There Was More To The State Convention – Cynthia Alexandria King

Nevada State Flag 2I was a Bernie Sanders Nevada State Delegate for Douglas on Saturday. Delegates ARE NOT supporters. We are voted on representatives of the Nevada Caucus Goers who voted on Feb 20! I was not there to fight for Senator Sanders, I was there to be the voice for the Democrats in my County.

Roberta Lange ignored my voice. She made herself arbiter of the event and nothing could get finished. The only thing she was interested in doing was protecting her own personal interests. She put herself above the Nevada Voters!

There was more to the State convention than delegates. We had to also vote on Platform, on officers that would run the NVDems throughout the state, and vote on who would be the PLEOS and AT Large Delegates. Many of the people campaigning, including myself are disabled. The stage was NOT ADA compliant. Many of us had to give speeches from the floor where the delegates who would be voting on us could not see who was speaking. When Roberta concluded the convention only two of the seven things we needed to vote on were finished. She purposely delayed the convention in an attempt to discourage delegates and make them frustrated. The only medical issues that we faced came from the Sanders Disabled Delegates who got so worked up and the stress made them dizzy.

The anger expressed at the Convention was not over the amount of At Large or PLEO delegates. It was about making sure that the voters voices were heard and the future of the Democratic party in our state. The people who ran to the podium were all Delegates fighting for the Democrats of Nevada. It wasn’t until 9:30 p.m., when we started going over the platform that Hillary Delegates in the room finally witnessed having their voices shut out too.

When we went over the Platform, the committee showed a change to the wording of the platform. They changed “Remove Super Delegates” (a platform request voted on by Douglas County, a county that went 55/45 for Hillary) and changed it to “We support future reforms to the Presidential Primary process, including super-delegates, while ensuring Nevada remains an early state and First in the West.” They expected the Bernie Side to be against the change, and the Hillary side to be for it. That was NOT the case, when a Hillary Delegate stepped up to the mic, he asked what they meant by the word “including.” Because that could either give Supers more power or less power. The committee refused to answer his question, and the Hillary Delegate became frustrated. That’s when the committee member decided to do a blanket vote on the platform, which was voted down. She went section by selection, and when we got to Government section, we ALL voted “No,” expecting there to be a line by line debate on that section. Instead, the entire section was removed. That was not our intent, we were capable of having a discussion, and I firmly believe we could have found middle ground. But the Roberta didn’t want to risk us voting to remove Supers, so the Platform Committee walked off the stage and more candidates came up to do stump speeches. It was at that point a large group of Hillary Delegates ripped up their signs and walked out. This gave Sanders Delegates 2/3 control of the room. Roberta could not continue to push her personal agenda forward.That’s when she called the cops. She was setting up the scene to make it look more dangerous than it was. We delegates started chanting for a recount, per the rules you can call a recount at any time, and if we could get it passed Bernie would have won all 11 delegates.

That’s when a Nominee for House in CD3 tried to bring Erin Bilbray on the stage, the Election Committee Guy stepped forward and grabbed the mic away. The three of them talked for a moment, and suddenly the Nominee called for a recount on the stage. The room erupted with joy! I seconded the motion, 6 others seconded the motion. From the cheers in the room it was clear we have the “Yays.” Then Erin and the Nominee from CD3 were pushed off the stage and Roberta stepped to the mic, she ignored the motion and instead called for a vote on the PLEOs and AT Larges. 2/3 of the room said “NO!” You can’t vote on PLEOs or At Larges without officially knowing how many are going to Sanders or Clinton. We needed to do a head count. Instead of following normal business procedure, Roberta concluded the convention and ran away. This action disqualified all 11 PLEOS and At Large delegates from Nationals. ALL 11 OF THEM!

In order to fulfill the NV Selection Plan requirements on page 38, they NEEDED to be voted on at the Convention. But of course, to Roberta the rules don’t matter, and instead these delegates are being chosen in a closed door meeting away from the eyes of the Nevada Voters. This is why we say it’s fraud, this is why we delegates say it disenfranchised the voters of NV and our NV election was rigged. Roberta Lange has disgraced our state, silencing Hillary and Bernie Delegates, and by extension ALL Nevada Democrats who caucused.

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