I Will Not Tolerate The Status Quo

Power to the PeopleI’ll start with 2008, at the Nevada State Caucus, I’m the one with the mouth, that yelled over 3500 plus delegates, when they cut the microphone, for a point of order (according to Robert’s Rules of Order), to prevent the State Party from choosing our electorate slate, and thereby insuring that Nevada would choose their candidate fairly. and so we could choose for ourselves by Democratic Vote.

I canvassed, registered voters, arranged events, every day for 10 hours a day, for the Campaign for Change HQ, until the day of the general election, when Obama won his first term.

In 2009 I walked in the Gay Pride Parade in Las Vegas. I am member of UniteBlue, UniteWomen,

In 2010, in conjunction with UniteWomen.org, Cles Saunders and Harriet Schutsch, I helped organize the War on Women March and Rally, in Las Vegas. An event that was taking place in every state.

In 2011, Robert Hanson, Cles Saunders and I were on the Ralston Report, with Derek Washington, to support the legalization of marijuana in Nevada.

Cles Saunders, Robert Hanson, Jannis Saunders and I, started the first Progressive Democrats of America group, who’d been trying to get their foot in the door here in Nevada, from what they told me, for over 3 years, because none of us liked what we were seeing from our “Status Quo” State Party.

And let’s not forget the 99% marches I walked with my friends and fellow Progressives. Again I say, I am a Progressive. I will NOT tolerate the status quo.


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