We Will Not Be Silent

PDA Volunteers - CopyMy mother raised me as a single parent. She was a life-long member of the Democratic party. When my 18th birthday rolled around, she provided me with a voter registration form and told me to fill it out. at the bottom of the form, there is a list of political parties to choose from. I asked her which party, she told me I’d have to decide for myself. I registered with the Green party. After voting in my first election, she explained to me, the monopoly the two major parties (Democratic party and Republican party), had on the primary elections. I was shocked and dismayed however, I re-registered with the Democratic party.

Years later, when Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House, and one of the first things she did, was to take impeachment of Bush, off the table, I re-registered Libertarian and I stayed a Libertarian for a year. When 2008 rolled around, I learned that Clinton, Kucinich, Edwards and Obama were going to run for President, I switched back to the Democratic Party and attended each and every one of the candidate events, that featured any one of them, that were held in Pahrump, Nevada. Kucinich was my first choice, because his platform most closely resembled, what I wanted to see happen in America. He had to withdraw because his brother died. Edwards didn’t have enough supporters, so I was left with a choice between Clinton and Obama.

I did as much research as I could do. I noticed that a lot of women supported Clinton. I couldn’t due to the Corporate ties she had and still has. I will NOT support her, not then and certainly not now. So I worked for Obama, 7 days a week, sometimes 14 hours a day.

Because of the undue treatment I, and others received, not only by the Local Democratic Central Committee, but also by the State Democratic Party, We choose to create this group. Progressive Democrats of America-Southern Nevada Chapter. We wanted to be able to speak our minds and promote the things we believe in and hoped to gain some leverage to push these items forward, on a state and national level.
Today I can say we have achieved that goal. We will not be black-mailed.We will not be intimidated and we will certainly not be silent!


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