The State Party Has Struck Again

Energy GeneratorI’m disappointed today, because the state party has struck again, because certain of my peers, cannot or will not, follow a thought through to its logical conclusion. A dear friend of mine, declared Democracy dead the other day. After today, I can’t help but agree, at least for the state of Nevada.

I don’t support the State party’s hidden Agenda and I probably never will. Especially since it doesn’t reflect the fairness, Democracy is supposed to represent. I no longer see the party as my advocate, I see them as my adversary, and have, for quite some time.

Like spoiled children, to further their hidden Agenda, they remove the rules they don’t like, in order to get their way.

I have the same insider information as they do. I approach politics in an honest and open fashion and I’m tired of their games. All of their games. From their refusal to meet and vet new candidates, to their open snubbing of people who’ve been active in the party for over a decade, just because they doesn’t fit into their plans.

Get ready, because there are a lot of us who are unhappy with the way things are going on the state level. None of these people are going to fit into the state party’s cookie cutter way of approaching things.
I call myself a Paul Wellstone Democrat … you can call me Trouble.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Leslie Sexton
    Jun 14, 2014 @ 05:18:02

    I’m with you Kitty


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