The Tone of the Convention – Carol Lucey

Nevada State Flag RectangleOnce again, I have been watching the national news, with major cognitive disconnect between what my eyes and ears see and the narrative being promoted by the Mainstream Media and the democratic party establishment. I was a Carson City delegate on Saturday at the Nevada State Democratic convention in Las Vegas. I was in the hall, the breakout rooms or in the corridor just outside the hall continuously from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

I have sciatica and so can’t sit for very long. So I regularly would stand up and walk around the hall to get the kinks out. In all that time, I saw NO fights, NO chairs being thrown. I watched ONE heated discussion between two elderly women, one for Hil and one for Bernie. It was hardly violent. I have occasionally witnessed discussions like that before in my 72 years and have never seen them as threatening, just sad. It also occurred AFTER the chair adjourned the meeting because of “fear of violence”…An absurd claim. The people in on the dais were afraid to do a recount because Bernie at that point would have won.

I also sat four rows back from the podium, just behind the ADA chairs. I saw several of the medical emergency events. None were related to punches being thrown. They were elderly ADA Bernie delegates who succumbed for the most part, I believe, to stress and their physical conditions…a not unsurprising occurrence, given what was being promoted from the stage.

The claimed booing of Sen. Boxer was a reaction to what had occurred just before she spoke…the abandonment of Roberts’ rules of order by the chair in favor or her own (Roberta’s) rules, which shut down all interaction with the people in the room, who from that point on were simply props in a Las Vegas show put on by the party. The Senator assumed she was being booed and sadly overreacted.

To see the tone of the convention which I witnessed all day long, watch the last 21 minutes (Fear of Innocence) of the convention as captured by some talented photo/techie Bernie geeks.


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