This was my first State Convention by John J. Delibos

This was my first State Convention. After having been at the County Convention in April, I was confident it couldn’t get any worse. Well nothing was further from the truth! I volunteered to assist with distributing credentials to the Clinton delegates Friday evening, May 13th, and that disintegrated into an unbelievable fiasco! The space allocated was woefully insufficient and the lack of something as simple as forming lines based on letters of the alphabet completely eluded the organizers. The delegates were understandably angry at how disorganized the process was. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse…the next day, it did. The behavior of some prominent members of The Nevada State Democratic Party was overtly indifferent to the Bernie Sander’s delegates. How that’s supposed to facilitate a spirit of cooperation is beyond me. The rest is history. This is certainly not a legacy to be proud of, if it were people would be tripping over themselves to take credit for it. The fact that they aren’t speaks volumes about just how embarrassing this is for our great state of Nevada.

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  1. Joe johnson
    May 23, 2016 @ 10:30:19

    Vegas puts on more conventions than any other city in the country, this was designed to fail, the news.was there to capture the b-roll footage they could spin their way, no real coverage of the depth of deceit…


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