The Truth About What is Happening in Christchurch New Zealand

Hotel Grand Chancellor is a story that needs to be told. Maybe a book
someday! It was finally announced on Wednesday but it is the story behind
the delay that is interesting.

This story also applies to the rebuilding and repair of Christchurch which
Fletcher Building are overseeing.

The tender was to RCP (project managers for council) but was passed over to
CERA once they arrived.

CERA is staffed entirely by Fletchers employees.

CERA delayed the announcement for a month to enable Fletchers to study the
other tenderers info & submit a late bid. The day it was submitted CERA
awarded them the tender.

Fletchers price was 3 million higher than anyone else’s!

Fletchers have no intention of doing the demolition, taking the risk, or
putting up the bond to cover the risk. They are just appointing themselves
as project managers to clip the ticket & then getting the original tender
winners to do the work.

How did they get away with it?

Do a companies search on Fletchers. (No – don’t bother we’ve done it for you

They just got bought by the Reserve bank!

RBNZ owns 275 million Fletcher shares while Hugh Fletcher now only has 5000.
Its a SOE. A Govt department!!

They bought themselves an income stream. They direct all the profits from
the recovery straight into their own pockets instead of allowing the people
of ChCh to make a bit each to help them recover.

You have to admit it is clever!!

But how on earth did they keep it out of the media?: NZ’s largest Co gets
bought by Govt & it doesnt make even the tiniest news report? Really???

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark! (or in this case Canterbury!)

Meanwhile still no start to the demo & recovery after 3 months.

The books get fiddled while ChCh burns!

This is doing the rounds and will help you understand what a monstrous fraud
is being perpetrated here:

Subject: The books are being Fiddled while Christchurch’s future Burns!

Subject: FW: What is going on in Christchurch…. The real story

Here are a few questions for you to think about (oh, I’ll make it easy: I

will give you the answers as well)

Q. Who appointed RCP (Resource Coordination Partnership Ltd) as Project

Managers for the management of ‘critical buildings’ following the February

22nd earthquake?

A . Christchurch City Council under instructions of the NZ Government

Q . Who appointed CERA?

A . NZ Government.

Q . Who appointed Fletcher Building to manage the demolition works and

then, reconstruction works?

A . NZ Government firstly, then CERA

Q . Who is the main single shareholder of Fletcher Building?

A .. NZ Government. if in doubt check below:

Who is NZ Central securities Depository Ltd?

Q . Who called for the tenders for the demolition of the Grand Chancellor?


Q .. Who is to be the Principle to the demolition Contract (i.e. the


A . The Crown (NZ Government).

Q .. Who assessed the Tenders for the Demolition of the Grand Chancellor?


Q . Who has been awarded the Grand Chancellor job (at whatever price and/

or conditions)?

A . Fletcher Building

Q . Who will make the profits?

A . Fletcher Building (and it’s Shareholders)

Q . Who is the main shareholder of Fletcher Building? (I know, I already

asked this one, but it could be a trick question)

A . NZ Government as the Reserve Bank of New Zealand(no trick question,

Q . Who has been blind-sided?

A . Everyone involved in the (supposed) tender process firstly, but more

importantly, the people of Christchurch and New Zealand who thought that

they lived in a first-world economy.

Q . What are the ramifications?

A .. Immediate loss of confidence by all independent Consultants and

Contractors in the tender process if CERA, RCP or Fletcher Building are

involved jointly or singularly in a government sanctioned role, for fear of

a continued potential for a monopoly and huge profiteering there from.

Q . Who are the winners?

A . Fletcher Building and the NZ Government, along with the other

Financial institutions that form the majority shareholders in Fletcher


Q. Who are the losers?

A . The property owners, their tenants, clients and customers, along with

everyone in New Zealand who believes in a ‘level playing field’, all the

people of Christchurch, and all the people of New Zealand that have

supported, volunteered their time and/or donated their hard earned, tax-paid

monies to the recovery following the devastating events of February 22nd.

Q .. What should I do?

A .. If you care about living in a democratic, free market and transparent

economy, please send this on to everyone in your email address book who
needs to know what is happening.

As New Zealanders, exposure of this rout is our best protection.