The Revolution is Here!!!


Press Contact: Robert Abston, Coordinator
Progressive Leadership Action Network (PLAN)

New FIX America! Provides a Blueprint for Progressive Activists

Boca Raton, Florida – May 10, 2011 – The Progressive Leadership Action Network (PLAN) announces the release of its new book, FIX America! How Each of Us Can Help All of Us. FIX America! explains the urgent problems America faces and shows how each of us can help all of us to move forward into a new era of economic prosperity and fulfillment.

“It is not enough to enumerate the problems,” according to Robert Abston, co-editor. “It is no longer enough to hope for change. We must now act. We must become the change we are demanding.” Abston says that FIX America! provides a roadmap to the progressive change that most Americans voted for in 2008, and PLAN ( provides the framework.

FIX America! opens with UC Berkeley Professor George Lakoff’s Wisconsin Update, in which Lakoff asserts that “Democracy as we know it—not just budgets and unions—is at stake in the Wisconsin protests.”

“The critical need to educate and mobilize people to save our democracy is so well understood that we were able to get essays for this book from extremely well qualified people in government, education, and journalism. This is an amazing collection of knowledge,” said Cassandra Vert, co-author and co-editor.

Longtime activist Richard Spisak is the third member of the FIX America! editing team. PLAN is associated with NewStandMedia, the publisher of FIX America! PLAN’s goal is to bring back widespread civic participation throughout America. NewStand Media’s goal is to provide a progressive alternative to the conservative bias of corporate media.

From the front lines in Madison, Wisconsin to the back rooms of the Chamber of Commerce, politics needs fixing.
From the front page headlines that ignore real news to the talk shows that invent it, media needs fixing
From the lowest wages to the highest corporate welfare kickback, the economy needs fixing
From single payer to 6th graders to 99ers, the nation’s moral priorities need fixing


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