Take Our Votes, You Can’t Take Our Voices – Roberta Sandoval

Delegate TicketYour truthful reporting and your integrity are really needed right now. I am 56 years old, the wife of an elementary school teacher, the mother to 3. I am a lifelong Democrat, in the last year we have all been Bernie Sanders supporters.

We went to the Nevada Caucus, I agreed to be a delegate. I supported Bernie at the County conventions and agreed to participate in the State Convention. The Democratic party asked me to volunteer to help get delegates checked in on Friday night. They were allowing HRC people to be registered as delegates, on the spot, also as alternates, whether they attended the County Conventions or not. When everyone asked about letting people in to start checking in, we were told, once some of the late registered delegates were processed than we could start.

I came home after almost 18 hours at the Convention, I was so disappointed and disillusioned by the lack of respect, lack of fairness, lack of rules being followed and votes being tossed aside.

Bernie Sanders had 64 delegates that weren’t allowed to be part of the process, Nye County delegates who followed all the rules to be considered for Philadelphia were not even allowed to be part of the process.

Sen. Barbara Boxer ( I am originally from California) who I always supported treated us with such disrespect – I was sitting in the ADA section with other supporters who were diverse in age, careers, income and health situations. We were about thirty to forty, very loud ,and very invested in their support.  Was there yelling ?- Absolutely; however there were over 1600 of us who were sitting in our seats; I am sure Sen. Boxer has had to give speeches where there were very excitable supporters. She called us all bullies many, many times and walked off stage.

Then Nina gave her very moving speech. All of this ugliness could have been prevented if Roberta Lange ( DNC Leader ) had been fair and also followed the rules. She acted like a dictator, got the room riled up, had several votes which she called for the HRC side each time, when it was obvious to all that we won the votes. THERE WAS NO VIOLENCE. THERE WERE NO CHAIRS BEING THROWN.

I have a funny story about the chair throwing episode if anyone would have checked. I have Multiple Sclerosis, so during the day I was getting up to move around, i went to the front to hear the speeches and unfortunately i fell and passed out in seizure mode, so some very helpful people were tossing chairs aside to get to me quicker and to help the EMT. They were all very helpful, NOT VIOLENT. The EMT wanted me to leave but i wanted to stay until the end. I wanted to make sure my name was considered for Philly.

What there was, was Las Vegas Metro called to make us all leave and to scare all of us middle aged, seniors and handicapped. Which they did. I have never been ashamed to be a Democrat, I am now. I have been telling many of the people in the various Bernie groups that if Bernie doesn’t make it, then as Democrats we need to try to support Hillary. I will NO longer do this. It doesn’t matter, this is all settled. I just wanted to set the record on the blatant corruption that was perpetrated by the Democratic party in Nevada. Roberta Lange and her staff should be ashamed. Take our votes, but you can’t take our voices.

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