother to list your accomplishments, because my disappointment in you today, far outweighs the pride I used to take, in knowing that I voted for you, not once but twice.

I have come to view the Democraticy Party, local, state and national “clubs”, more and more like an abusive boyfriend/girlfriend, everyday. I had an abusive boyfriend once, that relationship lasted a good seven years, before I finally woke up and realized, I am responsible for my own choices and you are responsible for yours. There is no in between and by continuuing that relationship, I was allowing the abuse to continue.

The abuse in our relationship now, consists of lying, cheating and stealing. The Main Stream Media is complicit in endorsing the Party lies too. Where I used to proudly hold up my head and declare I was a Democratic Party member, not just a “Democrat”, because historically, that word was used to imbue insult, I now feel at a loss for anything to do, to change it, except to agree with history.

I wanted to believe and for half my life, I did believe. After witnessing the Media endorsed malfeasance, the fraud and the pretense, surrounding this last Presidential cycle, I was forced to undergo the most painful and heartbreaking surgery there is. My eyes were opened, without the benefit of anesthesia.

I see clearly now, all the corruption and I can no longer sit back and take it, or stand up to it and fight. This is an endless cycle where nothing will change and when nothing changes, NOTHING changes. Leopards don’t change their spots, right? I already know the answer to that question.

I guess what I’m really trying to say here is, goodbye. To you, to the Party, to the endless cycle of abuse. I will be hanging around long enough for Nomination however, nothing anyone says or does, no matter how the Convention goes, will change my mind, I’ve heard all the beat up romance before and I know when it’s time to leave.

On July 26th of 2016, after 37 years of being a member of a Democratic family and the Democratic Party, we will formally be parting ways. Goodbye Mr.President.

The Nevada Brothel Workers

Brown FanWhen I was young, somewhere between the ages of 11 and 16, on Friday nights, my mother used to take me down to Hollywood Boulevard, so we could visit the different little shops they had there. My mother bought me a lot of turquoise jewelry back in the day, at those shops. On Saturday nights she would drive me down to Sunset Boulevard, so I could see the prostitutes. Not just me though, my girlfriends too. And not just female prostitutes, but also male prostitutes. I think maybe that’s one of the reasons I don’t pay too much attention to someone’s lifestyle choices. If you’re happy, and you’re not hurting anyone, then I’m happy for you. First do no harm, then be free.

I remember hearing Dolly Parton on the radio once, saying when she was young, she thought the prostitutes were beautiful and that’s what she wanted to look like when she grew up.

She was a single-parent and a junior-high school teacher. She worked in what they called a war-zone, for the Los Angeles City School District. Sometimes she’d bring one of her female students home with her, only to take them off some place else for a little bit. I found out much later, the girls she brought home, had been raped by a family member and were pregnant. She was helping them, because no one else would.

Without going into too much more history, let me just say, my mother was pro woman, in the strictest sense of the word. A suffragette. She’s a definite reference point for me when I voice my opinions. Mostly because she gave me her’s and I refined them for myself, to make them mine.

I moved to Las Vegas when I was 33 and I lived there for 2 years. There were too many transient people there for me, and not enough culture. For the whole state of Nevada, there are only three things to do. 1) Get drunk. 2) Gamble. 3) Have sex. Now by prescription, you can also do drugs and I have no problem with any of these things, as long as they don’t affect my immediate reality and for the most part, they don’t.

I remember coming out here and not being able to find the supermarket. It was my first time out and I came in through the north end, because the guy on channel 3 news, told me the south end was washed out. Actually, it was the other way around. That ought to have been my first clue, about how much Las Vegas pays attention to Pahrump. They look down on us apparently. We have legalized prostitution. They think it ought to be outlawed, outright.

Let me be one of the first to say, I don’t believe any human being ought to be marketed for sex. Now let me be one of the last (hopefully) to say it’s been around since ancient Egypt and it’s not going away. The only thing that makes it “bad” in my opinion, is the predominantly male, Judaeo-Christian, fundamentalism, that pervades society’s general attitude towards it.

Some 10 years ago give or take, the Nevada brothel workers, offered to pay taxes on their income, they were denied. This is during a time when Harry Reid was trying to get more corporations to move to Nevada, thus bringing us more jobs. According to what I read then, Harry was going to try to rid Nevada of brothels because that’s what the corporations demanded, in order to relocate here.

Also from what I read, if the brothels were allowed to pay taxes, it would make them legitimate businesses. and of course we can’t have that.

Before that, there was some odd religious group here in Pahrump, who had coalesced a 20 or 30 member group, who wanted to shut down all the brothels outside the Township limits. That failed miserably and there’s an ongoing feud between whomever the County Commissioners seem to be and one of the local brothel owners. I like the brothel owner, he’s a very nice man who contributes to the community. He donates to the high school, the middle school, etc.

