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Throwing Flowers

“I rarely post politics or anything else on Facebook …. But let me be clear. I was acting as a medic in Charlottesville. “Both sides”-ing about it is absolutely unacceptable. Content note: I’m going to get quite graphic here, because while I understand that there’s quite a range of political viewpoints among my Facebook friends, I want to *get this point through to everyone whatever your politics*.


In the run-up to that weekend, some local counterprotest organizers’ families were forced to flee their homes because of violent threats. Some of them had “bodyguards” – friends escorting them everywhere they went that week, even to the grocery store, work, all the mundane places that people go in their normal lives.


On Friday night, a torch-wielding mob chanting Nazi and other racist slogans (e.g. “blood and soil,” “Jews will not replace us”), some doing Nazi salutes, surrounded, screamed “White lives matter” and “anti-white” at, a small group of college student counterprotesters who had linked arms around a statue and had a banner. They then threw fuel at them, beat them with lit torches, pepper-sprayed them, and punched them (including pepper-spraying a girl in a wheelchair). The police mostly stood by until the nazis were gone. A medic who was wearing a kippah (a Jewish skullcap) was followed in the dark by one of the nazis, and took it off after that so as not to be targeted. A university librarian who joined the students to try to protect them has now had a stroke. At some point that evening, the torch-wielders also surrounded a black church while chanting racist slogans. All of this not only hurt people that night but set expectations for how the white nationalists would behave the next day.


On Saturday morning, a line of clergy, along with a gradually growing group of other protesters, showed up outside the nazi rally (given the iconography, including swastikas, the Black Sun, and fasces, and the chants, of involved groups, I don’t have a problem using that word, don’t let anyone fool you into thinking these were mainstream conservative groups that are being described hyperbolically), facing militia movement members who were carrying assault rifles. There was shouting back and forth, and a small early fistfight where a nazi punched a nearby counterprotester who spilled coffee on him. Nazis were screaming antisemitic things at rabbis in the clergy line, and chanting “blood and soil” in response to the clergy singing “This little light of mine.” At one point, some clergy did a peaceful blockade of one of the park entrances, which was forcibly broken by an incoming white nationalist group with skulls painted on their shields. The heavy bidirectional fighting, though, mostly got going after a group of counterprotesters nonviolently blocked the way of an oncoming group of white nationalists, who broke through the blockade with clubs and heavy shields. Some people defended themselves as the white nationalists kept charging and swinging clubs. After that, there were fistfights and club-fights breaking out all around, nazis pepper-spraying and tear-gassing counterprotest crowds, plastic water bottles thrown in both directions. A nazi group that didn’t know where the entrance to the park was added to the street fights. Some clergy ran to shield vulnerable people with their bodies, and those clergy were protected by antifa-associated counterprotesters – multiple clergy/theologians have said that they would have been “crushed” and maybe killed if antifa had not protected them. This went on for a long time. For most of this, the police stood around. Eventually, they cleared both sides out of the area.


The town’s synagogue is a short distance from the park. Throughout the day, nazis paraded by it doing the Nazi salute and shouting antisemitic slurs. The police had refused to provide a guard to the synagogue for some reason, so it had hired its own armed guard. There were threats of burning it down coming in. It had to cancel a havdalah service at a congregant’s house that evening out of fear of attack.


The march that was attacked with a car by James Fields was that afternoon. What street fighting had happened was long-since over by then. It was a happy march, it was not fighting anyone. The car attack came out of nowhere and the aftermath looked like a war zone. It hit the front of the march as the march was going around a corner, and many people weren’t sure what had happened at first, people were screaming about a bomb. In addition to the woman who died, many people had serious injuries. A medic who was hit had to have emergency surgery to not lose her leg. A 13 year-old girl and her mom were among the injured. The street was covered in blood. The firefighters and paramedics were great. The police, on the other hand, rolled in an armored vehicle and threatened the crowd of survivors with a tear gas launcher. Police officers ordered the medics who were performing CPR on the woman who died to leave her and clear the area. They refused, and bystanders negotiated with the police to leave them alone.


