Corporate Take Over

Wall St Bull Guarded by NYPDThere was a time when I was a politics chat room Moderator. First on MSN, then on Buzzen. I was the one with the gold hammer, and the software program, to boot you out of the chat room for even the slightest indiscretion and even ban you forever.

I was motivated to do this because of 9/11. I have a need to understand everything and in my tenure there, I had the opportunity to learn a lot and even hone my debate skills. I typed so fast, booted and banned people, so fast, a co-Moderator gave me a nickname. They called me TurboKitty.
I wanted to know why Osama bin Ladin denied taking responsibility for the 9/11, 3 times before he decided to take credit for it. I wanted to know what happened to the 3 trillion dollars that was left unaccounted for, by the Department of Defense before this all started. I wanted to know what it was, that caused some of my favorite foreign news channels, suddenly to be cut off.

Late in the evening, before I would go to bed, I would post the headlines for the day. One day I ran across this article, concerning a south American country, that had been bought and sold so many times, there was nothing left. They were owned by corporations. When the corporations were done stripping this country of its natural resources, they naturally left. There were no more jobs and yet, they left armed guards behind, to protect their vacant buildings.

The people who lived there, finally got the courage up to confront these guards (most of them relatives in some form or another), at various locations, and take over the empty buildings. To produce things, first for themselves, and then to export to the rest of the world. It has taken them over 20 years to recover and is still ongoing.

This was during the Bush era and what struck me about this article, were the similarites to what was happening in Iraq and now America.
In Iraq, Bremer was ordered to disassemble the military there. He is currently an American Diplomat however, he was in charge of leading the Occupational Authority for Iraq.

The Iraq military wanted to help with this “War on Terror” and yet, every offer they made was rebuffed. So they started crossing the borders to neighboring countries, to find jobs to support themselves and their families. The Iraq Military was the main source of income for the majority of people in that country.

When all was said and done, Iraq was nationalized. What that means is, any foreign entity can buy and sell property there, and they have the rights to the profit of any exports.

This makes me think of land that is owned by Native Americans, or Mexico. They are protected. The most anyone can do to use their land, is sign a 100 year lease. Once that expires, it returns to the original owners.
In the chat room, there was a lot of talk about Globalization, how all borders of every nation, would be erased. At the time, my greatest fear was, if this happened, I would no longer be an American citizen. I was born here and I’m proud of that. Now I am a citizen of the planet, even if I haven’t seen most of it in person.

I read just about everything. If I wanted to know something, I would look it up on the internet. I read about Pat Tillman, shot by friendly fire and the cover-up that ensued. I read the CIA release notes from Wikileaks, about how the Pentagon supplied Saddam Hussein, with the nerve gas he was using on his own people.

I watched a Congressman on C-SPAN, point out the reasons, a retro-active law, needed to be put into place, in order to remove any privacy from cell-phone providers. The FISA law. Because cell-phone subscribers were suing their providers, for the mining of information, without permission. In turn the cell-phone providers were suing the Bush Administration, for the illegal mining, in order to recoup the losses they would inccur, paying off all the lawsuits. Of course Congress voted to enact this retro-active law, so the Bush Administration wouldn’t have to pay, nor would they have to stop. Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3. of the United States Constitution, doesn’t allow ex post factos laws (in other words, retro-active laws).

This was the beginning of the open Corporate take over, of America. I watched as Bush said the Constitution was just a G-D piece of paper. Land of the Free, Home of the Brave be damned. I was appalled. We all watched, when finding Osama bin Ladin turned into a joke.

Our military didn’t have to be disassembled, they were off fighting somewhere, other than our own country and the casualties were flown to American military bases, in order not to be counted as casualties of Iraq and then to be denied any kind of treatment, by a Bush appointed Secretary for the Veteran’s Administration.

I no longer participate in chat rooms. I am watching as certain states, choose to ignore the contract they signed, in order to become member states, of the United States of America. The Supremacy Clause. In other words, all member states are subject to Federal Law, being the supreme law of the land. All state laws must come together in alliance with Federal law. States have rights however, for America to truly be nondiscriminatory, laws need to be uniform.

I’m reading about Mainstream Media owned by corporations, broadcast propaganda to the consuming public. I turned off my cable/satellite in 2003, I saw one of our soldiers, gun down a teenaged boy, who was already injured and probably going to die.

A lot of elected and appointed officials answer to their corporate masters, turning a deaf ear to their constituents. Corporations are now people, which gives them the right to do to the United States, what they have done to so many other countries. They intend to rape our natural resources to the bone, for the lowest wage, and sell it to the highest bidder.

It’s painful to watch the disintegration, of what is still the United States of America, especially when it can be stopped. We can make it stop.


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  2. ohbamamama
    Aug 18, 2014 @ 00:30:07

    Hear, hear, Ms. TK. I am so fed up I don’t participate any more. Except to vote. Always vote. Someday we just might have some decent candidates.


  3. ohbamamama
    Aug 18, 2014 @ 00:31:07

    (PS I always wondered where “Turbo Kitty” came from.)


  4. TurboKitty
    Aug 18, 2014 @ 00:37:20

    I’m a really fast typist?


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