Here on the ground, we are fighters. Even though President Obama set the tone of being temperate. We on the ground are fighting for progress. We are doing what he asked us to do when he was chosen for the office. He asked us to affect change.

Where I live, on November 2 of 2010, we managed to keep some of the most important candidates in office, and change some key offices for the better. No it’s not enough, it’s something though and it’s a start.

On that note, I would like to suggest something to you. Where most people don’t understand how Government works, I understand a little bit more, because I became a part of it during the last Presidential election cycle. I went as far as the Nevada State Democratic Convention as an Obama delegate. I learned a lot during that cycle. I learned that both state party’s are at odds with their national party’s. I learned that, at least here in Nevada, it’s more like a club that involves seniority than involving quality. I learned that on my county level, in our central committee, we have posers, in almost every caucus elected office available. The most important thing I learned though is, I needed to change my verbiage in order to explain what was going on.

Capitalism is not a bad thing however, Corporatism is. At this very moment, we are not a “center” country, we are a “right” country and people have forgotten what “center” really is. The angle of verbiage must change or we the people are going to lose everything that America was built on.

We stand at the precipice of choice, will we remain the United States of America or will we become the United Corporations of America? When I tweeted, over and over and over again, “I want Single Payer Patriot Healthcare”, I was hoping to start a new conversation. Attack from a different angle. I am a patriot and an activist in my community. My mother was a Marine during WWII. I vote, I work and I own my own business as well as my own  home. I would have joined the Service and followed in my mother’s footsteps too, except that I have a pre-existing condition. That’s one of the “verbiage” points I want to make. Another is that I keep hearing from all my favorite, talk-show hosts the same talking points about Capitalism. The fact of the matter is, it’s not really about Capitalism, it’s about Corporatism. When I explain that to my local community members, they “get it”. They understand. There is no more Democrat or Republican, there are only Corporatists and non Corporatists. The people I know, understand that and I believe that’s the way to address this. That the Corporations aren’t coming back, the only thing they’ve done for America in the past twenty or so years is, to export almost every available job, to China.

Thank you for taking the time to read this America, wherever you are and whomever you may be. Especially for those of us who no longer have homes, or jobs, have lost someone to being denied because of a pre-existing condition, in order to meet Corporatist Profit Margins, or lost everything to the Big Banks/Wall Street because of the  Bush Administration policies of betting on thin air.