On The Convention Floor – Margery Hanson

Bernie Shirt    I am of the opinion these so called ‘death threats’ and threats of violence are being made by people who want to exacerbate the situation. I was at the Convention on the Floor. I was the one that called for a Point of Order at the beginning of the day to vote down the Consent Agenda because it included a vote, to allow Roberta Lange to steal 3400 plus votes from the Delegation, to choose her own preferred Electorate for the state of Nevada.

There was NO violence on the Convention Floor. No one was arrested. The video showing Security hovering over someone on the floor, is not as a result of a fist fight, it was the result of stress and/or excitement, the person had fainted.

The Sanders Delegation were employing Occupy methods to be heard because the microphone for our side of the Delegation was removed, not the Clinton side of Delegates, just the Sanders side.

To say we were being denied is an understatement and all of us showed a tremendous amount of restraint given the circumstances.

We were cheated on, lied to and stolen from and we’re still standing and Bernie supported what we did.

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