Another thing about Pahrump, the people here love their guns. I have a gun. My father gave it to me. He used it in WWII. I know how to shoot it and I’m a very good shot. It stays in my night stand, next to my bed.

Pahrump is mostly quiet. There’s a Wal-mart mini superstore here, redundant I know. Some mom and pop stores, two supermarkets and two drug stores. More churches than you can shake a stick at and 5 or 6 brothels outside the Township line. The first drive-by shooting here, was some kid on a 10-speed bicycle with a be-be gun, he shot a window out of someone’s house.

We don’t call them prostitutes anymore, we call them sex-workers. In the brothels, they are protected, they are seen by a doctor and they’re paid a really well, for the services they choose to perform. Some of the crime is worse now. Some father shot his daughter’s boyfriend, because his music was too loud. The corner market has been robbed at gun-point 3 times. There’s a lot of illegal drug use out here, but the one thing we don’t have is, street-walkers.

Just Thought The World Should Know – Guest Post by Jorge Eugene Moran

Bass Pro Shops XA few months ago I got my blood pressure up while I was in a Bass Pro Shop store (a large retail hunting fishing chain). I was looking at getting another gun with a laser on it.

A very pretty young white female associate was helping me look at guns in the bass pro shop. She was unusually helpful knowledgeable and personable. We started talking about gun control when she shocked me by stating and I quote “I don’t think any nigger should be able to buy one”. I questioned why she said that word and she explained that, “she’s an English major and that the word nigger just means ignorant person”. I replied, how do you think it makes black people feel when you say that word? She said, her friend was black and she uses it all the time in front of her (Very doubtful).

So I then said, there’s some black customers over there at the counter looking at some rifles let’s go ask them how they feel about your use of the word? She started to walk away and I called her a racist and said, as a matter of fact I’m going to let them (the two male black customers about 60 feet away) know what you said. (Now she’s walking away and headed toward the back). About that time one of the other white male associates walks up to me and tells me I need to calm down, I said, YOU calm down…watch this! I walked over to the two black customers and told them the white female sales clerk who was just helping me used the n-word when referring to black people. Trying help me calm down they told me I should just ignore it. I said, fuck that I’m going to the store manager (they nodded their head showing support). I then walked about another 60 feet and saw a black female associate, I told her what happened and she requested that I report this. I confirmed that’s what I wanted to do, so she kindly walked me to the front of the store where I saw another black female associate, I told her what happened and she said, oh my God are you going to report it? I told her, fuck yes I’m going to report it. She replied, oh my God my heart is just racing, thank you for letting them know. I told her just try to relax that it would be okay. During this time the white associates in the gun shop had been calling management to let them know I was telling black customers and black associates about what had happened. A white female manager walks up and I told her about my experience with racism in her store, and instead of apologizing the manager says, that she can’t have me going around telling her employees what happened. This manager had a defensive uncaring attitude, so I looked at her and I asked her, do you use that word? She hesitated but said no, I then told her, that I don’t trust you or Bass Pro Shop. So I walked away from the manager (the manager followed me) and I told another black male associate what had happened. He just put his head down in disappointment. The manager then said she would talk to the girl to get her side of the story. I told her I’ll be calling corporate. She replied, you’re going to call corporate? (Her face suggesting there was no need) I said, yep and walked out.

I know some of you think I probably overreacted. But not in my book. My thing is why did that white girl feel comfortable enough to use that racial slur with a customer? Because Bass Pro Shop management, corporate and the CEO Johnny Morris simply does not care (these things start at the top). Obviously there is a culture there that has no thoughts or concerns for the people of color that work or shop in their store that have to endure such a hostile racist environment. A corporate and store culture that tolerates and even embraces white supremacy. Been going on a month since this happened and after contacting corporate several times I have yet to hear anything back…I’m not surprised at all. After researching I learned Bass pro has a well-known documented notorious history for racism and discrimination, including federal law suits for gross racial discrimination.

Please share this I want the public to know.

There Was a Time When “to protect and serve” Meant Something

To Protect And ServeDo you remember being 4 years old? I remember being 4 years old in 1965 and getting lost in my own neighborhood. My grandfather used to walk with me around the cul de sac, every morning, until he wasn’t there anymore.
On this particular day, a police officer saw me, alone on the sidewalk. I wasn’t particularly upset or afraid, I just didn’t remember which way to go to get home. He stopped his car and took me home.

There was a time when “to protect and serve” meant something.

In 1970, President Richard Nixon announced the Campaign against Cambodia. I was 10, my brother was 20 and in college somewhere in California. On may 4 of that year, while my mother was watching the news, I witnessed the Kent State massacre. I can tell you that the effect it had on me, was to leave me perplexed to say the least.

