Aristocracy in #Nevada

Nevada State Flag 2 - CopyMy husband and I have already signed the petition to reinstate the Pahrump Town Board in Nye County, Nevada, as well as several of our friends.

This is why we signed. I do not like all the Town Board members, though I do like some of them too. Each Town Board member, was elected by a majority of voters, when it was their cycle. That is called representative Democracy. When the Town Board form of government expires, the County Commissioners will APPOINT, whomever they choose, to represent the Township, that is called ARISTOCRACY.

When ever I voted for a Town Board member, win, lose or draw, I was happy when the people I voted for won, I was disappointed when the people I voted for lost, and completely surprised when I found out that a draw could be decided, by a card draw or a coin toss.

Whether I liked them all or not, we the people chose them, they were not appointed. As of January 4th of 2015, we will have no representation at all … but the Nye County Commissioners will …


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