Clark County School District – Guest Post by Anonymous


I beleive CCSD takeover is imminent.

Mismanagement guarantees takeover.

1.  We are supposedly at the end of the line.  Without a real forensic audit – we do not know for sure – but we certainly cannot rely on CCSD to be as transparent as required by law in the timeframe we need.  Small movement is not enough.  This has to be done yesterday but managing by delay and lawsuit has made the clock run out.

Upper CCSD central office management intentionally breaks the law and will not comply until forced.

Delay, delay, delay has caused us to be last in the nation and we will not make progress until this is changed.

2. Reliance on people who have hurt the district for 30 years.  CCSD seems determined to find that one political party or group who will “save them”.   Sadly they won’t find one.  Even as campaign flyers claim some folks are “education advocates” – they are not.  Placing folks like Assemblywoman Carlton and EducateNow’s Slyvia Lazos on a budget committee after a heavy session of union busting by both is not likely to solve  outstanding labor arbitrations.  88% of the budget is contracted with unions.   People run schools and interact with kids.   Professionals require a solid enforceable contract.  Labor is tired of abuse.

Democrats do not have all the answers.  They have not been friendly to union education labor.  Frankly they do not listen to teachers.  Cannot rely on them.

3.  I had a conversation.   I was told central office has made cuts.  In fact, someone let their secretary go.

We see you top heavy central office.  Time to heavily cut the entire top layer.  Central office admin with a staff of four or five? As a classroom teacher, I do my own paperwork every Sunday – I suggest you do the same.

No one should have a secretary, a liasion, a trip, a free meal, a car allowance, etc  . . . until there is a fully licensed and professional educator in every clasroom.  Most especially special education and openings in schools serving students in poverty.

Classrooms have suffered while some have a secretary?

I suggest folks move back to the school level and directly help kids.

Our priority should not be making life comfortable for those who have crawled on the back of children to get themselves a secretary in an office downtown far away from schools.

Cut the central office as required by law until 85% of education money is back in schools directly serving students.

4.   Labor has been made the enemy.  CCSD central office did it. Specifically Chief Negotiator Eddie Goldman has destroyed labor relations.  Lots of outstanding arbitrations.  We have been stonewalled. As stated before – even after negotiations – contracted language is intentially ignored until forced by lawsuit to pay.

Now staff are supposed to link arms with the central offfice and sing a song?

CCSD has spent the last ten years union busting and abusing contract language.

Choosing to expensively arbitrate which is very costly rather than bargain in good faith is mismanagement.  The legal budget at CCSD is enormous.  Spending tax payer money in this manner is ridiculous.

A forensic audit is cheap compared to the money being spent on arbitration.

CCSD chooses to pay lawyers to keep from paying folks the amounts the district agreed to in black and white?

No one has the appetite to stand up to the evil man controlling the CCSD negotiations team.  Teachers and labor will remain the enemy instead of allied in the fight as a Southern Caucus until Goldman is removed.  Attacking pay and insurance will continue to divide us.

5.   Disfunction.  The severe division and infighting in the central office is destructive.  Team Skorkowsky seems to be losing with his retirement.  While team Goldman seems to be remaining firm.

The severe divisions are likely the reason for disfunction in lobbying, budgeting, and negotiation.   Fighting each other rather than strategically working for CCSD students.   These conflicting management styles and methods for doing the job are not working.

Infighting kills progress.

It makes the central office and the Trustees ineffective.  And it contributes to the culture of bullying and fear at every level.


None of the above is good news for students or staff.

In the interim legislative sessions, Canavero and Wynn quietly keep stating they are ready to take over.  The reorganization language allows them to do so if Trustees and central office do not start to work to follow the law.  The district has wasted an entire year by obstruction.  Time wasted.  We have a year left.

Frankly – the house needs to be drastically cleaned so takeover seems imminent.

Skorkowsky leaving is not enough.

Get to 15% Central Office.  You will need to move faster. Money needs to be moved to schools.

Cuts to school staff – are creating problems and basically against the law.   Central admin needs to take the hit.

Kids need access to the  money. This money is for kids not people in suits downtown.

The public is tired of shenanigans.

This is selfish and disgusting.


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