Just Look

CRPYCT I’ve been pretty quiet lately, assessing the damage that people do to themselves, on both sides of the aisle.

The people whom I ask questions, then lie to me, thinking I’ll never know, or too afraid to just tell the truth (you’re only as sick as your secrets). I’ll find out anyway, so will everyone else.

People who believe what they’re told, never thinking to read the documentation that might tell them they’ve been lied to. God forbid, the person who told you those lies, might not like you, if you call them on their bullshit.

Those that go along with the crowd, ever fearing they might not be liked for going against the grain. Life is not a dress-rehearsal.
All of this brings me back to the Magna Carta and/or the Rule of Law. We are ALL equal or NONE OF US ARE.

It’s time to stand up and call for an accounting. It’s time to do your research, to read, to investigate … not just go along to get along … just look what it’s gotten us so far …

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