#BernieOrBust Trip

Rally4Rights Margery

Most of you are used to seeing an orange cat, shaped kind of like a satellite dish with ears and teeth. That is an actual photo of me, taken in 2014, doing what I like to do best, rally for everyone’s rights.

I’m a Bernie  Sanders supporter and one of the Nevada Delegates who was wiped from the Delegate list, at the Nevada State Democratic Convention. There were several of us from the rural areas that weren’t even allowed to speak on our own behalf’s, to get elected to go to the Democratic National Convention.

So I started a GoFundMe account, so some of us could go anyway. Even if we can’t get into the Convention, at least we can be there to show our support at the different events and rallies that are being held in Philadelphia.

That being said, I have raised almost $500 in 4 days and then last night something odd happened. An anonymous donor said, for every person who donates EXACTLY $99 to my GoFundMe account, he/she will match it by $99.

Please help me get to Philadelphia, PA for the Democratic National Convention, just click on the link below to donate. THANK YOU!

Bernie or Bust Trip by Margery Hanson

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