I am a Dissident … I am a Patriot

For what it’s worth, I’m fighting for your rights, mine too and everyone else’s whether they know it or not.
I want everyone to have the right to smoke marijuana, whether it’s for medical reasons or not. It’s a victimless crime. I want us all to have the right to decent health care without having to lose our homes in the process, because of insurance company middle men, that could care less whether we live or die. Actually, we’re worth more to them dead. I’m fighting for the universal un-privatization of all prisons and detention centers, as well as media outlets and financial systems. I’m fighting for my right as a woman, to choose and for those who would choose other than I would, to have their choice honored. Everything is always better for everyone, when it’s guided by The People and their votes. I’m fighting for people’s right to marry whomever they choose as long as they’re consenting adults. Love knows no gender, no color, no religion, love is love.
I’m not doing this alone, I can’t do this alone.
It is every American citizen’s duty to break any law that is not just. It was Thomas Jefferson that said, “Dissidence is the highest form of patriotism.” I believe that is true and therefore I am a dissident. I am a patriot and I am doing my best to honor the Founding Father’s the best way I know how.
I will use every medium at my disposal, from posting links at twitter and sharing stories on Facebook, to joining every Cause I believe in and showing up a peaceful gatherings to supporting Civil Rights and Freedom, until I take my very last breath.
America is a free country and I intend to remain free. I intend for everyone to remain free.


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