There were several other incidents throughout the afternoon where white nationalists/nazis/whatever were menacing small groups of wandering counterprotesters with their cars, swerving toward them on the sidewalk like they were going to hit them, that kind of thing, including after the car attack. At one point my medic buddy and I were about 50 feet ahead of such a group and heard screeching car sounds and screams, and ran back, thinking for a second that there had been another terrorist attack and that this time we were the only medics on site, but fortunately it was just a scare – the driver then “rolled coal” (intentionally emitting a dark cloud of exhaust) at the people on the sidewalk before driving away. There was also an incident at some point where a young black man was badly beaten by white nationalists in a parking garage.


There is no “both sides” here. I mean, first of all, there is no moral both sides because antifascists and nazis aren’t morally the same, period. Disrupting nazis isn’t the same as being one, period. But there was also no “both sides” even beyond that. Mutual street fighting primarily kicked off by an attack from the opposing side, doesn’t compare to mowing people down with a car, to threatening a synagogue and a black church, to stalking someone for being visibly Jewish, to being part of a Nazi-slogan-screaming mob that surrounds and attacks peaceful college kids and could have easily killed one of them if the fuel thrown on a couple of them had been lit by one of the many thrown or swung torches.


Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking the Saturday rally was starting out just a rally like others, but with racist assholes. The people organizing counterprotests, whose families had to flee town, would probably take issue with that. The black church and the synagogue, the synagogue congregant who had to cancel a religious/cultural ceremony out of fear, and the ones who had to leave the building in groups out the back entrance to avoid attack, would probably take issue with that. The people who were physically attacked, on Friday night, by those in town for the Saturday rally, would probably take issue with that.


Don’t elide the difference in the questions of whether hate speech should be criminalized, and how communities and their supporters should protect themselves when people who are already threatening to kill them roll into town to rally and then physically attack community members before their rally while the police don’t stop it. Don’t invoke the Civil Rights Movement to elide it, or tsk-tsk people who were on the ground in Cville. The Civil Rights Movement had its Deacons for Defense and Justice, and similar groups. Just as importantly, many of the leading lights of the Civil Rights Movement were murdered. If you think the only valid kind of activism in response to racist hate is martyrdom, you need to at least think through the implications of that belief.

I did not have a good weekend and I have no interest in hearing comments about how, despite everything I saw and everything I said here, you think this is a “both sides” thing. If you find my activism unacceptable you are welcome to unfriend me.”


Not Germane To The Conversation

Clean Up After Your God

I’ve heard it said and I have read, certain entities and/or ideologies, are unimpeachable, not political, not germane to the conversation.

Let me make my opinion of the observations I have had, perfectly clear.

I have noticed, ever since President Obama declared his preference for Arugula lettuce over any other kind, EVERYTHING is political. From politically correct speech to the color you wear to support your cause, even the shape of the ribbon and that’s just in the U.S.A.

Until the Chinese government stops persecuting the Dalai Lama and his followers, for their belief system, religion is political. Until Evangelical Christians stop trying to declare the United States of America, a Christian based nation and stop trying to rewrite the U.S. Constitution, religion is political. Until all countries stop using their officials’ particular brand of Centrism, to decide the clothes people wear, the caste they belong in, if a human being is allowed to read, write and eat, religion is political. Until Israel stops persecuting the Palestinians and vice versa, while still being separate branches of the same tree, religion is political. Until there are no more ‘Religious Police’ in the world, no more female genital mutilation, no more democratically elected Popes, land grabs, nation based religious coercion, gender-biased and color based, exaction and extortion of humanity, religion is political.

I have news for EVERYONE.

IF there is a Deity, we are ALL chosen or NONE OF US ARE.

The Nevada Brothel Workers

Brown FanWhen I was young, somewhere between the ages of 11 and 16, on Friday nights, my mother used to take me down to Hollywood Boulevard, so we could visit the different little shops they had there. My mother bought me a lot of turquoise jewelry back in the day, at those shops. On Saturday nights she would drive me down to Sunset Boulevard, so I could see the prostitutes. Not just me though, my girlfriends too. And not just female prostitutes, but also male prostitutes. I think maybe that’s one of the reasons I don’t pay too much attention to someone’s lifestyle choices. If you’re happy, and you’re not hurting anyone, then I’m happy for you. First do no harm, then be free.

I remember hearing Dolly Parton on the radio once, saying when she was young, she thought the prostitutes were beautiful and that’s what she wanted to look like when she grew up.

