Disillusioned And Sad by Leslie Sexton

Glitter Blue RoseI am stunned and disappointed in the NSDP for their concerted efforts over the past couple of months to thwart the democratic process and to so anger half of the Democrats at that convention and then portray them as the problem. They had legitimate platform issues for which they garnered sufficient signatures on petitions ACCORDING TO THE RULES and they were shut down. No wonder they became loud and boisterous. They were angry. They were angry because Roberta Lange held important votes on the rules BEFORE ALL DELEGATES HAD BEEN SEATED AND ALL DELEGATE VACANCIES HAD BEEN FILLED BY ALTERNATES. And then to throw Barbara Boxer into the mix as the crowd was still reacting to the action of the Chair was just unconscionable. It was clear that party powers that be were more interested in a shortened convention and a swift exit than fulfilling the mission of an open and transparent convention. Roberta continued to foster suspicion by more than half the delegates that the power of the party had a desired outcome and would go to any length to achieve it. I am disillusioned and sad. Just my opinion.

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