Nevada’s Icing on the Cake – Lisa Sumiyoshi (guest post)


Last night was a reflection of just how deep and strong the Democratic good old boy network is in NV. led by Sen. Harry Reid. In CD 4 Dan Rolle, who is a young Bernie in the making, was shut out and had been for months. Sadly Lucy Flores did not stand up and speak out, against the injustices that took place, at the NV Dem State Convention like Dan Rolle, Erin Bilbray and Sen. Nina Turner did. Lucy Flores and Sen. Pat Spearman both came out after the Convention, condemning the violence that took place at the Convention, which everyone knows now, was fabricated propaganda by the State Party. Jessie Sbaih did not speak out either. He spoke up at the Convention but said nothing afterwards.

Dan Rolle was not allowed to participate in the last debate prior to yesterday’s election, and was escorted off the PBS property by police. Neither Lucy Flores, nor any of the other candidates, spoke out about the injustice that was committed against him.

What so many individuals in Nevada do not realize, however well intended they may be is, this is not about “the Party”, this is about candidates who have the courage and integrity to stand up for the issues that are critical to their constituents, not their own political careers. This is a Revolution.



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