Re: Ongoing Civil Rights Violations of E.O. Swanson – US 18:241& 242, US 42:1983 & 1985 – Helene de Boissiere – Swanson

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To: L. Leavitt & Other Various Interested Parties

From: HdeB

Date: 06/18/2016

Re: Ongoing Civil Rights Violations of E.O. Swanson – US 18:241& 242, US 42:1983 & 1985


My apologies in advance for this convoluted memo, in which I am delineating the facts as best as I understand them and pray that the information below is well received and acted upon by the appropriate parties.


It has taken nearly one and ½ years to the scratch the surface of the alleged ongoing civil rights violations of E.O. Swanson.  Since first contact (January 2015) initiated by Officer V. Wanderling of the 20th NYCPD in which she stated that she had broken the law by reaching out to me in order to connect Swanson with his family, under the direction of those employed by Goddard Riverside to skirt H.I.P.P.A. (Health Information Privacy Protection Act).  And that in a subsequent telephonic communication Officer Wanderling instructed me to lie and deceive Swanson when I she would make the arrangement for my first contact with him in order to have institutionalized.  And that on said telephonic communication I refused. She had decided that I was not a good candidate as I would not lie and deceive Swanson in participating in their ‘Intervention Program’. Operating on information and I believe that the ‘Intervention Program’ is being employed as a cover-up for their ongoing harassment of Swanson and several others to defraud the Social Security Medicare Programs and fund ongoing illegal activities.  Over the course of the last year in each and every contact with family and friends of E.O. Swanson Officer Wanderlinghas described him as a having serious mental health issues and her desire is to get him off the streets and reunite him with his family.  She has described Swanson as being paranoid.  Swanson has reported that they follow him around which has been substantiated in their file on him.





Swanson states that after he was attacked by unknown assailants, which lead to the loss of his passport and other personal affects. That he was subsequently maced, beaten and detained by NYCPD back in 2004/2005.  Hence over the past 11+ years has been subsequently been subjected to ongoing daily civil rights violations under “color of authority”.


I have personally witnessed her bullying him through word gesture and innuendo. When queried in person she stated that she had not made these phone calls which my AT&T telephone bill is documentation of said phones, she then stated that she did not recall and then threatened me with arrest.  She then came back twice to initiated conversation each time storming off and issuing more threats, which prompted by second series of call to the Civilian Complaint and Internal Affairs Bureau of the NYCPD.  A mere 24 hours later OfficerWanderling playing the role of  ‘good cop’ approached Olof and I crossing the street (from the NE side of 75th street at Broadway on the East River side to the SE side of 75th), acting as if she was my best friend and that she was working with me and was a ‘friendly’. On this occasion she jumped out of black unmarked police vehicle with a white male officer behind the wheel of said vehicle. Note: The incident the day before, in which she threatened my person, was when she was delivering a faxed copy of a letter from E.O. Swanson’s father birthday letter to his son, and this birthday letter included copies of the photographs taken with a telescopic lens of their first meeting, orchestrated Officer Vanessa and the folks at Goddard Riverside.  That these photos further demonstrates that they have been stalking him and harassing as he has been stating to those family members and close family friends.  Those meeting with him have been unduly influenced and predisposed by Officer Wanderling that Swanson is paranoid has served to further alienated him from him family. For when he spoke to them of being beaten, harassed, and photographed they gravitated towards working more with having him institutionalized by this extremely well trained manipulated police officer.  Note: All these programs have been part of the Bloomberg area of relocating undesirables to towns in upstate New York to bankrupt the Health and Human Services Program, as reported by an Episcopal priest back to me on July 29, 2012. See below email from Walk the Talk – First Pilgrimage – Sentimental Journey. The allegedly corrupt NYC PD and those they are working with under their “intervention program” are now relocating them to the county where the casinos are so that they can spend the bulk of their monies at the casino and have easy access to drug and alcohol.

So what has prompted this memo is that yesterday, an employee of Goddard Riverside delivered a message from Officer Wanderling of the NYCPD that she has uncovered a possible warrant for E.O. Swanson and thought they should warn him of a pending arrest.  Being that Swanson left the country many years back and returned to the USA back in 2004, the question is how good is a 30 year old warrant, if that warrant is for Swanson? And then the other question is how could three separate investigations: 1) his father hiring a private investigator to look for Swanson, and the other two where William and I hired two separate investigators the second being Jasper Watts who investigated the Lockerbie plane crash come up with nothing.


