Welcome to the “Silly Season”

Welcome to the “Silly Season”. I’m sure you recognize it by the twisted political words and visuals that are thrown around the media like so much confetti at midnight, on New Year’s Eve. The most interesting thing about the “Silly Season” though is that whatever happens to be thrown around, seems to infect everyone regardless of whether they pay attention to the media or not. The closer we get to voting day the more outrageous and well, silly, the stories and even some of the actions of friends and neighbors become.

I often wonder if living this near to Area 51, as I do, if there isn’t some airborn agent being spewed from there and any other secret military base with its own zip code, to infect all voting Americans who might dare to walk outside.

There’s the old, “Creating Crisis out of Bread Crumbs and Sticky Paper” ploy. This usually involves some viral email that went around three election cycles ago and keeps trying to rear its ugly head again. Kind of like great aunt Martha’s fruitcake, it’s already been re-gifted some thirty or forty times and has since been turned into a doorstop or paperweight.

Then there’s the old, “I Know Because I Was THERE (even though I really wasn’t)” routine. It’s amazing how many people will claim to be somewhere or do something, or even better, claim that someone else has been there or done that, so as not to be responsible when the event in question, is found out to be false. He said/did, she said/did. Very like the game of telephone that I played when I was in the Girl Scouts. Several of us sat around in a circle and the first girl would whisper a phrase to the girl to her left, and then on to the girl to her left, until it got back to the originator of the phrase. Nothing is left of the original phrase, except maybe a technicolor yawn that includes cottage cheese, but only if you’re creative with words.

Last but certainly not least is the “Let Me Twist Your Words Beyond All Recognition And Make All Accusing Eyes Turn On YOU” game. This is where someone says something innocent and it gets turned into a social apocalypse with just about no reasonable hope of returning to blamelessness, unless you play along and blame someone else, whether or not you are aware of the words that have been attributed to you and you alone.

I am marking September 13, 2010 as the first day of the “Silly Season”. Please join me in the game of how to keep score of how many things get passed around and around and around again. Get 3 score cards and mark them appropriately, with shorthand that only you can possibly understand and then sit back and watch, or play, as we get closer to voting day. Send me your scores over what “stories” you may come across and how many times either you’ve heard them before or how many times they come around again. Don’t forget a pencil, not a pen, because there’s bound to be a lot of erasing going on as the names are changed to protect the innocent, or guilty as the case may be.

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