This Cancer is Running Out of Organs

A couple of weeks ago, I had as a guest on my internet radio show, one of the many candidates running for office. She’d mentioned to me privately, that here in Nye County, there were upwards of 5 suicides or attempted suicides a week.

So I asked her on the air how she knew about this, she told me her husband happens to work for the Fire Department in Nye County and they happen to be in possession of a scanner, incase he’s needed for work. This prompted me to get my own scanner.

Today as I listened to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office band, I counted over fifty eviction notices being served. The Sheriffs do this as a courtesy to the Court. Our county at the last census, recorded under forty thousand people here as residents. I’ll be listening the rest of the week to see if that’s an average number of notices being served.

I received an email a few days ago, that lists Nye county ranked as the number 8 county in the United States for suicides by the National Suicide Prevention Plan and verified by Nevada Appeal. Apparently seniors and teens are in the highest risk group for suicide and attempted suicide in the nation. We’re mostly a senior community, though we do have our fair share of teenagers too. The listed reasons for this are foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce and unemployment. The National Institute of Mental Health declines to verify whether or not the economy might be playing a role in this too.

We in Nye county have two newspapers. One is published weekly, the other published twice a week. Because Pahrump is a small community, we get most of our news by word of mouth. There’s a local saying here, ” What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas but what happens in Pahrump, goes around in 5 minutes.” We even have tourist T-shirts with that quote on them.

The newspapers of course, publishes weddings, birth announcements, graduations and deaths. The problem with the information is that none of us ever truly know, unless we’re close to the people who are being announced, the important stuff of their lives. We all know eachother here, if not by name, at least by face, however there’s never really enough background information to evoke an emotional response from the papers.

I used to read the obituaries regularly because some of my hair clients would suddenly just stop showing up for regularly scheduled appointments, There in the obits, I would find that they’d passed on. Then I’d call family members to see what the cause of death was. After awhile I started telling my oldsters to please let me know if they had a chronic illness and if there was anything I could do to help. Then being perfectly blunt I would tell them, I don’t want to find out that they’d passed on via the local paper.

The newspapers do not report the cause of death, therefore our community and everyone else’s, has no way of knowing if someone might have committed suicide, or how serious this issue is, nationwide and worldwide.

I received another email from a colleague, referencing the decline of our American economy since 2007. This from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to their statistics, more than 31 million people are out of a job. Watching the interactive map, it looks like a cancer spreading across some vital human organ.

In a manner of speaking it seems to be comparable to a cancer, in that as the jobs dissapear, like white blood cells, losing the ability to combat an illness, so to the people disappear. The cancer is looking for a host. A place to live if you will and it’s running out of organs to ravage. The cancer has spread across the world. Allowing the “privileged few”, who own corporations, those who believe they are immune, to reap the suffering that a cancer would and spread the misery, while moving on to other potential hosts. Those that believe that not only are they too big to fail, but also believe that the cells ought to be grateful to them for the carnage they leave behind.

It makes me wonder how long it will be before they not only realize that they are not immune, but they are pricing themselves right out of their own market. These cancerous corporations, in their race to the bottom, won’t be happy until the entire world is making eleven cents an hour and living in anguish, until that is, the cancer is in anguish too.

Nevada Suicide Prevention Plan
Nevada Appeal

Bureau of Labor Statistics


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