She was a single-parent and a junior-high school teacher. She worked in what they called a war-zone, for the Los Angeles City School District. Sometimes she’d bring one of her female students home with her, only to take them off some place else for a little bit. I found out much later, the girls she brought home, had been raped by a family member and were pregnant. She was helping them, because no one else would.

Without going into too much more history, let me just say, my mother was pro woman, in the strictest sense of the word. A suffragette. She’s a definite reference point for me when I voice my opinions. Mostly because she gave me her’s and I refined them for myself, to make them mine.

I moved to Las Vegas when I was 33 and I lived there for 2 years. There were too many transient people there for me, and not enough culture. For the whole state of Nevada, there are only three things to do. 1) Get drunk. 2) Gamble. 3) Have sex. Now by prescription, you can also do drugs and I have no problem with any of these things, as long as they don’t affect my immediate reality and for the most part, they don’t.

I remember coming out here and not being able to find the supermarket. It was my first time out and I came in through the north end, because the guy on channel 3 news, told me the south end was washed out. Actually, it was the other way around. That ought to have been my first clue, about how much Las Vegas pays attention to Pahrump. They look down on us apparently. We have legalized prostitution. They think it ought to be outlawed, outright.

Let me be one of the first to say, I don’t believe any human being ought to be marketed for sex. Now let me be one of the last (hopefully) to say it’s been around since ancient Egypt and it’s not going away. The only thing that makes it “bad” in my opinion, is the predominantly male, Judaeo-Christian, fundamentalism, that pervades society’s general attitude towards it.

Some 10 years ago give or take, the Nevada brothel workers, offered to pay taxes on their income, they were denied. This is during a time when Harry Reid was trying to get more corporations to move to Nevada, thus bringing us more jobs. According to what I read then, Harry was going to try to rid Nevada of brothels because that’s what the corporations demanded, in order to relocate here.

Also from what I read, if the brothels were allowed to pay taxes, it would make them legitimate businesses. and of course we can’t have that.

Before that, there was some odd religious group here in Pahrump, who had coalesced a 20 or 30 member group, who wanted to shut down all the brothels outside the Township limits. That failed miserably and there’s an ongoing feud between whomever the County Commissioners seem to be and one of the local brothel owners. I like the brothel owner, he’s a very nice man who contributes to the community. He donates to the high school, the middle school, etc.

Another thing about Pahrump, the people here love their guns. I have a gun. My father gave it to me. He used it in WWII. I know how to shoot it and I’m a very good shot. It stays in my night stand, next to my bed.

Pahrump is mostly quiet. There’s a Wal-mart mini superstore here, redundant I know. Some mom and pop stores, two supermarkets and two drug stores. More churches than you can shake a stick at and 5 or 6 brothels outside the Township line. The first drive-by shooting here, was some kid on a 10-speed bicycle with a be-be gun, he shot a window out of someone’s house.

We don’t call them prostitutes anymore, we call them sex-workers. In the brothels, they are protected, they are seen by a doctor and they’re paid a really well, for the services they choose to perform. Some of the crime is worse now. Some father shot his daughter’s boyfriend, because his music was too loud. The corner market has been robbed at gun-point 3 times. There’s a lot of illegal drug use out here, but the one thing we don’t have is, street-walkers.

It Breaks Me

Palestinian Peace SignAbout 3 weeks ago, I was on twitter because I was bored with the repetitive posts on Facebook and the first thing I saw was a picture. My eyes had to adjust to what I was seeing. At first I thought I saw a father holding his daughter, and my first thought was “what a pretty blue dress”. Then I noticed, she had no head! The father was holding his headless daughter! The photo had been uploaded to twitter, from Syria.

Then a picture from Gaza. Another father, this time holding his son, the back of his son’s head was blown off.The next photos I started to see, were pictures of children, babies, 2 year olds, 5 year olds, 9 year olds, in varying poses of death. Some were burned beyond recognition. Some were missing limbs.

I stopped watching television (cable/satellite) in 2003, when I saw one of our American soldiers, live on Headline News, shoot an Iraqi teenager, in cold blood. The teen had already been wounded several times. He was trying to crawl away to die. It was too much for me.

What is happening now is too much for me. It breaks me. Children. I have to ask, what kind of mental disorder, would provoke someone to kill innocent, defenseless children. Don’t tell me Hamas has rockets. Yeah, I know, I’ve seen them. Gasoline and fertilizer, considering the kind of launchers they use, I think Hamas would be better off with a sling-shot, compared to the weapons the Israeli Defense Forces use. Small arms, tanks, anti-tank rockets and missiles, fighting vehicles, artillery, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned surface vehicles. Paid for and supplied with American tax dollars.

