Dear President Obama,

2279253649_e571f2b7ec_thumbnailYou asked me to drop you a line, so I am.

After 8 years of going without health insurance, because of the Affordable Care Act, I now have health insurance. I’ve been a type 1 diabetic since I was 9, diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 36. Before the A.C.A. there was no way I could have gotten health insurance under $1500 to $5000 a month, in premiums.

Now that’s taken care of, I need to ask you, is there something that can be done about the price of the better medications on the market, for people like me? I’m currently using the Novolin brand of insulin, and my body responds better to Humulin. Novolin is free, Humulin is over $100. There’s this new thing called an insulin pen. I asked my doctor if I could try it, because it supposedly has a better delivery system then syringes. He prescribed it for me, and when I got to the pharmacy I was shocked to find out, it costs $400 per pen.

There’s one other medication I’d like you to review. Armour thyroid. I take Armour Thyroid, it’s a medication I can’t do without. About 8 years ago, the F.D.A. decided to revamp the medication to include synthetic T-4, in what used to be an all natural medication. Synthetics have never worked for me, and now my medication is half natural and half synthetic. This is like trying to fix something that wasn’t broken to begin with. They even went so far as to outlaw any thyroid medication, not containing their synthetic variety. It’s my opinion this is a way for the makers of Synthroid, to hold those of us who have to take this medication, hostage to their profit margin.

Also, is there something you can do about Congress trying to dismantle the United States Post Office? My husband works there and management is making the working environment, increasingly hostile. I’ve been told by the Union representative, this is happening all over the country.

For my part, my friends and I are doing our best to encourage people to VOTE BLUE. I’m an activist in Southern Nevada and no one knows better than I do, in order to make Progress, we have to take back the House.
I will be forever grateful to you and Vice President Biden, as well as all the other elected officials involved, for passing the Affordable Care Act. I’m no longer hanging by a thread, terrified of becoming a statistic. If I could, I’d hug you to say “thank you”.

I hope when you read this letter, everything for you is going better than expected.

Sincerely …


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