Does everybody realize what the GOP is doing? – Allen Friedman

182665_10150094335112355_527162354_6446481_3235472_nDoes everybody realize what the GOP is doing? They are mounting a multi stage attack on all of us that are not rich. They are after immigrants, the poor, the handicapped, stem cell research, gays, unemployment benefits, minimum wage, voters and anything else that I did not mention. They are relentless in their attack on main stream Americans. I am not kidding! Now as I think they will not stop until we stop them, or they complete their agenda.

The future of this country is really at stake, those growing up now must realize that the GOP has no use for those that cannot compete in the rich man’s world. We MUST get young people to notice what is happening around them and get them to react to it. The Republicans have shown just what they can do with only the control of the house, so just think what they would do with total control! Really, please be ready to fight back starting in late Aug. Please share and let’s get millions involved to fight back!


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