And just to be clear, Hamas agreed to accept a Palestinian state, in accordance with the 1967 border agreement. It’s called the Israeli Occupation for a reason. Israel is illegally occupying Palestinian land.
The IDF is targeting United Nations buildings, schools, hospitals. The destruction is horrific. I thought it was a good idea to let my network know what’s going on. So I started sharing the pictures on Facebook, tumbler, LinkedIn, Pinterest. These are actual photos of human beings, of children. I know how this works too. My mother was a Marine in WWII. She went through the same bootcamp as her male counterparts, because there was no gender specific training at that time. She told me what they do. They de-humanize their “enemy”. To make it easier to kill.

I will not make excuses for any elected official, for supplying Israel with more of America’s tax dollars, to commit genocide. I learned just yesterday, the President I voted for, signed a law, supplying Israel with $225 million, for their Iron Dome. That’s American tax dollars, that could be better spent in America. I’m ashamed that I have some part in that, because like everyone else, I pay taxes too.

I post these photos because the only people I know, that have ever seen this kind of carnage, are people who served in the military, during wartime. Those of us that have not served, need to know what kind of monster, would condone killing children, of any race, religion, gender or color, in this day and age. We have the means to know now, and we have the tools to stop the slaughter of innocent children.

I have children. Anyone who has ever had a child, could not condone this kind of brutality, for any reason. I posted these photos on twitter, to every Congress member currently in the House. They have children. What if these children belonged to them? What would they do? What if this was your child? Would you fight back? Would you send them to the border of another country to save them? Would you cover them with your own body when the missiles started to fly? I know I would and nothing would stop me from saving my child.

Hagar Had a Son

HagarIn the beginning, there was Ibrahim and Sarah. God spoke to Ibrahim and told him to be patient and he would have a child. When Sarah would not take with child, Ibrahim took a hand-maiden named Hagar. Hagar was pregnant almost immediately. Then Sarah was pregnant too. God spoke to Ibrahim again and told him he ought to have waited, because no good would come of this.

Many years later, Ibrahim was laying on his death bed. Hard of hearing and barely able to see, he asked Hagar to bring him Isaac, Sarah’s son. It was time, as was his tradition, to pass on all his worldly goods, to the son of his choice. He had promised Hagar, her son Ishmael would inherit also, though he intended to give the best of all his worldly possessions, to his son Isaac.
Hagar had a plan, to make sure that her son was taken care of, since he was first born to Ibrahim and she was very jealous of Sarah and Isaac. She went out into the field and found Ismael. She wrapped his arms in sheep’s wool and told him to come with her, but to remain very quiet. Ismael had very smooth skin and very little body hair, while Isaac was a very hairy man.
She brought Ismael to Ibrahim’s bedside and announced she had brought his son. Ibrahim reached out to grab his son’s arm and feeling the sheep’s wool, he believed Ismael to be Isaac, and bequeathed the best of his land to Ishmael.

Ibrahim then instructed Hagar to bring him Ishmael. When Isaac arrived, finding out what had happened, begging his father to take back what he had given Ishmael, Ibrahim said he couldn’t, because God had witnessed what he had bequeathed to Ishmael and once done, could never be undone, in the eyes of God. So Isaac inherited the desert, which would bear nothing but dust and heat, while Ismael, through his mother’s trickery, inherited the orchards, the river and everything that would be abundant.
That is the beginning of the Middle East Crisis. When I was much younger than I am today, I spent about 5 years ferreting out this information. I just couldn’t comprehend what was so difficult about just getting along. Both peoples are related. The House of Muhammed and the House of David. They are related. They came from the same father. At least, according to the story they did. Historically speaking, I believe it’s probably true however, anyone who could actually verify this, is long since dead.

Since then, they have hated each other passionately enough, to want each other dead, for many hundreds of years, until today.

History shows that the Jewish people were persecuted to the edge of being wiped out, by Hitler and the Nazis. In 1920, the League of Nations ( predecessor to the United Nations ) mandated through the Treaty of Versailles, a resolution to relocate all Jewish peoples, who wished to be relocated, to Palestine, to share the land with the Palestinians. In 1948 Israel was created, to be a Jewish state with a Jewish majority.

