The Nevada Brothel Workers

Brown FanWhen I was young, somewhere between the ages of 11 and 16, on Friday nights, my mother used to take me down to Hollywood Boulevard, so we could visit the different little shops they had there. My mother bought me a lot of turquoise jewelry back in the day, at those shops. On Saturday nights she would drive me down to Sunset Boulevard, so I could see the prostitutes. Not just me though, my girlfriends too. And not just female prostitutes, but also male prostitutes. I think maybe that’s one of the reasons I don’t pay too much attention to someone’s lifestyle choices. If you’re happy, and you’re not hurting anyone, then I’m happy for you. First do no harm, then be free.

I remember hearing Dolly Parton on the radio once, saying when she was young, she thought the prostitutes were beautiful and that’s what she wanted to look like when she grew up.

She was a single-parent and a junior-high school teacher. She worked in what they called a war-zone, for the Los Angeles City School District. Sometimes she’d bring one of her female students home with her, only to take them off some place else for a little bit. I found out much later, the girls she brought home, had been raped by a family member and were pregnant. She was helping them, because no one else would.

Without going into too much more history, let me just say, my mother was pro woman, in the strictest sense of the word. A suffragette. She’s a definite reference point for me when I voice my opinions. Mostly because she gave me her’s and I refined them for myself, to make them mine.

I moved to Las Vegas when I was 33 and I lived there for 2 years. There were too many transient people there for me, and not enough culture. For the whole state of Nevada, there are only three things to do. 1) Get drunk. 2) Gamble. 3) Have sex. Now by prescription, you can also do drugs and I have no problem with any of these things, as long as they don’t affect my immediate reality and for the most part, they don’t.

I remember coming out here and not being able to find the supermarket. It was my first time out and I came in through the north end, because the guy on channel 3 news, told me the south end was washed out. Actually, it was the other way around. That ought to have been my first clue, about how much Las Vegas pays attention to Pahrump. They look down on us apparently. We have legalized prostitution. They think it ought to be outlawed, outright.

Let me be one of the first to say, I don’t believe any human being ought to be marketed for sex. Now let me be one of the last (hopefully) to say it’s been around since ancient Egypt and it’s not going away. The only thing that makes it “bad” in my opinion, is the predominantly male, Judaeo-Christian, fundamentalism, that pervades society’s general attitude towards it.

Some 10 years ago give or take, the Nevada brothel workers, offered to pay taxes on their income, they were denied. This is during a time when Harry Reid was trying to get more corporations to move to Nevada, thus bringing us more jobs. According to what I read then, Harry was going to try to rid Nevada of brothels because that’s what the corporations demanded, in order to relocate here.

Also from what I read, if the brothels were allowed to pay taxes, it would make them legitimate businesses. and of course we can’t have that.

Before that, there was some odd religious group here in Pahrump, who had coalesced a 20 or 30 member group, who wanted to shut down all the brothels outside the Township limits. That failed miserably and there’s an ongoing feud between whomever the County Commissioners seem to be and one of the local brothel owners. I like the brothel owner, he’s a very nice man who contributes to the community. He donates to the high school, the middle school, etc.

Another thing about Pahrump, the people here love their guns. I have a gun. My father gave it to me. He used it in WWII. I know how to shoot it and I’m a very good shot. It stays in my night stand, next to my bed.

Pahrump is mostly quiet. There’s a Wal-mart mini superstore here, redundant I know. Some mom and pop stores, two supermarkets and two drug stores. More churches than you can shake a stick at and 5 or 6 brothels outside the Township line. The first drive-by shooting here, was some kid on a 10-speed bicycle with a be-be gun, he shot a window out of someone’s house.

We don’t call them prostitutes anymore, we call them sex-workers. In the brothels, they are protected, they are seen by a doctor and they’re paid a really well, for the services they choose to perform. Some of the crime is worse now. Some father shot his daughter’s boyfriend, because his music was too loud. The corner market has been robbed at gun-point 3 times. There’s a lot of illegal drug use out here, but the one thing we don’t have is, street-walkers.


