You’re Only As Sick As Your Secrets

161783_1424873223_2556432_qTo whom it may concern;

I am a Progressive Democrat. By title alone, one ought to get the notion that I am NOT for the status quo.
On that note, I have felt this post coming on for awhile now. As the silly season begins in earnest, there are a few things I have to get off my chest, that fall under the category of, “You’re only as sick as your secrets.”

Dear Harry Reid, did you really tell the Nevada State Democratic party to ignore Chris Hyepock? Do you really think you’re in a position to choose who can run for an office and who can’t? I really want to know. I’ve been an avid supporter in the past however currently, due to rumors floating around various Democratic Central Committees, I wonder if my support has been misplaced.

Dear Roberta Lange, do you really think that because this election cycle does not contain a Presidential candidate, it’s superfluous? Let me be one of the first to inform everyone, including you, this is one of the most important elections, for the state of Nevada, any voting member has had in decades.

Those of you who are running for office really need to vet your “promoters/supporters/organizers”, to make sure none of them have been brought before the State Ethics Board, nor been named in criminal actions, before the State Attorney General.

I was told today, and several times prior over the past month, not to say bad things about other Democratic party members, because it reflects poorly on the party. This is what I have to say to that. I compare it to a sore on a foot, that goes untreated because it’s been hidden. Then eventually turns into a gaping wound that cannot be healed because it still remains hidden and eventually must be cut off, in order to save the rest of the body. My answer to this is, you’re only as sick as your secrets and it’s time for you to be excised in order to save the body.

If there’s one thing President Obama taught me, it is this, my vote counts and I will vote for whom I choose to vote for, not for whom I am told to vote for. Everyone’s vote counts and everyone must vote.


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  1. DebbieWilliams (@OHbamaMama)
    Feb 24, 2014 @ 02:00:41

    That’s a great post. It not only applies to Nevada but to the other 49 states as well.


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