My brother called to tell my mother, his college was protesting too. Someone had rolled a piano off the roof of a dorm, to draw the attention of the police on his campus, so the protesters could run away, before they were shot too.

My mother started taking me with her, to protests against the war, for civil rights marches, for equal rights rallies. We marched, rallied, carried signs, all in protest of injustice.

This last week, in Ferguson Missouri, a young man died. What happened there, still has the potential to turn into something akin to Kent State. Unless the officer or officers in question, are indicted for the shooting of an unarmed, young man.

From the video footage that’s been released about this incident, I get the impression, police there seem to think, all people of color look the same.
In this day and age, our President is a person of color, and the First Lady, his wife, is comparable in style, to Jackie Kennedy and is just as intelligent, if not moreso, than her husband.

Apparently there are still pockets of racists still here in America. We all wanted to believe, once we’d elected a black President, there was no more racism in America. I wanted to believe. I knew better, that didn’t make me want to believe any less.

There’s a woman named Marissa Alexander, who fired a warning shot at her estranged husband, claiming the #Stand Your Ground” law in Florida. She was trying to defend herself against further abuse, against a man whom she knew intimately enough, to want him out of her house. She was hoping for immunity under that law. She was denied. She may spend 60 years in jail, just for firing a warning shot. I believe she is being denied because not only is she a person of color, but also because she is a woman.

Let’s not forget Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman did everything correctly, up until he killed a 17 year old, unarmed boy. The “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida, prohibits arresting or charging Zimmerman.

In 2005 the first “Stand Your Ground” law, was enacted in the state of Florida. It seems to be a pretty popular law, amongst states with Republican Governors. That and the drug testing of welfare recipients, where the owner of the lab is somehow related to the Governor of the state, or the Governor is heavily invested in the company doing the testing. There’s a profit in it I guess, though the majority of people subject to this law, test negative and tax payers seem to be unaware, they are the ones paying for the tests.

John Ocegeura proposed a “Stand Your Ground” law in 2011. It was passed, with very little fanfare or attention. Here in Nevada, in my area, is a faction of people that open carry. I believe they are determined to intimidate the people around them, because they themselves, feel intimidated. I own a gun. I inherited it from my father. It’s registered and stays in my nightstand, next to my bed, just in case. I’m a pretty good shot too however, that’s where it stays. I’ve never been arrested and I have no criminal or psychiatric record.

Tax payers don’t seem to be aware, they are paying for privatized prisons too. I think it was much better organized when they were all state or county or city owned. There was an instance of a privately owned prison, in Texas, having recieved a class 5 hurricane warning, followed by a media blackout, including a no fly zone. The prisoners were left unattended, locked in their cells.

In 2001 President Bush signed the Patriot Act. In 2004 the Bush Administration let the ban on assault weapons expire. In 2006, after John McCain being the final signatur, of the Military Commissions Act, President Bush signed that law too. Both the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act come with sundowner provisions. The problem with this is, in order for both to expire completely, we have to no longer be “at war”.

You might wonder where I’m going with this, so I’ll tell you. Ferguson Missouri deserves justice, no matter what cloth the people there are cut from. Of late, I have noticed a trend where the Rule of Law, depending on a person’s finances, no longer seems to apply. The “Rule of Law” implies that every citizen is subject to the law, from the highest of the high, in society, to the lowest of the low, in income and as long as the Military Commissions Act and the Patriot Act are still in force, our police departments will be militarized. Mercenaries will be employed to enforce the law.

#Equality For All

Rally4Rights MargeryMy name is Margery Hanson. Some of you may know me from Facebook, some of you may know me from Twitter, as TurboKitty. Some of you may know me as the woman whose voice, is loud enough to reach across 3 football fields and an estimated 3500 people. I don’t really need a microphone, but I’ve been told to use my indoor voice for today. I’m also the Progressive Democrats of America-Southern Nevada Chapter-Leader. For those of you who have been dying to put a face to the name and the voice, this is it.

With that being said, I have to blame somebody for what’s happening here in Henderson today. So first, I blame Cles Saunders, our P.D.A. Southern-Nevada Technical Advisor, for asking me if I wanted to participate in another E.R.A event. Second, I want to blame myself, for saying “sure, why not.” Those were my exact words. Third, I want to blame Robert Hanson P.D.A. Southern Nevada Public Relations, for putting up with my histrionics, because frankly, he had no choice. There is a reason he’s in Public Relations and last, but certainly not least, I want to blame Harriet Schutsch, Nevada State Director of for jumping right in with her whole heart, for us all to see this event, become a reality. Credit where credit is due and all. This has been a labor of love for all of us. We want to see equality for every walk of life. This event is dedicated to the people who came before us, and to the people who stand with us now. and Progressive Democrats of America, bring you #Rally4Rights.

