A Reminder to Trump from Adolf Hitler

I submit to everyone, absolute proof that Donald Trump is a Racist P.O.S. In 1936, in Berlin, Jesse Owens, a world class athlete and Olympics competitor, was snubbed by Adolf Hitler. Why? Because Hitler believed in Austerity and in the supremacy of the Aryan Race. As proof I offer the history behind Hitler and the Olympics via Wikipedia. I sincerely hope that this short introduction motivates people to revisit the history of WWII and not to repeat it.

Located here —>  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_Owens is all the history one needs to review to know beyond a shadow of a doubt, exactly how much of a racist and a fascist Donald Trump really is. RACISTS SUCK AND SO DOES REPEATING HISTORY!!!


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  1. Boxhead
    May 02, 2011 @ 12:19:39

    Site Photoshopped Image Killer has developed some algorithm to automatically detect whether an image has been manipulated. Their statistical technique is based on the fact that altering an image messes with the hidden mathematics inside the photo.


  2. Skipper
    Jul 23, 2015 @ 14:18:03

    Donald Trump, has no values, only money, and as we know money is evel. Thats all he talks about it. Same as Hitler, he would like to exterminate all the Latinos as Hitler did with the Jews. But I am sure he wont make it to first base, nobody likes him. He is doing same as ISIS, trying to destroy this Country. ISIS with guns and Trump dividing the people. Time will tell. My recomendation to you is to stay home and count all you money time after time. and please acept JESUS. Remember that this nation it was created under GOD by inmigrants, that’s the reason we are number one in the whole world.


    • TurboKitty
      Jul 23, 2015 @ 14:43:37

      You’re quoting the flag salute and the verse written by Emma Lazarus on the Statue of Liberty, which have absolutely NOTHING to do with the creation of this country nor the U.S. Constitution.

      I agree no one really likes Donald Trump except maybe as comic relief however, this country was created to escape religious persecution, not to repeat the circumstances that brought America about.


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