My belief is that based on the alleged illegal actions of a corrupt police officer and corrupt police department is that this is just a ploy to now to falsely imprison E.O. Swanson.  In addition, that while Swanson was in custody this would constitute inhumane treatment and torture.  And that they would use this opportunity to possibly commit him against his will to cover up their illegal actions which include allowing prostitution a the high end hotels in the area as well as moving untold amounts of drugs on the streets of NYC through their networks.


Note:  So above and beyond the scope of this investigation, as to whether or not there is a cause of action to proceed, one must consider that if we have corrupt police officers who are directly and/or indirectly involved in pushing illegal sub stances, including the sex trafficking of underage minors, would not these same officers be as likely to be involved in homegrown terrorist activities. And that these police officers are not honoring their ‘Oath of Office’ as officers of the court to uphold the US and state constitution.  I believe that hey are not serving and protecting the people.  That this matter is very similar to what was uncovered during the money laundering days of 1970-1980’s in Las Vegas.  One must wonder where the monies from these activities are going and whom they are funding?  And what is it going to take free society from such oppressive measures?

Finally in these most interesting times as we watch the ugly face of racism and sexism rise in the most crucial presidential election I ask – what are we all going to do?

Helene Swanson, Co-Founder

Nevada’s Icing on the Cake – Lisa Sumiyoshi (guest post)


Last night was a reflection of just how deep and strong the Democratic good old boy network is in NV. led by Sen. Harry Reid. In CD 4 Dan Rolle, who is a young Bernie in the making, was shut out and had been for months. Sadly Lucy Flores did not stand up and speak out, against the injustices that took place, at the NV Dem State Convention like Dan Rolle, Erin Bilbray and Sen. Nina Turner did. Lucy Flores and Sen. Pat Spearman both came out after the Convention, condemning the violence that took place at the Convention, which everyone knows now, was fabricated propaganda by the State Party. Jessie Sbaih did not speak out either. He spoke up at the Convention but said nothing afterwards.

Dan Rolle was not allowed to participate in the last debate prior to yesterday’s election, and was escorted off the PBS property by police. Neither Lucy Flores, nor any of the other candidates, spoke out about the injustice that was committed against him.

What so many individuals in Nevada do not realize, however well intended they may be is, this is not about “the Party”, this is about candidates who have the courage and integrity to stand up for the issues that are critical to their constituents, not their own political careers. This is a Revolution.


Nevada CD 4 Authentic Berniecrat 2016

I need to make a public comment about a couple of things here and I’m going to try to do it chronologically … First and foremost, being that I am the Democracy for America – Nevada PAC Representative, one of my duties is to vet Nevada candidates for endorsement during Election Cycles.
During the 2012 Election Cycle, when DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz sent instructions to all the State Democratic Party Chairs, not just Nevada, to distance everyone from President Obama and not support any Down Ticket Candidates, I still have the emails from all the different candidates, not just in Nevada, but also from other Down Ticket Candidates in other states, not just complaining about their state party, but confirming what I just wrote.
In that interim, I contacted Jay Henderson of DFA National to recommend Lucy Flores for DFA National Endorsement. I have come to seriously regret that email, due to the events that had taken place at the Nevada State Democratic Convention.
First and foremost, there was no violence at the Convention and for Ms. Flores to side with the State Democratic Party and State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange’s malfeasance, is all the more reason for me to rescind any and all state Endorsements from Democracy for America – Nevada.
I contacted Jay Henderson as soon as I had read Ms. Flores statement condemning the Bernie Sanders Delegation, at the Convention and I sent him video of all the events of the Convention, because YES we do have it ALL, proving that Ms.Flores was pandering to the Party and the people, because let me reiterate, THERE WAS NO VIOLENCE.
I also sent Jay Henderson, video of Dan Rolle, the only candidate who is running in Congressional District 4, who stood against the corruption and demanded the Nevada State Democratic Chair, resign.
I voted for Dan Rolle in CD4. If you want someone who will fight for the people of Nevada, I suggest you vote for Dan Rolle too.

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State of the Union With Bernie Sanders and Jake Tapper

State of the Union


Obama Transfers Email List to Clinton ~ #UNSUBSCRIBE

ALERT: If you were on Obama’s campaign e-mail list in ’08 or ’12, he has now transferred his e-mail list to Hillary’s campaign as part of the endorsement.
Here’s the link to unsubscribe from her campaign and send a very clear message:
Here’s the link to unsubscribe from the DCCC
Here’s the link to unsubscribe from the Democratic Party:
Do it now to send a clear message. Do it now. 
Share this with your networks and groups. We have limited time to act right now and your action is needed. Do not give in.
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