Hagar Had a Son

HagarIn the beginning, there was Ibrahim and Sarah. God spoke to Ibrahim and told him to be patient and he would have a child. When Sarah would not take with child, Ibrahim took a hand-maiden named Hagar. Hagar was pregnant almost immediately. Then Sarah was pregnant too. God spoke to Ibrahim again and told him he ought to have waited, because no good would come of this.

Many years later, Ibrahim was laying on his death bed. Hard of hearing and barely able to see, he asked Hagar to bring him Isaac, Sarah’s son. It was time, as was his tradition, to pass on all his worldly goods, to the son of his choice. He had promised Hagar, her son Ishmael would inherit also, though he intended to give the best of all his worldly possessions, to his son Isaac.
Hagar had a plan, to make sure that her son was taken care of, since he was first born to Ibrahim and she was very jealous of Sarah and Isaac. She went out into the field and found Ismael. She wrapped his arms in sheep’s wool and told him to come with her, but to remain very quiet. Ismael had very smooth skin and very little body hair, while Isaac was a very hairy man.
She brought Ismael to Ibrahim’s bedside and announced she had brought his son. Ibrahim reached out to grab his son’s arm and feeling the sheep’s wool, he believed Ismael to be Isaac, and bequeathed the best of his land to Ishmael.

Ibrahim then instructed Hagar to bring him Ishmael. When Isaac arrived, finding out what had happened, begging his father to take back what he had given Ishmael, Ibrahim said he couldn’t, because God had witnessed what he had bequeathed to Ishmael and once done, could never be undone, in the eyes of God. So Isaac inherited the desert, which would bear nothing but dust and heat, while Ismael, through his mother’s trickery, inherited the orchards, the river and everything that would be abundant.
That is the beginning of the Middle East Crisis. When I was much younger than I am today, I spent about 5 years ferreting out this information. I just couldn’t comprehend what was so difficult about just getting along. Both peoples are related. The House of Muhammed and the House of David. They are related. They came from the same father. At least, according to the story they did. Historically speaking, I believe it’s probably true however, anyone who could actually verify this, is long since dead.

Since then, they have hated each other passionately enough, to want each other dead, for many hundreds of years, until today.

History shows that the Jewish people were persecuted to the edge of being wiped out, by Hitler and the Nazis. In 1920, the League of Nations ( predecessor to the United Nations ) mandated through the Treaty of Versailles, a resolution to relocate all Jewish peoples, who wished to be relocated, to Palestine, to share the land with the Palestinians. In 1948 Israel was created, to be a Jewish state with a Jewish majority.

Enter the Fathers of Zionism, Theodor Herzl and Nathan Birnbaum. They had good intentions. They wanted Equality for their family, friends, extended family. Today Zionism has been infused with hatred, to such an extreme, there are actual followers of the Zionist teachings, who believe that the rest of the population of the Earth, were put here only to serve them. That other human beings are less than human. They believe they are the Chosen of God, as do many other religions. They believe their way is the only way, as do many other religions. Most of these religions believe, anyone else is no better than the dirt beneath their feet, or other human beings have no soul.

Let’s focus on the story here though. Hagar is an “Anti-Hero” for the purposes of this story. She protected the interests of her son, which I believe just about any mother would do. However, in the long run, she becomes the villain, the one to blame for all of this. The philosophical translation would be, in my opinion, yet another reason to blame women for whatever ails a man. It occurs to me, Ibrahim could have revoked his initial bequeath of possessions and even been forgiven by God, because he’d been tricked. Where would this leave Hagar and her son though? Probably with the same situation as we have today. A no win situation.

Bar none, Israel is the recipient of the most funding for military aid, from the United States of America. To the tune of 8.5 million dollars a day.
I made a point of tweeting to the official IRS twitter profile, that I didn’t want to give them anymore of my tax dollars. Especially when they’re using it to commit genocide.

In my travels through social media websites, I have always been an advocate of “No More Death”. I have come up against several peers on these social sites, who have called me everything under the sun, for not supporting Israel. I stand my ground even now. I’m really not on anyone’s side. I believe there is enough for everyone. That variety truly is the spice of life. Understanding breeds acceptance. There has to be a solution that stops the killing, no matter where it’s happening.

A week ago, I saw a Syrian, holding his headless daughter. Who could do that? Yesterday I saw worse, a Palestinian father, holding his son. The back of his son’s head had a hole in it the size of a softball. There is something wrong with someone who could do something like that.

It doesn’t matter anymore, who started what. What really matters, precious lives are being lost. The lives of innocent children, who had no part in any of this history and now, will make no history at all.


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