Further Proof that Unions are American Ingenuity at its Best (revisited)

Released for the following Townboard meeting, item Agenda number 10 this time, was an action item to remove all reference to political ideology at all. To replace it with rules of conduct for the Mission Statement.
I heard a rumor that was later confirmed, by one of our Townboard members, there had been a lot of complaints to the members themselves about Item Agenda number 11 from the meeting previous to the one I attended this last Tuesday, September 13. 2011.
There were four of us all told. We came prepared with written statements. We read our statements out loud, during community comment, on the Agenda Item. My husband Robert went first, then Deby, then I followed, followed by Cles. It was broadcast on local television.
Somehow, the last time I was there, I’m guessing because I was so furious that something so inane could be taken legitimately, I missed the name calling from the audience. I missed the applause and the appreciation this time too.
I hope the Townboard didn’t miss the sincere appreciation I have for them making a very difficult yet equitable decision, and representing the whole of the community, by remaining non- partisan. I truly believe, this is the best Townboard this Township has ever witnessed. Even though we don’t always agree on certain matters.
I want to thank the community members, whom I have met since then that have greeted me with smiles.
I heard another rumor too. I heard that my husband and I were moving to North Dakota. We’re not moving. We live in Pahrump and we’re proud to be residents of Nevada, come what may.