Now a little back story;

In 1920, women finally got the right to vote, but not before they were jailed, beaten, and even declared insane, for picketing the White House and carrying signs asking for the vote.

In 1965 the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Connecticut’s ban on contraceptives for married women. In 1972 it struck down Massachusetts’ ban on contraception for unmarried women. In 1970, Congress passed Title X of the Public Health Care Service Act, making grants available to agencies to provide comprehensive family planning and health care services. In 1973, the Court established a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion. In 1994 Congress enacted the Violence Against Women Act and reauthorized it again in 2000 and in 2005. Congress had refused to reauthorize this Act because it has been broadened to extend to immigrant women and LGBTQ. In 2003, Congress passed a bill in response to women having been raped by U.S. contractors in Iraq. In 2011 a bill was introduced in the House to amend Title X, to prohibit family planning grants from being awarded to any entity that also performed abortions. Congress outlawed “partial birth” abortion in 2003. In 2012, the Senate attempted to amend the Affordable Health Care Act to allow any employer who has religious or concientious objections, to prevent birth control or any other medical procedure from being offered through health insurance policies. Seven states have fully defunded or attempted to defund Planned Parenthood. In 2011 and in 2012, 8 states have passed laws mandating medically unnecessary vaginal ultrasounds for women seeking an abortion. Then on December 21, 2009, President Obama signed Senator Al Franken’s anti-rape amendment into law. Just one small step, in the right direction.

Our Foremothers, Lucy Burns, Dora Lewis, Alice Paul, Pauline Adams, Edith Ainge, Berthe Arnold and Helena Weed, gave us the tools we have today, to stand up for ourselves and make our own choices. Today we have the voice to demand that our Elected Representatives, ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and bring equality to all. Women need 38 states to make this the 28th amendment to the United States Constitution. We have 35 states now and we only need 3 more. The 15 states whose legislatures have not ratified the Equal Rights Amendment are as follows: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia. We only have to convince 3 states, only 3, out of the 15 states that I just listed, that have not yet ratified, the Equal Rights Amendment. Now let me bring to light, another battle for equality.

In March of 1970 Howard Efland, a gay man, checked into the Dover Hotel, was beaten to death, by officers of the Los Angeles Police Department. January of 1979 Tennessee Williams, was the victim of an assault in Key West, beaten by five teenage boys. In 1990 James Zappalorti, a gay Vietnam veteran, was stabbed to death. On October 7 of 1998 Matthew Shepard, was tortured, beaten, tied to a fence, and abandoned. May 11 of 2003 Sakia Gunn, a 15-year-old black lesbian, was murdered while waiting for a bus, after declaring herself to be a lesbian. Ebony Whitaker, an African American, trans woman, was shot and killed on July first of 2008. These are just some of the people, who have paid a huge price, for truly believing, that love knows no gender.

Same sex marriage is now legal in California, Delaware, Maine, Maryland and Washington D.C. Same sex marriage bans were struck down by Utah, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Virginia, Texas and Michigan, but sadly, were stayed in anticipation of appeals from the United States Court of Appeals.

America in essence, was based upon, freedom of choice. To live, to learn, to love, whomever we choose, equally throughout humanity, without fear of persecution. It is with awe, that I pay homage to Kimball Allen born in 1982 a writer, playwright, performer and author of “Secrets of a Gay Mormon Felon”. Chaz Bono, transgender son, of Sonny and Cher Bono, born in 1969. Stephen Donaldson born in 1946, early bisexual-identified, LGBTQ rights activist, founder of the first American gay students’ organization and the first person to fight a discharge from the U.S. military for homosexuality. Frank Kameny born in 1925, provided the push in 1972–1973 for the American Psychological Association, to remove homosexuality from its list of mental disorders, in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. Harvey Milk born in 1930, was the first openly gay person to be elected to public office, in California, where he won a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Chely Wright, born in 1970, the first openly lesbian, country music singer. Focusing on serving as a role model and mentor for children and teens, in order to prevent gay suicides in children. Last year, Jason Collins became the first openly gay, professional basketball player, and just last week, Michael Sam became the first openly gay, professional football player.This list goes on to include all the LGBTQ members of the world, who fight on a daily basis, for simple equality. We salute you and support you, in all your efforts to bring equality to everyone.

Foremost and above all else, we are human beings, we deserve the right to choose for ourselves. We deserve the right to be heard, regardless of gender, race, religion, or orientation. We are the spirits that truly believe, not only that love knows no boundaries, but that we are all entitled to equality.

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