Dear Nye County … This is Getting Really Old and Boring …

I’m so sick and tired of wasting time and money towards something that is so ill conceived and back by disreputable “names” … here’s a proposal for the county … if we had a functioning County Commissioner unit, maybe by now they might have thought of working in conjunction with the Commissioners in California and filling up the dry lake bed with water, stocking it with fish and building a resort community around it, for fishing and maybe a little bit of game hunting. I’m sure that would bring lots of jobs to both Counties and revenue, not to mention, present a family friendly tourist spot. How about instead of our community focusing on what’s wrong with what’s going on, we start making proposals of our own that would benefit us all …


Join us and be free …

Further Proof that Unions are American Ingenuity at its Best (revisited)

Released for the following Townboard meeting, item Agenda number 10 this time, was an action item to remove all reference to political ideology at all. To replace it with rules of conduct for the Mission Statement.
I heard a rumor that was later confirmed, by one of our Townboard members, there had been a lot of complaints to the members themselves about Item Agenda number 11 from the meeting previous to the one I attended this last Tuesday, September 13. 2011.
There were four of us all told. We came prepared with written statements. We read our statements out loud, during community comment, on the Agenda Item. My husband Robert went first, then Deby, then I followed, followed by Cles. It was broadcast on local television.
Somehow, the last time I was there, I’m guessing because I was so furious that something so inane could be taken legitimately, I missed the name calling from the audience. I missed the applause and the appreciation this time too.
I hope the Townboard didn’t miss the sincere appreciation I have for them making a very difficult yet equitable decision, and representing the whole of the community, by remaining non- partisan. I truly believe, this is the best Townboard this Township has ever witnessed. Even though we don’t always agree on certain matters.
I want to thank the community members, whom I have met since then that have greeted me with smiles.
I heard another rumor too. I heard that my husband and I were moving to North Dakota. We’re not moving. We live in Pahrump and we’re proud to be residents of Nevada, come what may.

The Roost

The chickens are finally coming home to roost. What I have been saying for approximately ten years now, is finally proving itself out. I still hold to the belief that my Nevada State Democratic Party has become, what one would refer to as, untrustworthy.

Some of those that I believe are the least trustworthy of all, have been elevated, inside the State Party, to positions of power and unopposed. I continue to ask myself what they’re doing in those positions, when they have no résumé and their only proof of character is the amount of profit they can generate for themselves. Or maybe it’s recognition in the hopes of generating more revenue in their immediate futures.

The latest proof of this comes with one county’s resident count of another’s, registering at 8000 residents, when the actual count is closer to 40,000. Someone needs to check with the latest Census Bureau tally as well as voter registration count. It’s no wonder that Nye county is being ignored as inconsequential by surrounding counties.

Two election cycles ago, when I asked someone who was supposed to be “in the know”, how to better generate support for Nye county,  I was told that we had too many NIMBY (not in my backyard) types living here. Though it’s true we do have some of those, not everyone who lives here is like that. Furthermore, those of us that would see progress outnumber those that are unable to see past their own navels, by at least 2 to 1.

Having pointed out the disparity in our resident count, I was informed that Nye county getting their act together, was the sole reason for the informer’s inability to count or check their figures. If the response to the attempt to redirect my focus hadn’t been such a sad attempt at refusing responsibility for their miscount, I probably would have laughed. I couldn’t laugh though, because I’m almost certain it was deliberate.

For almost six years now, those of us who really want to see progress, have been working our collective butts off, organizing. We are finally rid of almost all of the former Central Committee members, who really did nothing more than deflect and misinform. I know, I watched them do it. There are no real records. No banking transaction paperwork, no sign in sheets, pretty much nothing for the newly elected Central Committee to go by. There’s still a question in my mind of a $5000 dollar donation, to another Central Committee, that really had no need for such a donation and rumors that all records be destroyed. I understand that also involved taking a hammer to a hard-drive.

Because we’re Nye county, we believe almost down to the very last person, we’re a little bit different than Clark County or Washoe County or any other counties for that matter. Things are done differently here. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. Keeping a high profile and staying ahead of what’s coming is what we’ve instituted, with the newly elected Central Committee members and especially, staying informed. Choosing to keep the lines of communication open, not only with our community but also with surrounding counties.

There are a majority of us that are computer user-friendly, and still a few resisters, that prefer paper over email however, that’s changing and changing rapidly.

We’re keeping solid records now. We have ethics now. We intend to keep our community informed of the truth and of course, register voters. Register as many voters as we can. We’re active now, very active. We intend to stay that way.