The Last 72 Hours

Red Rock ClockWhat do you call it, when the people who are supposed to be supporting you, instead taunt you? I call it hypocricy. I call it fair-whether friending, to put it bluntly, stabbing a person in the back.

I was invited into 6 different online groups, and in short order, banned, because I spoke my mind, or I spoke out, or didn’t do what I was told. They still try to tell me to quiet down, through channels.. It’s just not in my nature to “quiet down” and I really don’t want to be one of the “cool kids”. I just want to be me and see some recognition for the people who are suffering injustices, at the hands of those who seem to think they are in charge.
Throughout the primary campaigns, I have watched the State Democratic Party do all those things and then ignore the best candidates for the office, because they won’t “behave” accordingly. Because they want to represent the people in the office they’re running for and they don’t care to be, one of the “cool kids” in the State Party either.

To my knowledge, there are 5 of the Democratic Governor’s candidates, asking for an investigation into the majority votes for “none of the above”. From the numbers I’ve seen, it’s statistically impossible for that number of people, to have voted “none of the above” in the primary. Even the candidate who won the primary doesn’t know how he won. There’s more of a story there and I’ll share it when I have more background on it.
So here’s what I have to say about the last 72 hours. I was invited by UniteBlue to participate in a TwitterBomb with the hashtag #ScaliaLaw. Initially this was about women’s right to healthcare, but no more. I saw it coming. I wonder if anyone else saw it coming. Just 24 hours later, these narrow-minded bigots, attacked people who practice lifestyles they don’t approve of. To allow discrimination based on gender and now on gender preference, is outrageous, to say the least. Civil Right’s are supposed to be all inclusive. At least I thought it was. Yet another reason I’m still fighting for the Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and Equality For All.

I was informed that our illustrious (or should I say illusive and irresponsible) Governor, just might be nominated for Vice President, on the Republican ticket. He and that information, isn’t really worthy of my attention, except for how it relates to the State Democratic Party. I also understand certain lobbyists, have been pandering to certain members of the State Democratic Party. Here I thought we were trying to get the money out of politics. The last thing, plain and simple. It’s time for career politicians to be a thing of the past. It doesn’t matter anymore, how much good or bad they’ve done for their states, or counties, or communities. they all end up being lobbyists themselves and they need to go. Especially since the President can be term limited, I want term limits for every elected and appointed official, now.


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