Dirty Rotten Corporatists

Cornell University Law School states: Federal immigration law determines whether a person is an alien, the rights, duties, and obligations associated with being an alien in the United States, and how aliens gain residence or citizenship within the United States. It also provides the means by which certain aliens can become legally naturalized citizens with full rights of citizenship. Immigration law serves as a gatekeeper for the nation’s border, determining who may enter, how long they may stay, and when they must leave.]

It also states in TITLE 8 > CHAPTER 12 > SUBCHAPTER II > Part VIII > § 1324: (i) knowing that a person is an alien, brings to or attempts to bring to the United States in any manner whatsoever such person at a place other than a designated port of entry or place other than as designated by the Commissioner, regardless of whether such alien has received prior official authorization to come to, enter, or reside in the United States and regardless of any future official action which may be taken with respect to such alien;
(ii) knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, transports, or moves or attempts to transport or move such alien within the United States by means of transportation or otherwise, in furtherance of such violation of law;
(iii) knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation;
(iv) encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law; or
(I) engages in any conspiracy to commit any of the preceding acts, or
(II) aids or abets the commission of any of the preceding acts,
shall be punished as provided in subparagraph (B).

(i) in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(i) or (v)(I) or in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(ii), (iii), or (iv) in which the offense was done for the purpose of commercial advantage or private financial gain, be fined under title 18, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both;

For further reading on this, please visit Cornell University Law School: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/8/1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii).html

So dear readers, I submit to you that the Arizona state government is complicit in this too. Pulling a fast one for financial gain, while supporting corporatism. Arizona residents are going to pay through the nose via taxation for the privilege of having a job that only an American citizen ought to have according to Federal Law. If only that Law were enforced.

Federal Law states that the employer is at fault, not the undocumented worker. What Arizona is trying to do is garner more taxes (financial gain), under false pretenses by violating Constitutional Law ie; the Fourteenth Amendment and Federal Immigration Law.

This Law has gone deliberately ignored because corporations and apparently the Arizona state government too, consider themselves above the Law, the Rule of Law to be exact and the United States Constitution. Corporatists think that they ought to be allowed, without restraint, to hire anyone they want to, at any price they want to, for profit.

What’s even more ironic to me, as well as underhanded is, should the employer be held to existing Federal Law, there would be no more undocumented workers, in the United States, working for below a slave wage. There would be no more protests about American workers not wanting “those kinds of jobs”. What American citizen in their right mind would work for below minimum wage? There would be less taxation on the residents of Arizona, and the fines that were collected against any employer that hired an undocumented worker, might actually pay for roads and bridges, parks and recreation, police and fire departments. Most of all though, there would be no more racial profiling.

Those corporatists think they’re pretty slick though don’t they. All this foofarall in the media, to draw attention away from, a problem the corporatists themselves created. Blaming someone for the innocent act of wanting to work and make their life and their family’s life better, at a slave wage no less. The corporatists need to be brought to justice. Arresting them, fining them and imprisoning them, will insure that only American Citizens will have a right to those jobs at a living wage.

The phrase “Methinks thou protesteth too much” comes to mind over this, and maybe, just maybe all this media attention will finally bring to light who is really at fault, who is really breaking the law and who’s really footing the bill.



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  1. TheoGretzinger
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 12:42:02

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    I am full of admiration and positive feelings. Very nice, clean and pleasant. All the best for the author.


  2. TurboKitty
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 14:42:51

    Thank you very much. All the best to you too.


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