Down in Flames or up in Smoke

So here I was, having a wonderful time. Being active. Spreading information for our community. I thought our Central Committee was doing so well and then … the most active member of the Central Committee, the Treasurer, resigned.

The back story on that is one of office politics and I think maybe a little jealousy. Regardless, the Central Committee has not changed. It keeps us stagnant. Without my activism, my husband’s, the Treasurer, his wife and a very few others, we wouldn’t even have voter registration forms for the Caucus on Saturday.

The Treasurer and his wife built the float for the Harvest Parade, they decorated for every event. Organized a holiday pot luck. Decorated for the New Year’s Eve Party.Coordinated a luncheon event for one of our very favorite activists. By the way, could someone please tell me how a Republican managed to get into a Democratic event and not only announce themselves for candidacy, but also announce their support for Ron Paul?

Our former Secretary received a plaque tonight for her service, which included all the names and titles of the Central Committee, less one …. The Treasurer. Talk about adding insult to injury. How very petty.

Tonight my husband stood up and said something. Even though the committee itself had deliberately left announcements and public comment off the agenda. He stood up for the Treasurer and then I did too. I think we both said what needed to be said. I left and then so did my husband.

It’s time to Organize outside the local party. We’re Democratic Party members and we’re Progressives. We need Progressive Democratic Party members who aren’t afraid to practice Honesty, Integrity, and Accountability … Principles before Personalities …


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