All The While McConnell Laughed At Them

Bleeding Flag on Fire

One of the reasons I worked so hard for Obama, for over 15 months, knocked on doors, registered voters, was part of the Human Wall at Cashman Field, arranged events, became a Nevada State Delegate, was because of his Blueprint for Change.


One of the things in that little ten page booklet, was his PROMISED support for SINGLE-PAYER healthcare, among other things. That was the most important thing to me, because I have two very expensive, pre-existing conditions and I’d already been without health insurance for 3 years.


After Obama was elected, when OFA called, I was there, every time they called, I showed up. When it came time for the Healthcare Debates, before Biden said it was a ‘BIG FUCKING DEAL’, OFA called and asked me to bring people to support Healthcare reform. So I did and when I showed up with my H.R. 676 sign, for all the world to see, I was told that OFA was not supporting that bill and that as a representative of OFA Nevada, I wasn’t allowed to use my sign. I was outraged and yet I stayed, because there was the promise that this Healthcare bill, was the road to Single Payer.


I watched C-SPAN while the House Debated 9 different Health Care bills. H.R. 676 was among them, until Mitch McConnell had the Representatives for H.R. 676, removed from the building, by Congressional Security. All the while McConnell laughed at them, as they were being dragged from the House Floor.


I read all the Healthcare bills, including all 3000 plus pages of the Healthcare bill that we use today, because I had to do a live radio broadcast, about which bill would be the best. H.R. 676 was/is the best, BAR NONE.


I am tired of broken promises and center right compromises. I will no longer believe or listen to, ANY corporate supported (bought and paid for) politicians AT ALL. There is no kinder, gentler, softer way to say this … there is no time left, to let these Corporate WHORES dilly dally around with our lives!




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