WHY am I doing this? Guest Post by Teresa Frene for #Nevada Congressional District 1

Green is the New Blue


We have had one heck of a year. A year ago at the State Convention, local democrats found out what the world is realizing today: the Democratic party is only democratic by name. We found out our news stations were full of lies, such as the big one started by Jon Ralston, that chairs were flying in a violent situation. No chairs were ever thrown. That was later spread throughout the world.   (I heard one apology in the aftermath  from Anderson Cooper.) This journey began with a broken heart and many broken dreams.


A small group of us started gathering in my backyard, we decided to take what we had learned and build a coalition of diverse people to work together, to make Las Vegas a haven, from the wrongs of our government, by getting people to work together. We were determined to use our lives to do what ever it takes, to make at least some small contribution to the greater good.


We hosted rallies, protests, gatherings, cook-outs, drum circles and trips for causes like the North Dakota Pipeline, education concerns, racism and inequalities among our friends. We gathered just to support peace and our environment. People became empowered,  groups formed all over Las Vegas, even in Boulder City and Northern Nevada. One of our activists even started a group in Yakima, Washington.


Not all of us fared well. We have seen PTSD, Depression, illness and other symptoms of DIS-ease. In September, my co-founder died from an asthma attack that surely could have been prevented, with a health care system that worked for all of us. That same day, my daughter was in ICU having been diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) an illness that has been financially devastating to us. We then met Amy Vilela and heard of her daughter’s death and the tragic consequences of not having healthcare. My fellow activists then vowed to support the implementation of H.R. 676.  We continue to question any elected official, that will not support our efforts to save humananity from unnecessary death and suffering.


We were left, shaking our heads, at the special meeting to approve money to be funneled into a stadium, after years of barely having education funding, even discussed. I watched as my teacher pay check, remains stagnant. I see the best teachers leave, due to the constant difficult and even hostile working environment.



Finally, I see too much human suffering. Delivering food to ANY alley, where you can easily locate people living in squalor. My son in tears, worried his Mexican family members would be deported. Our friends who have recently been able to marry, because of laws that allow gay marriage, are terrified their union will be nullified. Even more suffering, brought about by others, for being unlike themselves, be it race, religion (or lack thereof), gender, sexual identity, poverty, age, and a long list of our other “isms”. While Mainstream Media guide people to be divided and misled to even greater degree.


So, enough is enough. Surely there must be away to SHOUT loudly enough, to be heard by the government. Our government is made up of people who are NOT like us. Who do not understand us. Who do not care about us. We havetwo “parties” that betray and fleece us. Now is the time to unite and build a third party: The Green Party. The people’s Party. I am the Green Party. I am one of us and I won’t remain quiet. I am here to speak loudly and clearly: WE ARE THE PEOPLE! WE are the 4th Branch of Government and we are reclaiming what is rightfully ours, what represents us: we are also the other three branches!


My name is Teresa Frene and WE are looking forward to being represented in Congressional District 1 in Nevada. WE will no longer tolerate anything less than the BEST that our City, State, and Country can do for ALL OF US.



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