Nevada CD 4 Authentic Berniecrat 2016

I need to make a public comment about a couple of things here and I’m going to try to do it chronologically … First and foremost, being that I am the Democracy for America – Nevada PAC Representative, one of my duties is to vet Nevada candidates for endorsement during Election Cycles.
During the 2012 Election Cycle, when DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz sent instructions to all the State Democratic Party Chairs, not just Nevada, to distance everyone from President Obama and not support any Down Ticket Candidates, I still have the emails from all the different candidates, not just in Nevada, but also from other Down Ticket Candidates in other states, not just complaining about their state party, but confirming what I just wrote.
In that interim, I contacted Jay Henderson of DFA National to recommend Lucy Flores for DFA National Endorsement. I have come to seriously regret that email, due to the events that had taken place at the Nevada State Democratic Convention.
First and foremost, there was no violence at the Convention and for Ms. Flores to side with the State Democratic Party and State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange’s malfeasance, is all the more reason for me to rescind any and all state Endorsements from Democracy for America – Nevada.
I contacted Jay Henderson as soon as I had read Ms. Flores statement condemning the Bernie Sanders Delegation, at the Convention and I sent him video of all the events of the Convention, because YES we do have it ALL, proving that Ms.Flores was pandering to the Party and the people, because let me reiterate, THERE WAS NO VIOLENCE.
I also sent Jay Henderson, video of Dan Rolle, the only candidate who is running in Congressional District 4, who stood against the corruption and demanded the Nevada State Democratic Chair, resign.
I voted for Dan Rolle in CD4. If you want someone who will fight for the people of Nevada, I suggest you vote for Dan Rolle too.

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