It Breaks Me

Palestinian Peace SignAbout 3 weeks ago, I was on twitter because I was bored with the repetitive posts on Facebook and the first thing I saw was a picture. My eyes had to adjust to what I was seeing. At first I thought I saw a father holding his daughter, and my first thought was “what a pretty blue dress”. Then I noticed, she had no head! The father was holding his headless daughter! The photo had been uploaded to twitter, from Syria.

Then a picture from Gaza. Another father, this time holding his son, the back of his son’s head was blown off.The next photos I started to see, were pictures of children, babies, 2 year olds, 5 year olds, 9 year olds, in varying poses of death. Some were burned beyond recognition. Some were missing limbs.

I stopped watching television (cable/satellite) in 2003, when I saw one of our American soldiers, live on Headline News, shoot an Iraqi teenager, in cold blood. The teen had already been wounded several times. He was trying to crawl away to die. It was too much for me.

What is happening now is too much for me. It breaks me. Children. I have to ask, what kind of mental disorder, would provoke someone to kill innocent, defenseless children. Don’t tell me Hamas has rockets. Yeah, I know, I’ve seen them. Gasoline and fertilizer, considering the kind of launchers they use, I think Hamas would be better off with a sling-shot, compared to the weapons the Israeli Defense Forces use. Small arms, tanks, anti-tank rockets and missiles, fighting vehicles, artillery, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned surface vehicles. Paid for and supplied with American tax dollars.

And just to be clear, Hamas agreed to accept a Palestinian state, in accordance with the 1967 border agreement. It’s called the Israeli Occupation for a reason. Israel is illegally occupying Palestinian land.
The IDF is targeting United Nations buildings, schools, hospitals. The destruction is horrific. I thought it was a good idea to let my network know what’s going on. So I started sharing the pictures on Facebook, tumbler, LinkedIn, Pinterest. These are actual photos of human beings, of children. I know how this works too. My mother was a Marine in WWII. She went through the same bootcamp as her male counterparts, because there was no gender specific training at that time. She told me what they do. They de-humanize their “enemy”. To make it easier to kill.

I will not make excuses for any elected official, for supplying Israel with more of America’s tax dollars, to commit genocide. I learned just yesterday, the President I voted for, signed a law, supplying Israel with $225 million, for their Iron Dome. That’s American tax dollars, that could be better spent in America. I’m ashamed that I have some part in that, because like everyone else, I pay taxes too.

I post these photos because the only people I know, that have ever seen this kind of carnage, are people who served in the military, during wartime. Those of us that have not served, need to know what kind of monster, would condone killing children, of any race, religion, gender or color, in this day and age. We have the means to know now, and we have the tools to stop the slaughter of innocent children.

I have children. Anyone who has ever had a child, could not condone this kind of brutality, for any reason. I posted these photos on twitter, to every Congress member currently in the House. They have children. What if these children belonged to them? What would they do? What if this was your child? Would you fight back? Would you send them to the border of another country to save them? Would you cover them with your own body when the missiles started to fly? I know I would and nothing would stop me from saving my child.

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