It Happened To Me

Please understand that this letter is to help make people aware of what happens to a kid when he/she grows up after having been sexually abused and having been ignored when that child reached out for help, yet noone listened.
I attended Sayreville War Memorial High School between 1966 and 1969. I was enrolled in what then was known as “college prep” classes since I was very bright academically. School was fine, a refuge, really, for me. You see, I was being sexually abused by my father at home.
One day, I had had enough, so I went to my guidance counselling office and told the counsellor exactly what was happening to me at home. I was desperate for help to get away from what was being done to me. She listened to me intently, hearing my every word. She then had me draw a picture of myself. Honest to God, that is the absolute truth.
After that, I heard nothing more from my counsellor. NOTHING!!
I then went to the police. By then, I was living in what was then called Madison Township. The policeman taking the report was kind to me. He wrote everything I told him down on his pad. He left.
After that, I heard nothing more from the police. NOTHING!!
Yes, I did finally get the counselling I desperately needed years later when everything hit the wall for me. I have dealt with the abuse I suffered, though I went through another living hell going through the counselling I received.
But now, in the face of what is occurring at Penn State, I feel such a pain of desperation afflicting me all over again. But this time it is because noone did anything to help me. That child in me is sobbing right now. I’ve lived my life always trying to be so strong and independent because I was the only one who ever helped me. Thank God I was blessed with an intellect and temperment to be able to do what was right and good in my life.
I went on to college. I never drank or used drugs, nor was I ever promiscuous like so many victims of abuse succumb to. I also did not “pass it (the abuse) on” to my children. It ended with me.
So, you may now be wondering,”What’s her point?”
My point is this: If a child EVER confides in you that they are being abused, PLEASE LISTEN!!! And PLEASE do the right thing and get them the help they so desperately want and need!!
If I can, by telling my story, help any child by you having listened to them, then that child in me will be set free from the pain of having been so let down and ignored so many long years ago.
Thank you for listening to me now.
Courtesy of Mez

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