Will YOU Stand up Too?

My mother grew up during the depression and my grandmother, a naturalized American, in order to get away from her alcoholic, abusive husband, told him simply to leave. When he wouldn’t, and then tried to hit her, she shot him in the foot with a .22 caliber hand gun.  He died approximately 3 months later from … cirrhosis of the liver and blood loss. The wound never healed. We all did a lot with consciousness raising in the 60s and 70s and I believe that it’s time to continue … I would also like to point something out in the hopes that I am understood and that this particular part of my post is read: As a precautionary statement, let me point out that I mean no insult to anyone by what I am about to say. Our particular culture and the topic of this thread is theocracy. In every day life, and especially on Sunday, as well as a basic tenet of society, is that woman is responsible for Original Sin. I truly don’t know how the propaganda of that mentality lasted as long as it did, though I will say this; I am not a religious person. I was not raised around any religion at all. I am not an Atheist however, I would like to ask each and every supporter of Women’s Civil Rights, knowing that men literally get away with everything illegal and immoral, all the while blaming women, that men continually blame women for rape, murder, violence ad infinitum. Up to and including, an inability to keep their pants zipped up and simply walking away. How long are we as a whole, going to let this myth perpetuate? If we allow it to perpetuate, than indeed we are complicit. I have never participated in this mythological creation of some man, somewhere, to get off without taking any responsibility what-so-ever, for “his” actions. Will you stand up too in an effort for an equality of responsibility, for both genders?