First Gigolo

This is just hilarious, Ken Melhman is gay. At least he came forward and admitted it. I hope this gives Larry Craig the courage to come forward too and stop his closeted “toe-tapping” ways.

Mark Foley might actually start dating adult males if he came forward. Then he’d never have to ask John Boehner or Dennis Hastert to help him hide his preferences. Maybe Boehner and Hastert will finally have the courage to come forward too. That would totally explain Boehner’s “orange glow” and Hastert’s need to pat men on their butts.

Maybe this will encourage Lynn Cheney to finally come forward and join her daughter to fight for gay rights, instead of just writing about them in “bodice ripper” romance novels. It would also explain why Dick walks around with a grimace all day, only having had the experience of connubial bliss twice in his life.

Finally, maybe Jeff Gannon will publish a tell all about his romance with George and what it was like to be “First Gigolo”.

Which brings me to, maybe the Grand Old Party is really the Gay Old Party. How very festive indeed it would be if Ted Haggard could perform all the civil unions and keep everything not only in the C street family, but in the party too.

We could all join them in the experience of accepting themselves for whom they really are and celebrate the removal of all hypocrisy from politics in that arena.

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