I Dare You!

The latest traveling around the Main Stream Media, is that job growth is not what it’s supposed to be. We have job growth however, it’s not what was predicted. I think that’s why they call it a prediction, because that’s what they were hoping for after using past calculations, graphs and charts etc.

The Congressional Budget Office shows that there was job growth over the second quarter. The M.S.M. promotes otherwise, as well the M.S.M. promotes tax increases on the working class, when in reality, the Bush tax cuts for the upper 5 percent, are what are about to expire. The C.B.O. also states that this would cut the deficit by at least one third and return the state of taxation to what it was while President Clinton was in office and we had a balanced budget. Exactly how is that bad?

The “privileged” are afraid of losing their ability to have billions of dollars and not have enough time, in even three lifetimes, to spend it all. I once again feel strongly compelled to recommend watching C SPAN 1, 2, 3 and 4, checking Thomas.Gov and checking the Library of Congress.

C SPAN is not a news station with pundits, it’s the actual events taking place between the Senate, Congress depending on what channel one chooses to watch, the Supreme Court on another channel and then the White House on yet another channel.

Thomas.Gov lists every bill and/or law that has ever been passed by the Senate, Congress and signed into Law by the President. Not to mention, who sponsored what bill, what was stricken from that bill before it became Law and when.

The Library of Congress is the oldest Federal Library and the most thorough Research Library there is, in the United States of America.

I’m infuriated whenever I hear anyone twist the expiring tax cuts for the uber-rich, into something it is not. Trying to convince the consuming public, that the rich deserve a free ride on the backs of the Working Class. These are the people affiliated with C street, Heritage House and “Evangelical Christianity”. These immoral idiots actually believe that God has entitled them to be in office. People like John Ensign, John Boehner, Sharron Angle, Michelle Bachmann, Mark Sanford, the list goes on ad infinitum.

John Ensign, being the “good” Christian that he is, committed fraud against his own constituents and then called on mommy and daddy to bail him out illegally. Isn’t he a full grown man who’s supposed to be able to make adult decisions and wipe his own butt by now? Maybe I’m hoping for too much here.

Boehner, whom I laughingly call Mr. Orange-glo, has no plan for anything except maybe, to repeal the tax on tanning. I’m fairly sure though, his comes out of a can and I hope that gets taxed too.

Sharron Angle believes she’s been called by God to be in Office. She insults the U.S. Constitution as violating the first commandment, Separation of Church and State anyone? I’ve seen the “Christian Constitution”, it’s dated as being established in 1809, contains some very questionable statements and has just about none of the Founding Father’s signatures on it. Some people just hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see though. Yes this is America, yes you can believe in any religion you want to. Freedom of Religion and all that, Though she could always return to being a Scientologist. I’m sure they’d welcome her with open arms for a fee of course.

As for Bachmann, I don’t quite get how anyone could be so stupid as to promote themselves out of a job. What she’s doing is laughable at best. No census, no district, no funding, hey! NO JOB FOR YOU BACHMANN.

Mark Sanford ought to not only have been impeached but also imprisoned by now. Using tax payer dollars to fund a trip to a mistress in South America, not once, not twice but thrice. Defrauding constituents like that is a criminal offense. Leaving the Office of the Governor unattended is an impeachable offense. Disrespecting your wife? I hope the court gives her everything.

At this juncture I think I’m safe in recommending Term Limits for all. If it’s good enough for the President than it’s good enough for the rest of our elected representative too. The consuming public ought to only have to suffer enough to realize they were being silly enough, uniformed enough, or idiotic enough to elect someone not supporting their own best interests, then make restitution at the polling booth and move on.

How many people are actually aware that Blue States SUPPORT Red States? No links to that, I want everyone to look it up themselves. Get motivated and check Thomas.Gov or the Library of Congress. As a matter of fact, look up what each and every representative you voted for supports. I dare you!


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