Enter the Fathers of Zionism, Theodor Herzl and Nathan Birnbaum. They had good intentions. They wanted Equality for their family, friends, extended family. Today Zionism has been infused with hatred, to such an extreme, there are actual followers of the Zionist teachings, who believe that the rest of the population of the Earth, were put here only to serve them. That other human beings are less than human. They believe they are the Chosen of God, as do many other religions. They believe their way is the only way, as do many other religions. Most of these religions believe, anyone else is no better than the dirt beneath their feet, or other human beings have no soul.

Let’s focus on the story here though. Hagar is an “Anti-Hero” for the purposes of this story. She protected the interests of her son, which I believe just about any mother would do. However, in the long run, she becomes the villain, the one to blame for all of this. The philosophical translation would be, in my opinion, yet another reason to blame women for whatever ails a man. It occurs to me, Ibrahim could have revoked his initial bequeath of possessions and even been forgiven by God, because he’d been tricked. Where would this leave Hagar and her son though? Probably with the same situation as we have today. A no win situation.

Bar none, Israel is the recipient of the most funding for military aid, from the United States of America. To the tune of 8.5 million dollars a day.
I made a point of tweeting to the official IRS twitter profile, that I didn’t want to give them anymore of my tax dollars. Especially when they’re using it to commit genocide.

In my travels through social media websites, I have always been an advocate of “No More Death”. I have come up against several peers on these social sites, who have called me everything under the sun, for not supporting Israel. I stand my ground even now. I’m really not on anyone’s side. I believe there is enough for everyone. That variety truly is the spice of life. Understanding breeds acceptance. There has to be a solution that stops the killing, no matter where it’s happening.

A week ago, I saw a Syrian, holding his headless daughter. Who could do that? Yesterday I saw worse, a Palestinian father, holding his son. The back of his son’s head had a hole in it the size of a softball. There is something wrong with someone who could do something like that.

It doesn’t matter anymore, who started what. What really matters, precious lives are being lost. The lives of innocent children, who had no part in any of this history and now, will make no history at all.

#Equality For All

Rally4Rights MargeryMy name is Margery Hanson. Some of you may know me from Facebook, some of you may know me from Twitter, as TurboKitty. Some of you may know me as the woman whose voice, is loud enough to reach across 3 football fields and an estimated 3500 people. I don’t really need a microphone, but I’ve been told to use my indoor voice for today. I’m also the Progressive Democrats of America-Southern Nevada Chapter-Leader. For those of you who have been dying to put a face to the name and the voice, this is it.

With that being said, I have to blame somebody for what’s happening here in Henderson today. So first, I blame Cles Saunders, our P.D.A. Southern-Nevada Technical Advisor, for asking me if I wanted to participate in another E.R.A event. Second, I want to blame myself, for saying “sure, why not.” Those were my exact words. Third, I want to blame Robert Hanson P.D.A. Southern Nevada Public Relations, for putting up with my histrionics, because frankly, he had no choice. There is a reason he’s in Public Relations and last, but certainly not least, I want to blame Harriet Schutsch, Nevada State Director of for jumping right in with her whole heart, for us all to see this event, become a reality. Credit where credit is due and all. This has been a labor of love for all of us. We want to see equality for every walk of life. This event is dedicated to the people who came before us, and to the people who stand with us now. and Progressive Democrats of America, bring you #Rally4Rights.

Now a little back story;

In 1920, women finally got the right to vote, but not before they were jailed, beaten, and even declared insane, for picketing the White House and carrying signs asking for the vote.

In 1965 the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Connecticut’s ban on contraceptives for married women. In 1972 it struck down Massachusetts’ ban on contraception for unmarried women. In 1970, Congress passed Title X of the Public Health Care Service Act, making grants available to agencies to provide comprehensive family planning and health care services. In 1973, the Court established a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion. In 1994 Congress enacted the Violence Against Women Act and reauthorized it again in 2000 and in 2005. Congress had refused to reauthorize this Act because it has been broadened to extend to immigrant women and LGBTQ. In 2003, Congress passed a bill in response to women having been raped by U.S. contractors in Iraq. In 2011 a bill was introduced in the House to amend Title X, to prohibit family planning grants from being awarded to any entity that also performed abortions. Congress outlawed “partial birth” abortion in 2003. In 2012, the Senate attempted to amend the Affordable Health Care Act to allow any employer who has religious or concientious objections, to prevent birth control or any other medical procedure from being offered through health insurance policies. Seven states have fully defunded or attempted to defund Planned Parenthood. In 2011 and in 2012, 8 states have passed laws mandating medically unnecessary vaginal ultrasounds for women seeking an abortion. Then on December 21, 2009, President Obama signed Senator Al Franken’s anti-rape amendment into law. Just one small step, in the right direction.

Our Foremothers, Lucy Burns, Dora Lewis, Alice Paul, Pauline Adams, Edith Ainge, Berthe Arnold and Helena Weed, gave us the tools we have today, to stand up for ourselves and make our own choices. Today we have the voice to demand that our Elected Representatives, ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and bring equality to all. Women need 38 states to make this the 28th amendment to the United States Constitution. We have 35 states now and we only need 3 more. The 15 states whose legislatures have not ratified the Equal Rights Amendment are as follows: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia. We only have to convince 3 states, only 3, out of the 15 states that I just listed, that have not yet ratified, the Equal Rights Amendment. Now let me bring to light, another battle for equality.

In March of 1970 Howard Efland, a gay man, checked into the Dover Hotel, was beaten to death, by officers of the Los Angeles Police Department. January of 1979 Tennessee Williams, was the victim of an assault in Key West, beaten by five teenage boys. In 1990 James Zappalorti, a gay Vietnam veteran, was stabbed to death. On October 7 of 1998 Matthew Shepard, was tortured, beaten, tied to a fence, and abandoned. May 11 of 2003 Sakia Gunn, a 15-year-old black lesbian, was murdered while waiting for a bus, after declaring herself to be a lesbian. Ebony Whitaker, an African American, trans woman, was shot and killed on July first of 2008. These are just some of the people, who have paid a huge price, for truly believing, that love knows no gender.

Same sex marriage is now legal in California, Delaware, Maine, Maryland and Washington D.C. Same sex marriage bans were struck down by Utah, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Virginia, Texas and Michigan, but sadly, were stayed in anticipation of appeals from the United States Court of Appeals.

America in essence, was based upon, freedom of choice. To live, to learn, to love, whomever we choose, equally throughout humanity, without fear of persecution. It is with awe, that I pay homage to Kimball Allen born in 1982 a writer, playwright, performer and author of “Secrets of a Gay Mormon Felon”. Chaz Bono, transgender son, of Sonny and Cher Bono, born in 1969. Stephen Donaldson born in 1946, early bisexual-identified, LGBTQ rights activist, founder of the first American gay students’ organization and the first person to fight a discharge from the U.S. military for homosexuality. Frank Kameny born in 1925, provided the push in 1972–1973 for the American Psychological Association, to remove homosexuality from its list of mental disorders, in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. Harvey Milk born in 1930, was the first openly gay person to be elected to public office, in California, where he won a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Chely Wright, born in 1970, the first openly lesbian, country music singer. Focusing on serving as a role model and mentor for children and teens, in order to prevent gay suicides in children. Last year, Jason Collins became the first openly gay, professional basketball player, and just last week, Michael Sam became the first openly gay, professional football player.This list goes on to include all the LGBTQ members of the world, who fight on a daily basis, for simple equality. We salute you and support you, in all your efforts to bring equality to everyone.

Foremost and above all else, we are human beings, we deserve the right to choose for ourselves. We deserve the right to be heard, regardless of gender, race, religion, or orientation. We are the spirits that truly believe, not only that love knows no boundaries, but that we are all entitled to equality.

March (Keep Your Laws OFF My Body)

When I was 11 years old, in 1972, I was fortunate enough to walk for Women’s Civil Rights with my mother. She raised me as a single parent. It’s no wonder I’m so independent and outspoken. On Saturday, April 28th, 2012, there is a march for Women’s Rights in Las Vegas, I will be there. My husband will be there too.

For those of you who not only believe a woman has a right to choose, but also believe a woman has a right to speak her mind, vote, work, wear whatever she chooses, walk unmolested anywhere, say “no” when you’re not in the mood, not be beaten because women are no longer chattel, I implore you to join me. Stand up for your rights, not just as a woman, but also as a human being that deserves the same respect anyone else does.

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